The Bride of Christ

By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 10/21/2014

New Article! The Lord opened a great door of opportunity recently for me to teach on this subject with a local church, and it was an incredible blessing to review and share Christ’s magnificent work on our behalf.

This article reviews the ancient and traditional Jewish wedding model, and how Christ’s work on our behalf mirrors the pattern in many incredible ways. When we see that the Church (the body of believers) is called the Bride of Christ, it also helps us more fully understand and grasp many of the promises, exhortations, prophecies - and gives greater insight into our relationship with our loving Saviour, Jesus Christ. Maranatha!

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After 1st Ebola case in NYC, 3 others quarantined
Heath officials have repeatedly given assurances that the disease is spread only by direct contact with bodily fluids ...and that the virus survives on dry surfaces for only a matter of hours.
U-Verse customers report strange emergency message
Engineers with FOX 5 say the alert can only be activated by the President in times of emergency. U-Verse engineers tell FOX 5 staff the message appeared on screens around Atlanta, Detroit, Michigan and Austin, Texas. ...There are no known actual emergency alerts that would have prompted activation
Editor: Hmmm...
NYPD officers seen discarding gloves
In a video published by the Daily Mail and broadcast on CNN, the unidentified officers can be seen discarding a mask, gloves and yellow police tape in the garbage can in Harlem, where the 33-year-old doctor lives.
Solar Flares
Since the week began, giant sunspot AR2192 has produced 27 C-class solar flares, 8 M-class flares, and 2 X-flares. ...NOAA forecasters estimate a 95% chance of M-class flares and a 55% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.
Some U.S. hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients
The Ebola crisis is forcing the American healthcare system to consider the previously unthinkable: withholding some medical interventions because they are too dangerous to doctors and nurses and unlikely to help a patient. ...Officials from at least three hospital systems interviewed by Reuters said they were considering whether to withhold individual procedures or leave it up to individual doctors to determine whether an intervention would be performed.
How’s Romans 13 Working For You, Pastors?
10/23/2014,, By Coach Dave Daubenmire
I guess I don't understand all the hubbub. Why are Houston's pastors objecting to turning over their sermons to the government? Haven't they told all of us to “obey the authorities?” Doesn't Romans 13 demand that we obey un-Godly government? ...This may come as a shock to you, but Jesus is above Caesar.
Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square
The city’s Office of Emergency Management ran a training exercise Wednesday that simulated a response to a 10-kiloton nuclear device exploding at 42nd Street and Seventh Avenue in Times Square, WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reported.
X1-Class Solar Flare
...not one of the explosions so far has hurled a significant CME toward Earth. The primary effect of the flares has been to ionize Earth's upper atmosphere, causing a series of short-lived HF radio communications blackouts. Such blackouts may be noticed by amateur radio operators, aviators, and mariners.
Editor: Increasing activity...
Lots of Solar Flares
During the past 48 hours, monster sunspot AR2192 has unleashed seven M-class solar flares. The most powerful of the bunch (Oct 22nd at 0159 UT) was an M9-class eruption that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory.
A global surge of great earthquakes holds clues to future quakes
“What we've seen is that we can have multiple faults activated,” said Lay. “We've seen it off Sumatra and off Japan. Once earthquakes get going they can activate faulting in areas that were thought not physically feasible.”
Ebola crisis turns a corner as U.S. issues new treatment protocols
...directing medical teams to wear protective gear that leaves no skin or hair exposed to prevent medical workers from becoming infected.
The Obama Brief
Obama opposed marriage equality until May of 2012. He told me that he now believes the Constitution requires all states to allow same-sex marriage, an argument that his Administration has not yet made before the Supreme Court. “Ultimately, I think the Equal Protection Clause does guarantee same-sex marriage in all fifty states,” he said.
The Weeping Bride
10/20/2014,, By Daniel Valles, Editor
This 14-page PDF compiles our three articles (Commanded to Watch, 5 Lamps Gone Out, and Beware the Tribulation Snare) studying why many Christians will be appointed with the hypocrites at Christ's return for His Bride, the Church.
6-magnitude quake felt on Ecuador-Colombia border
...shaking low-lying buildings and frightening residents in the sparsely-populated area. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
Pentagon Orders 30-Member Ebola Response Team
The team will be made up of personnel from various military services and include "20 critical care nurses, five doctors trained in infectious disease, and five trainers in infectious disease protocols." They will be sent to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio,Texas, for up to seven days of specialized training in infection control and personal protective equipment.
Partial Solar Eclipse to Darken US Skies This Week
Nearly all of North America, except for a portion of eastern Canada and a slice of eastern New England, will experience the partial solar eclipse this week.
Growing Changes of Flares
Big sunspot AR2192 has grown even bigger, spreading across 1/3rd more solar terrain today than it did yesterday. ...On Oct. 20th, NOAA forecasters boosted the odds of an M-class flare to 60% and an X-flare to 20%. ...The next X-flare, if one occurs, will be even more geoeffective as the sunspot turns toward Earth.
Texas Officials Clear 43 People After Ebola Monitoring
...the 43 were part of an initial 48 people who were being monitored because they had contact with Mr. Duncan before he was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 28. ...About 120 more people continue to be monitored for symptoms.
Fort Campbell Troops On Ebola Mission Won’t Get Full Protective Gear
“They don’t need the whole suit – as such – because they’re not going to be in contact with any of the people,” the commander of U.S. troops in Africa said. ...will primarily be building hospitals, ultimately leading what could be a contingent of 4,000 American service members.
Obama Golfs For 4 Hours… Saturday, Then Holds Nighttime Ebola Meeting—Which New Ebola Czar Skips!
It's the second meeting in as many days on Ebola that Klain hasn’t attended after being appointed into the position on Friday.
Editor: It's deliberate. It's planned. It's intentional. All of it.
X1-Class Solar Flare
Behemoth sunspot AR2192 has unleashed an X1-class solar flare. ...More X-flares are likely as AR2192 turns toward Earth in the days ahead.
Texas lab worker on cruise tests negative for Ebola
...has tested negative for the disease, and in Texas some of the dozens of people still being monitored were expected to be cleared on Sunday and Monday. ...On Sunday and Monday, more were expected to end 21 days of monitoring for fever and other symptoms.
Dallas Hospital Had the Ebola Screening Machine That the Military Is Using in Africa
...can screen for the genetic markers of a wide number of respiratory, gastro-intestinal and other illness, including Ebola, but only with the right “kit” in place. Current FDA guidelines would not have allowed Dallas Presbyterian Hospital to get that kit.’s one of the machines that the military is currently using to screen for Ebola in Africa. ...BioFire Diagnostics, a Utah-based firm that produces disease detection technology, confirmed that the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital did in fact have one of the machines (possibly for as long as two years) sitting on the shelf when Duncan came in.


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