Time is Running Out

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters! It is amazing the calm excitement that is present at this time - a palpable feeling of urgency, that time is short, and that so much is funneling down to a fully-expected time: The Day is so closely approaching! The celestial signs are now ticking to highlight Crater the Cup - the cup of judgment that will be poured out on the serpent's back. It has caught my attention how the Israeli elections are right at this time, especially when we consider that Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling! We see so much talk in the news, speculating how the election results may result in wars and conflict! We have certainly heard the overlooming 'deal of the century' and calls for peace and safety also building to this very time and context. Scripturally, we know that sudden destruction looms.

Indeed, it is a mixture of emotions, to consider how sobering it is, and what is coming on the world; and then to see the reality so harshly tangible in stowing away the clinic's cadaver bags - knowing that these resources are here for a soon-to-be-realized reason. All of these bandages, wraps, surgical tools, etc. are here to be used for an expected time of sudden destruction. A time of judgment looms, just like one can smell the rain about to fall.

Yet, there is also a profound sense of seeing and tasting the potential outpouring that the Lord will greatly multiply, in the days ahead, when hanging up various signs and reminders about our Redeemer - encouraging them to look to Him! We've had two dedication plaques up, already; but today I made sure each public area had an eye-catching reminder, pointing them to Jesus Christ. They are reminders that this facility was not my idea, nor a prepper/survivalist holdover - no, it was built deliberately at Christ's commission and provision - for The Day that we see so rapidly approaching. Many of these areas will have people too busy/injured to read much, if at all; but the staff and family members will be constantly reminded that 1) this place is here for a reason, and 2) they are here for a reason.

Indeed, as I have been personally sorting and dividing out the bandages, wraps, and gauze into plastic bags for the different aid stations, I have pretty much personally touched and looked at every single bandage and medical article that will be used; knowing and reflecting how each item could very well represent a single person's life impacted, in some way, by being here at the clinic.

I also printed out a number more of the As Ye See The Day Approaching resource sheets, to give the visitors, family members, and recovering patients a quick overview of the prophetic time - and the truth of God's Word. These, and other resources, will also be available in the Waiting Area. We also have a printed FYI flyer (customized for our situation), answering some of their basic questions: "1) Was that the rapture, 2) Why wasn't I taken, 3) Why was this clinic here, 4) What should I do right now, 5) How can I help?" On the back, is the "How to be Saved" (also found in many of our print resources). Bibles and Gospel tracts are also available at each patient bay in the Patient Wing, and in Hospice.

Obviously, there will be many health and medical needs that will be beyond our abilities. Yet, Lord willing, the resources will buy many precious time, save many lives, and touch the minds and hearts of countless more. The mere existence of this facility is a testimony to God's grace, mercy, working, and calling.

Praise the Lord, our online order of supplies arrived today, and very early! This greatly helps bolster our supply of ace wraps, vet wraps, gauze, splints, oximeters, disposable pillowcases, exam table papers, biohazard bags, safety vests, sterilization wraps, etc. etc. Praise the Lord for the provision and abundance! It is exciting to see how the Lord has worked - in miraculous ways - over the past two weeks, in a systematic preparation and readying. It really is amazing how much the Lord has filled the supply areas, so that any of the volunteers (whether they be from a medical, food service, office, sanitation, or maintenance background) will be able to see how the Lord has provided enough for them to confidently start and do what needs to be done.

There is also a very strong sense that time is essentially gone. We are called to redeem the time; and the divine opportunities of yesterday are gone. When the Lord calls us to act, the time is then. It is humbling and sobering to see what the Lord has wrought, and how it has also whittled down. Truly, right now it feels like I'm polishing the doorknobs, tucking things into their final places, and making last minute notes and maintenance tweaks - going forward day by day and hour by hour - that has brought us to this hour! Lord willing, if He tarries, tomorrow will take care of itself; and we will apply ourselves to what the Lord guides our attention to. But, it catches my attention that a lot of the big stuff, orders, and purchases seem to be done... I'm just arranging what is now on site. Time is short.

Please keep me in prayer, for strength, wisdom, efficiency, and liberty. Also pray that the Lord will send His angels to encamp around this place - now, and in the days ahead - to protect it from expected opposition and harm. May the Lord's love, care, grace, mercy, and mighty hand be seen - and may He stir mightily in many hearts and souls, for His eternal glory!

Friend, words fail me to express how late the hour appears to be. We have seen the videos, reviewed the resources, seen (and see!) the celestial signs, seen the Lord's provident and merciful hand daily at work... It has been a long learning journey - that has brought us to a place where we can see and know that The Day is approaching. LET US be found with our work gloves on, our sleeves rolled up - applying ourselves unto love and to good works - AND SO MUCH THE MORE when we know time is almost out. LET US be found occupied with the King's service. LET US be found with a genuine and true heart in love and close fellowship with Him. He is nigh, even at the door. LET US rise up, trim our lamps, and go forward - together - out to meet Him: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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