When the Heavens Shake

By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 11/27/2014

"Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger." - Isaiah 13:13

What does this verse, and the others like it, mean about the final payday of God’s wrath on the world during the Tribulation period? Download the Research Report

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Russian Nuclear Submarine Fires Intercontinental Ballistic Test Missile From The Barents Sea
11/28/2014, ibtimes.com
The launch from the Alexander Nevsky submarine comes after months of increasing military maneuvers from Russia, including dozens of flights across Europe's international airspace, and the build-up of troops in eastern Ukraine.
Egypt Braces for Possible Violence Ahead of Islamist Protest
11/27/2014, businessweek.com
...an ultraconservative group known as the Salafi Front has called for a “Muslim youth uprising” after dawn prayers tomorrow. The government today began deploying units in riot gear and backed by armored vehicles ...Yesterday, the cabinet approved sweeping anti-terrorism legislation that essentially brands as terrorists any individual or group that disrupts public order.
West struggles with Russia’s ‘ambiguous warfare’ tactics
11/27/2014, reuters.com
U.S. Supreme Allied Commander Philip Breedlove makes clear covert infiltration by Russia could draw a military response under Article 5 of NATO's founding treaty, which sees an attack on one member as an attack on the alliance as a whole. ..."What you have to remember is that there is simply no option for a conventional war with Russia," said one former official on condition of anonymity. "It is either unconventional like this or it is likely to become something much worse."
ISIS blocks cell phone networks in Mosul, residents say
11/27/2014, haaretz.com
Militants from the Islamic State group blocked all mobile phone networks in the largest Iraqi city they control, Mosul, accusing informants in the city of tipping off coalition forces to their whereabouts, residents told The Associated Press on Thursday.
Lack of coal may bring Ukraine to its knees this winter
11/26/2014, reuters.com
A shortage of coal, rather than gas, is likely to plunge Ukraine into freezing darkness this winter as conflict in its east seals off supplies that used to make it self sufficient. Kiev has said any hopes it had of Russian coal coming to the rescue were dashed when Moscow suspended exports. ...blackouts are imminent unless it can import coal ...fighting in east Ukraine has shut down mines and rail links used for transporting coal to power plants.
More than 400 arrested as Ferguson protests spread to other U.S. cities
11/26/2014, reuters.com
Protests over the Ferguson decision in several major cities on Tuesday night shut highways and led to some arrests.
Editor: Trial run.
Magnitude 6.8 quake hits off Indonesia, no tsunami warning
11/26/2014, in.reuters.com
...struck in the sea 160 km (100 miles) northwest of Ternate in Indonesia's Moluccas archipelago at 0933 ET
Planned Parenthood Condemns Ferguson Decision, But Targets Black Babies for Abortion
11/25/2014, lifenews.com
Though the events in Ferguson have nothing to do with abortion, Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion CEO Cecile Richards have been very active on Twitter condemning the decision and stoking the racial divide. Ironically, as the abortion giant jumps in the debate, it makes no mention of the fact that it preys on black Americans and aborts black babies at alarming rates.
Missouri governor: More National Guard in Ferguson
11/25/2014, hosted.ap.org
...more than 2,200 National Guardsmen will be in place in the region near Ferguson on Tuesday night in the event of more violence. He said Tuesday that hundreds more will be deployed to Ferguson ...The rest will be in a position to respond rapidly, if needed. Nixon says 700 guardsmen were in the area on Monday night, when more than a dozen buildings were set on fire and otherwise vandalized.
Magnitude 6.8 quake hits central Japan; no tsunami warning
11/22/2014, reuters.com
High-speed trains were halted and there were reports of damage to homes and some unconfirmed injuries after the quake, which was felt in the capital Tokyo 180 km (110 miles) away...
Temple March Around Old City Dedicated to Yehuda Glick
11/21/2014, israelnationalnews.com
The march, highlighted by prayers and dancing, is held monthly on the eve of Rosh Chodesh (the Jewish new month), and will set off from the Western Wall Compound...
Official: Ferguson grand jury still meeting
11/21/2014, denverpost.com
Activists, authorities and the family of Michael Brown called for calm Friday as a grand jury drew closer to an announcement in the Ferguson police shooting. But it was unclear whether the panel was still at work or when it would render a decision.
Russia and Pakistan Sign ‘Milestone’ Defence Agreement
11/21/2014, ibtimes.co.uk
Russia and Pakistan have signed a defence agreement, which is being hailed as a "milestone" military pact, when Moscow's defence minister general Sergey Shoigu visited Islamabad. The accord will boost military cooperation between the two countries and allow them to exchange key information on politico-defence matters.
Iran Threatens to Flood Gaza With ‘Millions’ of Iranian Fighters
11/21/2014, israelnationalnews.com
The head of Iran's Basij paramilitary force has claimed it is raising an army of "millions" to flood Gaza and Syria to support Tehran's allies.
Four killed, others hurt in terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue
11/18/2014, jpost.com
Magen David Adom confirmed that eight other people were reported wounded, including four in serious condition, two in moderate condition and two who sustained light wounds. Two police officers were among the wounded. ...the two suspected Palestinian terrorists, armed with a gun and axes, attacked worshipers after entering a synagogue on Agasi Street in the capital's Har Nof neighborhood.


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