Reflecting on His Hand

Blessings and peace to you, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Praise the Lord for all that He is doing - in this world, in our hearts, in our minds, and in our midst. We see His hand mightily guiding, upholding, strengthening, and shewing us the time - that it is very short.

For the past week now, my attention has largely been occupied with my relative's medical emergency - right while I have also had the entire logistics of the Brook Cherith medical mission also heavily on my mind; and with the urgency and expectation of The Day we see so quickly approaching. It has certainly been an emotional and adrenaline-filled time, for me personally. I'm still working on the resting stuff. :-D Praise the Lord, I am getting more physical rest; but I am still drained and weary - but the Lord is giving overall rest and recuperation. Thank you for your continued prayers, for myself and my loved ones.

Even though I've been feeling like a vegetable, lately; I've been reflecting on the timeliness of what has recently happened - in context of the very urgent 'marathon' of what the Lord has wrought at the Brook Cherith. Like I always emphasize: we do not just see what God shows us in the heavens, or see in the news and prophecy; we should expect to see how God works on the ground level - in our lives - when we also see The Day of sudden destruction approaching. Today, since I didn't have much energy to do anything else, I sat down and started plugging in on the Timeline, all of the major highlights of what the Lord has been doing at the Brook Cherith, over the past few weeks.

Praise the Lord, I was really, really surprised to see how condensed of a timeframe it was! The Lord has had soooo much happen, so quickly, and in a relatively short amount of time! But it's been a marathon! I was really surprised to see that all of it happened within less than a month! In August, the Lord had us produce a few videos, studying how Scripture warns we will see The Day approaching: when He will start making His enemies His footstool. We also covered the celestial themes and rehearsals - for the then weeks ahead - that would be depicting that exact prophetic promise and next chapter.

It was interesting to see how, that around August 25th (about a week after Jupiter stopped standing), the Lord was really laying on my heart the deficiency of medical supplies at the clinic. It was really bothering me that we pretty much had all of the supplies out on the floor, so to speak; and even then, spread pretty thinly. I have come to see that this is often how the Lord works (in my situation): 1) He will really impress a need or something that needs to be done, 2) give me some time to think about how to tackle it logistically (or sometimes He just plainly indicates what exactly to do), 3) and then gives provision, strength, wisdom, and liberty in an obvious way, that essentially says, "Go do what you know to do."

Around August 25th, I had a pretty good sense that we were on step two; particularly how the Lord had me thinking and reviewing it so much. Then, over the next 48-72 hours, the Lord brought in abundant provision (well above paying the regular bills), to where I could tell that He was providing for certain tasks that needed to be done. On the Timeline (at the bottom), I've marked out the highlights of when the Lord provided in ways well above the normal - with also noting how He was working in several people's hearts at the same time; it was a collective servant work that He was orchestrating. I highly suggest you go back through the past month's Community posts (picture praise reports), and just review all that the Lord has wrought, in such a short and urgent time.

Over the past month's time, WE have seen how the Lord would give instruction for tasks, give provision, give liberty for the procurement and accomplishment, give some rest and reflection, and then immediately start the process again. As we noticed, each time was building on what was previously done, too; the Lord did not make our sails too big for our ballast - He gave just enough tasks to finish, before giving the next tasks and provision. Time and time again, we saw how the Lord would often give the next task and provision - within minutes and hours of wrapping up the last task! He has been leading on a day-by-day, and hour-by-hour basis! Because of this, we do not worry about tomorrow; it will take care of itself; God is already there.

Friend, it is often so hard for me to stress how absolutely mind-blowing this whole ministry project is - the Lord alone has made this possible!! Whenever I say "WE" did this or that, I'm talking about GOD, ME, and YOU. There is no team of workers here at the Brook Cherith; just God and me. Two hands; two feet. Not even a secretary or helpful teenagers from the local churches. There's a reason why the videos stop, when the Lord has me working at the Brook Cherith. There's only one of me; yet many hats. :-D I have a small prayer team, of people that live in other states far away. And I have YOU. This community - that the Lord has brought our paths together for a reason - are the ONLY ONES praying for this ministry work, supporting this ministry work, being shown this ministry work, and being a part of what the Lord is doing here - and in hearts across the world. WE. LET US.

Friend, when I look at the Timeline, recent posts about what has happened here, and see it with my own eyeballs, I still am absolutely floored to see WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!! The strength, wisdom, direction, provision, ability, and liberty certainly did not come from me. In fact, I know physically that the Lord gave special strength for these projects, because I should have been exhausted to the point of adrenal fatigue, or severe carpal pain. It was only with THE LORD's strength and ability that ALL has transpired here at the Brook Cherith - in preparation for this prophetic time we see rapidly approaching.

Around Sept 18th (the same time the Sun was starting to point to the wine mixture cup of Crater, above Hydra), I could see that preparations appeared to be wrapping up, and there was increasing hesitancy to stretch projects out more than a day, or even order things online. Time seemed so much of the essence; and there were a number of micro-tasks that needed tending to with the Clinic. But overall, I could sense that most of the urgent tasks were accomplished, and those critical supplies properly in place, ready to go. The very next day was the call from my relatives about their medical emergency.

As noted in recent posts, I believe it was not only a strong working in the heart and mind of my relative, regarding the brevity of life and the very real potential to enter eternity - but also for me to rehearse and experience much of the emotional and physical paths that will be much more painfully followed by those here at the Brook Cherith. Indeed, it gave a new and fresh emotional and logistical perspective, allowing me to take mental and experiential notes along the way. Some of those notes I was able to act on quickly, e.g. ordering some more monitoring equipment, thinking of ways to improve the staff/visitor communication process, etc..

Friend, I'm still tending to smaller projects, here and there (while trying to rest up); but I can tell that the urgency and provision was for a needed season and time, to get things quickly into place. That is now done; the Brook Cherith is fully ready to be engaged tonight. The Lord has also worked, such as with meeting the nurse from the Brook Cherith tour years ago (of all people to meet at the hospital, and to have them assigned to my relative!), to other divine appointments (that I can't disclose) with people of other professions. I see how the Lord is orchestrating and working with multiple overlapping themes and paths, in a majestic orchestration that dovetails with the celestial rehearsal we also see so beautifully in the heavens! And yet, we also see it so soberly reminding us of the realities of The Day that is approaching - that necessitates the Brook Cherith as an expression and testimony of His love, grace, and mercy.

Today, I went to the store and was able to buy some super-large print Bibles for Hospice (to replace the large print Bibles we had) and other accoutrements that will better the comfort care, and visitor/family experience in that area. Other such micro-tasks are tended to, as the Lord leads. I do not know the day or hour; but I know what the Lord is doing, what He has shown us in the heavens, what He has shewed us in our lives, and what He has shewed us by the paths that He has brought us on and to. He has brought us to where we are now - to where we so vividly see The Day approaching, and that time is very, very short. The calls and discussion of peace and safety - just this week - remind us that Scripture's warnings are true, and will be right on time.

Friend, the hour is very late; and the time is getting more and more precious to redeem for eternity. We are weary, tired, and exhausted - yes; but the trumpet calls at midnight constantly ring out even louder: The Bridegroom cometh - Go. Ye. Out. To Meet Him. Let us review all that we have seen and heard - and LET US heed what we have been shown. LET US rise up. LET US lift up - praying for one another. I am praying for you. LET US encourage and provoke one another unto love and unto good works. And so much the more as we see The Day approaching.

LET US draw nigh to our Redeemer with a true heart, purifying ourselves even as He is pure. LET US be found without spot or wrinkle regarded in our heart. LET US be found with our proverbial work gloves on and with our lights trimmed and burning. And, Friend, LET US - TOGETHER - expectedly go out to meet Him: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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