The Season of Christ’s Return

By Daniel Valles, Posted to Editor's Blog: 09/29/2014

Last year, we introduced and studied how two major Jewish holidays directly follow the Feast of Trumpets, and are considered part of an ongoing observation. I have updated the poster to 2014 dates for your study. Because of the information in this study, our Feast of Trumpets 2014 Watch will continue through the Day of Atonement, since it is part of the Days of Awe connected to the Feast of Trumpets.  Click here to read the article!

Update: Added a condensed 8.5x11 PDF version as well!

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Feast of Trumpets 2014 Watch List

Recent News...

Russia’s S-400, Pantsir air defense systems on combat duty in Southern Military District
In early September the S-400 Triumf systems arrived at permanent bases from the Ashuluk firing range [Astrakhan Region] ...The Triumf system is twice as effective as the previous systems. It can attack 10 targets with up to 20 missiles. The S-400 uses 3 different missiles to cover its entire performance envelope.
Editor: Related: S-400 Air Defense Regiment Takes up Duty in Russia's South - "The main goal of the regiment is to ensure air defense of the southern borders of the country, to protect industrial and energy facilities, as well as components of the armed forces and transportation lines from air and space attacks."
Defense leaders warn of Tomahawk missile shortage in Islamic State fight
With the military relying on the weapons in its strikes against ISIL targets in Syria, defense leaders have begun to warn that the Pentagon could quickly run through its Tomahawk stockpiles, a problem exacerbated by defense budget cuts known as sequestration, defense sources say.
Editor: While this may be true, I also suspect it is deliberate disinformation, more for the US public's consumption, rather than directed toward the Russians...
Japan volcano shows signs of second dangerous eruption as rescuers thwarted…
Increasingly strong volcanic tremors on Tuesday morning raised fears that the peak could spew out more rock or even be heading towards another steam explosion, said Yasuhide Hasegawa, an official at the Japan Meteorological Agency's volcano division.
Russia threatens to retaliate against U.S. military
...if airstrikes carried out by the U.S. or its allies target the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ...The officials said Russia warned it could potentially retaliate if U.S. or Arab airstrikes go beyond targeting Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, and instead bomb any Syrian regime targets. ...Russian diplomats asserted terms regarding Syrian airspace were agreed upon last September as part of a sweeping deal to disarm Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons by the middle of 2014.
Pilgrims throng Makkah for Haj
... hundreds of thousands of faithful who have descended on the holy city for the annual Haj pilgrimage starting on Thursday. The Grand Mosque was thronged yesterday for prayers and for the year-round minor pilgrimage or Umrah.
ISIS Baghdad March: Islamic State 1 Mile Away From Iraqi Capital
"This attack is very significant. It is the first infantry-like, complex, and penetrating attack in Baghdad city by ISIS since the fall of Mosul in June of this year," the Washington-based nonprofit Institute for the Study of War wrote on its website, referring to Iraq's second-largest city, which is in the Islamic State's hands. "ISIS likely carried out the attack to release some of the pressure it is facing as a result of the recent U.S. air campaign targeting its positions.
Editor: Remember, anything that happens related to ISIS is most probably deliberately allowed to happen. Related: Report: ISIS Islamists at the Gates of Baghdad
Netanyahu at UN: ‘ISIS is Hamas, Hamas is ISIS’
"Last week, many people in the world applauded US President Barack Obama for joining the fight against ISIS," he stated. "The same countries complained against Israel for fighting Hamas." "They don't understand that ISIS and Hamas are the branches of the same poisonous tree," he continued. "Hamas shares the same militant ambitions of global Islamists."
Hong Kong protests close schools, banks and businesses
Extending their protests into the workweek, Hong Kong democracy activists continued occupying major thoroughfares Monday, forcing the closure of some schools, banks and other businesses in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. ...The demonstrations have burst forth in response to new rules imposed by mainland Chinese authorities that would limit voters’ choices in Hong Kong’s scheduled 2017 election for chief executive, the territory’s top official.
Netanyahu: Militant Islam’s ‘Master Faith’ Identical to Nazis ‘Master Race’
...said, "Militant Islam’s mission to dominate the world seems mad. But so too did the global ambitions of another fanatic ideology that swept into power eight decades ago" The Nazis believed in a master race militant islamist believe in a master faith they just disagree who among them will be the master of the master faith thats what they truly disagree on. Therefore the question before us is whether militant Islam will have the power to realize it's unbridled ambitions."
Mount St. Helens shows signs of reawakening
The second lava dome, which started appearing in 2004, appeared at a different spot in the crater. Lava that appeared from 2004-08 was much more solid than during the earlier phase. Even though the lava dome hasn't erupted since 2008, its shape still is changing.
Volcano erupts in Japan; climbers caught by surprise
More than 250 people were stuck on the slopes for hours, many taking refuge in mountain lodges that dot the way up. ...Japan's meteorological agency raised the alert level for Mount Ontake to 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. It warned people to stay away from the mountain, saying ash and other debris could fall up to 2.5 miles away.
Editor: Related: Volcano eruption on Nagano-Gifu border kills hiker, wounds 46; Abe mobilizes SDF & Ontake-san (Japan) erupted on 27.9.2014
Four fireballs seen streaking across U.S. sky this week
Though it's exceedingly odd for four separate fireball events to take place on the same night, AMS says that by triangulating the locations of all the reports they can confirm that these four fireballs were separate, unrelated events.
Mammoth earthquake swarm is the largest in nearly a decade
More than 600 small earthquakes have rattled the Mammoth Lakes region in less than 36 hours as ripple effects continued across one of the most seismically active volcanic regions in California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Hungary Cuts Off Gas Supplies to Ukraine As Russia Warns EU Over Reverse Flows
Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak has told a German newspaper that EU countries that re-export gas to Ukraine would face supply cut-offs from Russia.
Russia’s Latest Retaliation Against Sanctions Puts American Multinationals In Crosshairs
...the Russian legislature was working on a bill that would empower the Russian government to seize foreign assets. This does not bode well for a number of American companies. Although this is all speculation, history has shown that the Russian government is not shy about seizing energy assets owned by companies deemed to be enemies of the state.
US hospitals unprepared to handle Ebola waste
Waste management companies are refusing to haul away the soiled sheets and virus-spattered protective gear associated with treating the disease, citing federal guidelines that require Ebola-related waste to be handled in special packaging by people with hazardous materials training, infectious disease and biosafety experts told Reuters.
Magnitude 6.2 earthquake rattles Alaska
...bringing no immediate reports of injuries or major damage. The quake had a preliminary magnitude of 6.2, and it hit at 9:51 a.m. The epicenter was about 80 miles northwest of the state's largest city, where it was strongly felt...
2 million people quarantined in Sierra Leone as efforts fail to stop Ebola
With three new districts under quarantine, about one-third of Sierra Leone's 6 million people are now living in areas where their movements are heavily restricted. In parts of Sierra Leone and in neighboring Liberia where these cordons have been used in this outbreak, food prices have soared, some markets have shut and the delivery of goods has slowed.
Together Israel, US will bring peace and security
09/24/2014,, Ambassador Daniel Shapiro
For there to be a sustainable solution to Gaza, Israelis must be able to live in peace and security, without terrorist attacks, without rockets, without tunnels, without sirens going off and families scrambling to bomb shelters. Palestinians need to be able to live in peace and security and have full economic and social opportunities to build better lives for themselves and for their children.
China will never support sanctions against Russia — Russian official
China will never support or join recently imposed sanctions against Russia, Valentina Matviyenko, the speaker of the Russian parliament’s upper chamber, said on Tuesday following her talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. ...According to Matviyenko, China publicly stated its opinion on the inadmissibility of unilateral sanctions, their illegitimacy and counter-productivity.
Poland tests border protection in major exercise
The Anakonda-14 exercise involves 12,500 troops, including about 750 from the U.S., Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as Lithuania and Estonia, which border Russia. "Poland's biggest military exercise, Anakonda...
Clashes at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque on Jewish New Year eve
Police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP that Palestinian youths had thrown stones and petrol bombs at police, injuring several, who had "pushed the rioters inside the Al-Aqsa mosque."
Abbas Will ‘Drop a Bomb’ on Israel at the UN
...the move would be an integration of the international community into "the strategy of the Palestinian people." ...he secured French President Francois Hollande's blessings for a UN Security Council resolution outlining the "solution to the conflict." That "solution" consists of a timetable plan by which Abbas will push the UN to demand Israel withdraw from Judea and Samaria within a certain timeframe
U.S.-led coalition hits Islamic State oil refineries
...“modular oil refineries,” a term that suggests an installation worth several million dollars that would be constructed elsewhere and then installed in a location – an acquisition the Islamic State would be unlikely to make in the world market.
Russia: airstrikes must be agreed with Syria or will fuel tension
"Attempts to achieve one's own geopolitical goals in violation of the sovereignty of countries in the region only exacerbate tensions and further destabilise the situation," the ministry said.
In Airstrikes, U.S. Targets Cell Said to Plot an Attack
...the bulk of the military efforts were conducted by American forces, and reaction in the Middle East was mixed. President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, which is allied with the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, said the airstrikes were illegal because they were not conducted with the approval of Syria’s government, a point later echoed by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, another ally of Syria’s.
U.S. briefed Israel of intention to attack jihadi targets in Syria
The coordination between the United States and Israel was critical mainly because several Arab states that don’t have diplomatic relations with Israel took place in the aerial attacks. The Americans wanted to avoid a situation in which Israel would mistakenly identify Arab military airplanes flying over Syria as enemy aircraft heading toward its air space.
Israeli airstrike downs Syrian warplane
A Patriot anti-aircraft missile hit the warplane after it crossed the border Tuesday morning, according to the Israel Defense Forces.
Editor: Related: Israel shoots Syrian fighter jet down after it enters airspace over Golan Heights - "A defence official identified the downed aircraft as a Sukhoi Su-24 Russian fighter plane. Previously, it was reported to have been a MiG aircraft. He said the Syrian jet penetrated 800 metres into Israeli air space and tried to return to Syria after the Patriot missile was fired."
Over 155,000 troops, 632 aircraft, 84 ships taking part in Vostok-2014 drills
The exercises are to continue until September 25. ...The holding of exercises has particularly intensified in autumn. Over the past ten days alone, Northern Fleet exercises took place in Barents Sea with the participation of tens of surface ships and submarines, shore-based troops and maritime aviation, and with the holding of an active firing of cruise missiles of all types of basing. ...Active exercises of the Air and Space Defence Forces were also held this month to drill actions in conditions of a simulated nuclear strike.
Editor: We mentioned this a few days ago, but I want to highlight to everyone that 1) Russia is holding very massive war games (mobilization of equipment), 2) the UN is starting it's largest gathering of world leaders ever about global problems, and 3) Rosh Hashanah is going on at the same time... interesting times...


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