Ministry Update

Praise the Lord for all that He is doing at this amazing time! With so much prophetically coming together, we should not be surprised to see how the Lord is working in our hearts and lives - confirming the time, and calling us closer to His side!

When we look at the Timeline, we can see that we are in the midst of the second month - right at the time when manna came down from heaven - right at the time that Christ alluded that He (the Bread come down from heaven) would ascend back up to heaven! Aware of His fulfillment, then, - and the promises made around and at that time - we are definitely looking for Him to appear the second time in like manner! (and Ascension isn't that far off, either!) Incredible reminders - of our Beloved - right here in this beautiful Springtime! Read more...

Feeding 5,000

Dear Friends, thank you to those who prayed for us during the recent severe weather! Praise the Lord for safety, for me and Brook Cherith. It was definitely a long, late night keeping track of the storms, with a bunch of thunder and gusty winds; but the Lord directed through the storm. We only lost power for about two hours. Now to catch up on some sleep! :-D Read more...

Another Exhausted Ox...

Friends, I have a few thoughts on this beautiful Springtime day, while we await our Beloved... Firstly, the Timeline is updated. Read more...

Timeline Update

The Timeline is now updated to show up through May 18th. This allows us to more clearly see the scope of upcoming major events such as Israel's 71st anniversary (marking the end of after 70 years, Jer. 29:10), as well as the 50th year since the decree for Jerusalem to be rebuilt (marking end of 49 years/7 weeks). Read more...

Ministry Update

Praise the Lord for continued emphasis on this time, and the projects He has given strength, wisdom, and liberty for! We are continuing to streamline certain areas with the Brook Cherith medical missions project, getting it ready for those who will be left behind after the rapture. The Lord is emphasizing this now - focusing on certain critical areas - because time appears super short! We truly believe that His work in this corner of the vineyard will be used very soon. Read more...

Where are the Fellow Servants?

At this high watch time, where we are expecting to meet our King, I want to address and challenge you with a very provoking and unpopular subject that Christ specifically mentioned will come up when He returns: our accountability as stewards of His instructions. We will all give a reckoning of what He entrusted to us while He was away... Read more...


Recent Publications...

When to Watch
PDF book, 40 pages
This is the updated and expanded second edition! We've compiled a variety of information concerning the prophetic time to be watching, Christ's instructions to His servants, the timing of His comings, and the Old Testament prophecies that pointed to this time. This is a great resource, especially when so many are confused about what time to be watching and expecting our Redeemer!
Loving the Lord: The Laws & Commandments of God
PDF poster 2' x 3'
Showing and exploring the two-fold nature of the natural law: for every "thou shalt not" there is the corresponding "thou shalt." Next to each command is various examples from Scripture of how we put these into practice. We are either going the way of darkness, or we are putting on the armor of light. This poster is a complement to our other PDF book, The Covenants. Let us review God's Word, and get a deeper sense of the spirit and truth that God desires when (and how) we worship Him!
The Age of Accountability
PDF book, 38 pages
The age of accountability is a question that often comes up in discussion regarding the rapture. However, to best understand the subject, we must look beyond the short term, and ask why is anyone accountable to God at all? It is a heart issue. When we see ourselves as God sees us, we get a stark reality check - that also reminds us of the grace and mercy that He offers through Jesus Christ.
Grafted By Faith Alone
PDF poster 2' x 3'
Accompanies The Covenant book, and illustrates what has the believer been grafted into? What does it mean to be Abraham's seed? Are we grafted into the branches - or the root? By examining all of these, it becomes more real to us when we look up - just like Abraham!
The Covenants: Laws & Commandments
PDF book, 64 pages
This takes an in-depth look at what has the believer been grafted into? What does it mean to be Abraham's seed? Did Christ abolish the Mosaic Covenant? Did He tell His disciples that He was going to? How did the early Church put their faith into practice? Were we grafted into the branches - or the root? And so much more!! By examining all of these, it becomes more real to us when we look up - just like Abraham!
Understanding God's Celestial Clock
PDF book, 36 pages
The more that we study God's stated requirements for the appointed times, the more we see His emphasis on the firstfruits - and that the appointed times have their own seasons that they must be observed in. By studying God's celestial clock - and the seasons - we see how they were meant to go together - providing incredible prophetic shadows and patterns that the apostles referenced. We will have the best understanding of the time, when we study what God says about it!
Raisings, Resurrections, & Returnings
PDF poster, 24" x 36"
A great timeline, showing an overview of Christ's instructions and warnings concerning the sequence of events: the days of Noah and Lot, the Tribulation, the Kingdom, and the Great White Throne.
Running For The Prize
PDF book, 48 pages
The Lord has recently reviewed for us what the heavens have been declaring - and underscoring that our redemption is nigh even at the door! We can see the sum of the story, on God's celestial clock. We should not be surprised at this time then, that the Lord also urges us to finish strong - to obtain the prize! Now is the time for extra vigilance against false teaching that would take our crown! ...and all that goes with having a crown... Let us be found the wise and faithful servants, serving our Redeemer - FIRST - and highest above all else.
The Heavens Declared
PDF book, 50 pages
Over the past few months and years, the heavens have been declaring one singular story - of our Redeemer, the Lamb of God. This book chronicles the major celestial events that have drawn our attention - from 2014 through 2018. The heavens have been declaring one continuous story! Are we paying attention and listening...


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