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The Spanish Rapture Library: Virtual Resources and Real Locations

In conjunction with preparing this virtual archive, we are also working toward a physical, mobile Spanish library - capable of being immediately presented and available - and quickly transported to locations where many people are searching for answers, post-rapture. This also gives us a working model testbed, where we can make sure of the best reading flow, handout considerations, and where other ideas can be tested and given to you!

Current Exhibit Model (March 23, 2021) - 8' x 14' - showing our posters, handouts, and booklets;
as well as third-party Spanish John and Romans, and Spanish Gospel tracts.



Here you can find currently available resources, as well as see planned resources/editions; links will be added once those resources (and variations) are finalized and ready. Many of these poster editions come with larger print, so that multiple people (4-6, for some) can read them at the same time.

11"x17" summary folded handout

1st Section: Top Questions

Answers the top questions they will have immediately after the rapture, contains most vital information that they need to know right away regarding the rapture specifics, and affirms that God's Word is true.

  • Was that really the Rapture? - 2X6 Split 2x3 PartA & 2x3 PartB
  • We were Foretold to Watch for His Coming - 2x3 Poster
  • We were Forewarned about This Day Coming - 2x3 Poster
  • Summary Poster: Was that really the Rapture & How to be Saved -
    4x4 Poster (combines the four above posters, plus how to be saved, onto one 4x4 poster; smaller font)
  • Summary Handout (of first four posters; 4 pages, slightly condensed)
    Spanish (11x17 folded) | Spanish (11x8.5)

Production Considerations:

  • Most office stores can print both the handouts and posters. Typically, a 2'x3' poster costs about $30, without mounting or laminating. Having them mounted and laminated typically drives the price up to $70.
  • Many print departments can print the 11x17 Summary and automatically fold it, too - making it completely ready-to-go. You can typically get 150 copies for around $80.
  • Printing the 11x17 booklets (40+ pages) is around $7-$6.30, depending on quantity (black and white copy, with color cover 1st page; folded, stapled, trimmed).
  • Office stores also usually sell 'Presentation Folders' that already have 12 or 24 plastic sleeves in them. Many of our booklets were designed to fit in the 24 page versions. Regular 3-ring binder plastic sleeves, in a binder, can work too; but the presentation folders are visually simpler and more compact (also great for rapidly flipping through, when searching for a certain page, or for multiple users).

2nd Section: Follow-up

Shows what God's Word says about the upcoming broad picture - and also the eternal outcomes.



Doctrine / Christian Living:

Serving Jesus Christ First and Highest Above All Else
8.5x11 Booklet | 8.5x11 Folded Booklet

Please be a part of rising up, launching out the boats, and letting down the nets for a great harvest!

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