Reflecting on Recent Medical Events

Greetings, Friends! I think yesterday's marathon is catching up to me, today. :-D I'm wiped, and got a dull headache. Brain feels like cotton. :-P Praise the Lord, yesterday He gave amazing strength and clarity throughout the waiting and visit. When I got home, though, the emotional and physical drain caught up with me. Praise the Lord, He gave inner peace and rest, although the brain was wondering about the various ways it could go.

Praise the Lord, my loved ones recently got home, today; and are catching up on things and rest.

Praise the Lord, I was surprised that they have fairly little restrictions. They pretty much said not to lift more than a gallon, for several weeks; and don't work on a tractor type of stuff, etc. The surgeon said that it was a different type of artery plaque than what they normally encounter; hence why it was more involved. The surgeon also said that the risk of a stroke (as a result of the surgery) pretty much goes to zero, about 24 hrs after the surgery. It's now been over 24hrs.

Praise the Lord, I can rest a lot better, now, knowing that they are home, and fairly not too limited heath-wise, if the rapture should happen around this time. I didn't get the opportunity to talk of spiritual things any (with all the nurse interruptions and multiple people visiting), other than to tell them briefly before the surgery that they were being prayed for. You could tell, though, the day before the surgery, that they were obviously concerned about the outcome. Lord willing, God has been working in their heart to consider things of eternity - which that individual has oftentimes pushed aside, or changed the subject.

It was neat to see how the Lord used this recent medical emergency, to pretty much literally walk me through in real-time, the entire visitor/patient experience, that will be closely followed at the Brook Cherith. Realizing the anxiety from waiting, and waiting, and waiting, new surroundings, not having questions answered, the physical needs and considerations of the visitors waiting, the interactions of the nurses attending, etc. etc.

It certainly got me thinking a lot of how this experience would be very different if it had taken place under the Brook Cherith conditions. Most likely, they wouldn't be able to heart-related surgery; but similar life-threatening procedures can be done, and will most likely be attempted, just to save seriously injured. Otherwise, though, the experiences will still be similar; except very, very emotionally charged, great levels of frustration all around, perplexity, and desperation. But, that said, I can definitely see how the Brook Cherith environment will very strongly give a sense of orderliness and familiar health surroundings during those events. The sheer physical existence of the facility, itself, brings so much with it.

It really got me thinking about our Waiting area, areas for surgeon/family consultation/briefing, etc., the present nurses station, etc. A lot of thoughts going through my head, replaying the steps that the Lord recently shewed by tangible and personal experience...

Too tired to think too much, today; let alone do much of anything about these thoughts, other than note them down. Ready for a nap... :-D It does catch my attention, though, how much the 'Deal of the Century' and 'peace and safety' are being discussed in the news again, right when the U.N. is having their General Assembly! So many things telling us that time is very short! The Day - of sudden destruction, when Christ starts making His enemies His footstool - is so near in its approach; and we have great hope and expectation to see our Redeemer just prior to when that forewarned Day arrives.

Praise the Lord, for His tender mercies, grace, and the familiar privilege to bring our petitions before our Father, at His Throne. Thank you, deeply, for your brotherly and sisterly concern, prayers, and uplifting. I am praying for you.

As we wait for our Redeemer's appearing, LET US - together - THANK Him, LOVE Him, and SERVE Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!

Brother Daniel



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