Burning the Midnight Oil

Greetings, and Howdy from Shelby, Alabama! Praise the Lord, I finally got a moment to give y'all a quick update and reminder to Look Up!! I hope you've had opportunity to go outside, about thirty minutes after sunset, and see Jupiter and Venus getting closer and closer to each other! On the 24th, they will be as close as they will get - standing right in the middle of the Milky Way! Be sure to review our recent Throne video for all that is coming together - and that we can visually see with our own eyes! The bright celestial lights reminding us to shine bright for our Beloved Redeemer!

It's been a very busy time here! I had been working on a Tapestry video, to review the amazing celestial learning journey of what the heavens have been declaring; and that project is about 85% done. But... since we are only a few days and hours away from Hanukkah (shine bright!!), we are also very much reminded that, yes, it is indeed winter too! The temperatures have dropped very quickly! This of course requires some serious priority winter preparations for the Brook Cherith Medical Missions Center!

Praise the Lord, a number of new expansions and upgrades were completed here, just within the past few months. However, that did not cover upgrading or addressing the heating for the new areas (and some other important aspects as well). With the nights (and some days) already gotten down around freezing, I've been super busy tackling this serious problem. It doesn't matter much if you have a rapture-medical center, if everything is literally freezing cold; especially for patients who cannot be bundled and wrapped up. The flip side of this is interesting, too; it doesn't matter if you have a fancy building and facilities, without heat, you can't really function in freezing weather.

So, the priority has been upgrading/overhauling the existing wood furnace system to reach our new areas (and previous areas better); and also add another wood stove as well. Praise the Lord, significant progress has been made, and several super-important areas can now be heated. Interestingly, for the expected scenario, a heated medical tent facility will be worth more than a freezing cold medical building. How do you heat tents with somewhat low power usage, and without burning heaters in each tent? Answer: not very easily. :-D

Praise the Lord for wisdom and opportunity with the resources, in that we have two wood furnaces to really crank out some heat, and blowers to move the hot air to the most important areas. We really need additional firewood, though, as the two stoves will need to be running wide open 24/7; especially with the heat distribution inefficiencies. A third wood stove would also help. But, what we have now should make the key areas comfortable enough for work and patients, under the circumstances. Lord willing, over the days ahead, I will be doing more tests and optimizations of this very important utility; as well as finishing hooking up additional areas.

Praise the Lord, a huge delayed need was also finally able to be addressed this week: leveling out the emergency patient drop-off area driveway. Up until a few days ago, it was like driving over three speed bumps, while also crossing a grade; not at all what critically injured patients needed to be going through. Praise the Lord, timely provision and opportunity was provided to get an excavator to bring in several yards of dirt, and also a dump truck's worth of gravel. It took him almost a whole day to get everything moved around, smoothed out, and drastically improved along the length of the entire driveway. Praise the Lord, the drive is now fairly smooth, and the drop-off area is so much more level, safer, and accommodating for those who will be arriving!

A lot is coming together right now!! Praise the Lord for all that He has shown us about this celestial and prophetic time, reminders of The Throne, crowns, going out to meet the Bridegroom, and so much more! And then to see how He is working on a ground-level, in our own lives, preparing things for the very expected time that we see!! May He be glorified in all that is done here at the Brook Cherith, and in all demonstrations of His love, mercy, and grace during the days ahead.

We are rapidly approaching the Feast of Dedication/Hanukkah (starts 22nd!!). Be sure to review the Timeline. Right here at this Day we have seen approaching, dealing with His enemies and His Throne, we also find the calendar reminder of checking oil, burning oil lamps, and shining bright. Indeed, this is the very thing that the Lord has led us to be studying and emphasizing, as we see The Day approaching: shining bright for our expected Redeemer and Master.

LET US be found with our lights burning. LET US be found burning the midnight oil. LET US be found with our loins girded about - with our proverbial work gloves on - busy in the King's service. LET US be found drawing nigh to Him with a true and genuine heart, acceptable in His sight. LET US be heeding His knocking, opening our heart's door to sup and fellowship with Him now. LET US be found considering our fellow servants, exhorting them, provoking them, feeding them, uplifting them - all together to shine bright for The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, our Redeemer! AND SO MUCH THE MORE as we SEE The Day approaching!!!

I am praying for you all! May the Lord strengthen you, uphold you, draw you close in a special way, and give you wisdom, understanding, and boldness to rise up, trim your lamp, and shine bright for His eternal glory - today! Especially now, may we be praying without ceasing, seeking His face for our daily and hourly steps and guiding - and then going forward: faith in action!! The Bridegroom cometh! GO. YE. OUT. TO MEET HIM!! Let our heart, hands, ears, and feet be a demonstration of our love for Him: HEARING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!!

Brother Daniel



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