Seeing the Footstool Time

Praise the Lord for this amazing high watch time!! This truly is a time to make an effort to go outside, look up, and lift up your heads at what the heavens are declaring! Praise the Lord, I was able to go outside tonight and take a few pictures, reflecting on how God's celestial clock is showing us the signs and time. As noted on the Timeline and videos, we are in a timeframe where this footstool sign is being declared. Right now, through November 1/2, Jupiter will still be at Ophiuchus' right foot, in line with treading on Scorpius, Hercules' foot treading directly on the head of Draco, and in line with Orion (whose story directly relates to Scorpius stinging his heel).

Remember that the story is strongest declared along the line - that is the primary time marker and declarer of what chapter/story is being pointed to. Right now, Jupiter is pointing to the exact next prophetic chapter that we are told we will see approaching. We are still at this sign time where we should expect its arrival and start.

To best know and understand the time, go outside and look at the celestial clock. It is a visual sign that also tells us the time. Tonight, when I went out to the field, I could see most of Scorpius, with Jupiter right above him - at Ophiuchus' right foot. So much visually telling me this is the expected time that we have seen approaching! Praise the Lord for the mostly clear sky tonight. It was amazing to look up, and follow a perpendicular line to Hercules and Draco - this story is multiplied over at this incredible spot on the ecliptic line! (To find the ecliptic line, draw a mental line from the sunset location to Jupiter, and then onto Saturn; then go perpendicular up from Jupiter's spot).

Last week, I happened to be up extra early in the morning (5am), and there was a beautiful clearing in the clouds, so I was able to take a neat picture of Sirius rising (the bright and morning star), along with brilliant Orion - both tied to the celestial signs I can see at sunset! So many signs are telling us the time right now!!

Tonight, as I was standing out in the field, I considered how we just saw Jupiter mark out 120 degrees from when the sign started. That incredible path has us right in line - at the very spot! - marking where we are expecting our Redeemer to make those same enemies His footstool.

Last night in my Bible reading, I read Luke 12-17 where Christ was giving His disciples several instructions relating to His coming. Again, He emphasized that it will be as the days of Noah and Lot. When we consider the story of Noah, we know that mankind was given 120 years to repent before the Flood. They saw the day approaching, but did not truly see it. Apparently, though, there were 7 extra days from the time that God basically told Noah to start loading up, until the actual day of judgment came. In Lot's example, he was given a much shorter lead time, basically 12 hours. In the parable of the virgins, we also find Christ recording an arrival at a time expected, and then a little tarrying after that. The virgins all saw the day approaching when they needed to be dressed and ready; but the bridegroom tarried his arrival by a few hours.

Since these stories and parables are directly mentioned by Christ - as prime examples in conjunction with the judgment that is approaching - we can see the arrival of 120 degrees (Oct 22), bringing us exactly to the place and time where we should expect the next prophetic events to unfold within hours or days. When we reference the Timeline, we should not be surprised that this window of Jupiter lining up at the offspring's feet is also only measured in a few days, too. We can see the time, especially when we go outside, look up, and lift up our heads. So much is telling us that we are at the expected time of departure, and that time is very short!

We have heard, reviewed, and been shown so many things telling us that our Bridegroom cometh! LET US go out to meet Him, rising up, trimming our lamps, and drawing nigh to His side: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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