Celestial Sign Field Experience

Greetings, Friends! I hope you are going outside, looking up, and lifting up yer heads RIGHT NOW! I bundled up, and went out to the field tonight, to take some pictures; but also to spend some time observing the circuits of the heavens, reflecting on all that God has been showing us about this time!

Pop quiz on our astronomy project from last post!! I wanted y'all to go out and compare Venus and Pleiades. Apparently there is false information being promoted by other channels, so I want you to have first-hand field experience! Did you go out and compare the size of Venus and Pleiades? Well, I hope you tried; but, since false info is still spreading (and they're using doctored images, and getting people to fret, and not pay attention to the signs right now...) I thought we'd go out and look at this more deeply.

The claim is that Venus will be in Pleiades in April 2020, and they're hyping it up. But, we covered in our recent Throne video that any astronomer or user of astronomy programs (such as Stellarium), knows that ain't so. The technical tools tell us this; and also first-hand field experience tells us this. How? Because we know how big Venus is, how big Pleiades is, and we're more used to the real-world differences between what you see on computer tools versus the real sky.

Praise the Lord, we had an absolutely completely clear sky, tonight! A little cool; but not too bad. :-) Well, just standing out in the field about an hour or so after sunset, we can see Pleiades (even with eyeglasses). You will have to wait till it is about an hour after sunset, since Pleiades is somewhat faint. With decent eyesight, you can make out several of its stars; and readily see the gaps between them. This is important because the gap will be noticeable when Venus is in that area - even to the unaided eye. For those that need a little assistance with their sight, even a 5X camera zoom will greatly help. Regular 10X binoculars would make it plain as day that Venus ain't in Pleiades (in April 2020).

So, to help in the comparison, I took two pictures using the same settings and max 5X zoom of my 9 yr-old, low-end camera. I had to bump the ISO all the way up to 3200 to clearly capture Pleiades; but, that also makes it slightly exaggerate (overexpose) the size of Venus, with more glow. So just keep in mind that your eyes will see Venus slightly smaller than this photo. Your eyes will also see the starry sky much better than my grainy photos.

Bringing it onto the computer, we can bring both of these pictures together, next to each other, for comparison. Even just side-by-side, we can get a more realistic understanding of what Venus regularly looks like, and would look like in Pleiades; especially in size (with regular field experience, you would have a good grasp of this anyway). So, when someone starts doctoring up images to make their claim, it is much easier to flag concerns, if we know what celestial objects should look like in the real world. Just by standing out in the field, you can mentally do a rough 'side-by-side' and know that Venus would not be within (or swamp) Pleiades.

For further diligence, we use an astronomy computer program (Stellarium) to show us Venus' path during that claimed time. Hmm... not matching up to the claims... Well, how close is Stellarium to real-world visualizations? We can bring in a screenshot, compare it with the real-world photos, and see that it is correct - even on wider views (closer to what you would see without any binoculars, etc.). Of course, we're not surprised; since we strive for field experience: passing on what we SEE - and encouraging you to go out and SEE it for yourself. Look up. Lift up Yer Head.

In short, the April 2020 claims don't hold any water. Ironically, their doctored image show where Venus would be seen, in Pleiades, in 2036! And they didn't even get the size of Venus right... It really makes one wonder how much real-world field experience they have... Have they ever seen Venus or Pleiades with their own eyes? Watchmen are required to SEE - and to faithfully pass on a report.

Friend, we have so much going on - RIGHT NOW - that we can SEE! Just tonight, it was amazing to go out and see Jupiter at the Milky Way. I could see its band stretching up and over the sky. I could tell where the ecliptic circuit was, by mentally connecting the sunset spot, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Moon, and Aldebaran (under Pleiades). I could see Polaris, get an idea of the sky dome's rotation, and get a good idea of where the equator was; especially knowing that it intersected where Jupiter was, at the Milky Way. It was so beautiful to see; especially with how the Lord has shown us so much about these celestial signs, their words, their voice, and their story. He is showing us amazing things about what is declared AT THIS TIME!!

Praise Him for giving wisdom, understanding, grace, strength, and liberty to understand what His heavens so beautifully shew. And especially thank Him for the midnight cry, that He has extended to us: The Bridegroom Cometh! Go. Ye. Out. To Meet Him!! Let us rise up, trim our lamps, and draw nigh to His side at this late hour: HEARING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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