The Rapture Library: Virtual Resources and Real Locations

Here at this late prophetic hour, the Lord is organizing an industrial-scale production of resources, preparing them for those left behind in the days ahead. The immediate hours and few days right after the rapture will have many people asking soul-searching questions about what just happened, what's coming next, what does the Bible say, how to be saved... a whole host of souls seeking Scriptural answers like never before! And not just here! These resources can be printed out for a church or home exhibition across the world! It truly is a downloadable Rapture Library that can be utilized anywhere!

The Lord is calling all of us to launch out the boats and let down the nets for such an incredible harvest of fish for His kingdom! Be a part of equipping the boats, preparing the nets, and getting as many nets into place as possible - as so much the more - as we see The Day approaching!

In conjunction with preparing the virtual archive, we are also working toward a physical library location. Lord willing, the aim is to have everything set up and ready for immediate viewing - a resource center prepared ahead of time. The physical exhibits seen here are intended for the actual Library. As we work toward a physical location, further developed resources are shared here for your location!

Attention Print Shops: Google Drive Folder

Library Sections

Here you can find currently available resources, as well as see planned resources/editions; links will be added once those resources (and variations) are finalized and ready. Many of these poster editions come with larger print, so that multiple people (4-6, for some) can read them at the same time.


Printing Considerations

  • Most office stores can print both the handouts and posters. Typically, a 2'x3' poster costs about $30, without mounting or laminating. Having them mounted and laminated typically drives the price up to $70.
  • Many print departments can print the 11x17 Summary and automatically fold it, too - making it completely ready-to-go. You can typically get 150 copies for around $80.
  • Printing the 11x17 booklets (40+ pages) is around $7-$6.30, depending on quantity (black and white copy, with color cover 1st page; folded, stapled, trimmed).
  • Office stores also usually sell 'Presentation Folders' that already have 12 or 24 plastic sleeves in them. Many of our booklets were designed to fit in the 24 page versions. Regular 3-ring binder plastic sleeves, in a binder, can work too; but the presentation folders are visually simpler and more compact (also great for rapidly flipping through, when searching for a certain page, or for multiple users).

First four posters (total size 4'x6')

2'x3' single summary of the four posters.

11"x17" summary folded handout

Library Exhibit Ready!

Answers the top questions they will have immediately after the rapture, contains most vital information that they need to know right away regarding the rapture specifics, and affirms that God's Word is true.


Exhibit Ready!

Shows what God's Word says about the upcoming broad picture - and also the eternal outcomes.


One Review Exhibit Ready!

More emphasis on the rapture doctrine, and that this was the expected time.


Exhibit Mockup

More emphasis on the rapture doctrine, and that this was the expected time.


Exhibit Mockup

More emphasis on the rapture doctrine, and that this was the expected time.

  • Yes, the Rapture Will Likely Look Like an Alien Invasion
    2x3 Poster
  • Paul Quoted OT Rapture Promises
    2x3 Poster


Exhibit Ready!

Three main subject areas guiding our prophetic expectation...


Time Exhibit Ready!

  • Time of Perplexity - Background Keys 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - The Antichrist and Time 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - Revelation's Events 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - The Ladder of Heaven I 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - The Ladder of Heaven II 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - Possible Scenarios 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - Frequently-Asked-Questions 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity - The Journey Path 2X3 Poster
  • Time of Perplexity Booklet - 11x8.5 Version

Exhibit Mockup


Exhibit Ready!


Exhibit Mockup


Mark of the Beast Exhibit Ready!


Armor of God Exhibit Mockup

  • Resources Coming Soon...



This exhibit will show highlights of our booklet, "Running for the Prize".

  • Resources Coming Soon...



16'x5' mural

Celestial Exhibit Ready!


The Great Deception Exhibit Ready!

Poster Order


Exhibit Mockup

Remember Stand Ready!


This display stand(s) will be near the main exits, offering our "Summary Handouts" and "Serving Jesus Christ First" booklets on their way out. Lord willing, over the days, weeks, and years into the Tribulation, people will be able to look back at the handouts they received on this important day - and they will know that God brought them to this place for a very important reason.







June 2020
The Lord laid it on my heart to compile, and bring together, all the main rapture-related posters and booklets - that He had shewed and given wisdom for over our learning journey - into one physical location, with the intent and organization specifically tailored for those in immediately after the Rapture.

At the time we had just finished up our Laundry Trailer project, so we naturally started planning on something similar: transforming a 30'+ enclosed car hauler trailer into a mobile Library...

April 2021
Several months later, the logistics and planning had developed to much larger enclosed trailers - up to two 57' moving van trailers. By now, several major needs, concerns, and challenges were becoming apparent. Firstly, restrooms were going to be needed if we wanted the people to stay and read. Secondly, even with two trailers, there simply was not comfortable (and safe) walking space for large volumes of (panicked) people. Thirdly, there wasn't any good way to provide reading spaces (or sitting spaces, either) for more than a small handful of people...
April 2021
I knew that we really needed more walking space and sitting-down/reading space, since that was the main intent of the Library: get them to stay and read stuff. Particularly to make the environment condusive to reading and not too claustrophobic (especially in an already tense situation). Now the Lord started encouraging me to think 'outside the trailer box' that we had been used to. So now I started exploring other potential portable, expandable structures - prioritizing more of the walking space and reading space.
May 2021
Since we knew that ultimately the Rapture Library resources would be moved to a larger venue (more commodious to very large crowds), the Lord led to start planning for what would happen if we simply made the exhibits standalone, and visualize what the end result would be if they were set up in (for example) a high school gymnasium (which the actual court size is 84' x 50'. Such a venue would cover the restrooms, plenty of space, and already made for large crowds (even with parking).

June 2021
A year after the Lord started leading for the physical Rapture Library - and the logistical learning process during that time - He brought my attention to finally just simplify all of the steps. Instead of planning and building a temporary setup that would later be moved to a larger venue, we now knew a lot of the considerations to just go ahead a plan for building it out in a larger venue in the first place.

This way everything is completely ready, they won't have to do anything; and all of the considerations that came up during the last year can be addressed from the start (especially restrooms, walking space, sitting spots, and larger reading areas).

The Lord also brought a specific local (and available) building to mind that would also provide a Library space that was almost exactly the basketball court size that He had led us to explore earlier! So currently, we are going forward with planning for this size space; which also gives abundant more room for additional exhibits and needs that came up during the planning process.

Reading Areas
With all of the printed material and booklets available, one main reading area is currently planned; with one or two smaller reading areas as well. These will provide a place condusive to reading, blocking out some of the discussion noise, as well as give them a degree of privacy and quiet 'aloneness' (as much as possible in the situation) to take to heart the lessons and seek the Lord in prayer. Each cubicle space will have a sign with the plan of salvation; as well as some brief tips and encouragments.
Prayer Pavilion
One of the main goals of the Rapture Library is to bring people to a place of prayer, for several reasons: for salvation, to yield their heart and life to Him, and seek the Lord for wisdom and strength. The 'Brush Arbor Chapel' will provide a quiet-er place where they can see that it is set aside specifically for prayer; and they will be encouraged to do so before they head out into the world of unfolding chaos.

This area will have a garden patio feel, helping relieve some of the situation stress; and present a sense of life, hope, and sanctuary. Three different bench areas will be condusive to kneeling and praying; with a central bench for sitting. All over the walls will be large scrapbook-style notes of Bible verses, wisdom, and encouragements - especially emphasizing that they need to purpose in their heart to serve the Lord - first, and highest above all else.

Practical advice
The goal of the Rapture Library is not to just provide FYI knowledge and facts about the rapture; it is to reinforce one's faith in God's Word as true, and to prompt, equip, and encourage them in specific areas that they will need for the days ahead. Tailored to the scenario, specific focus on the Armor of God, serving Christ first, key doctrinal truths, and building their faith in God.

Since June 2020, the Lord has had us specifically focused on preparing printable resources for 'Rapture Libraries'. Part of the development also involves planning for a physical Library in this area (Shelby, Alabama), which - as the Lord tarries - will also serve as a testbed and development center for further rapture-related resources.

Brethren, please pray for this ministry project - especially at this late hour - and ask the Lord how you can be a part of preparing this incredible resource - whose impact ultimately reaches to many 'rapture libraries' across the world!

Prayer requests and needs:

  • A large warehouse-style building, at least 2,500-5000 sq. ft., with plenty of parking spaces for up to (at least) 200 vehicles; as well as easy visiblity and access to main roads.
  • Supplies for exhibit construction, illustration, and development.
  • Provision for printable resource development and final printing.
  • Wisdom, strength, and liberty for the task!

Please be a part of rising up, launching out the boats, and letting down the nets for a great harvest!

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Daniel Valles
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Brother Daniel



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