Redeeming Valuable Time

Dear Friends, the more that I consider the Timeline, look up into the heavens, and consider all that the Lord is DAILY working on the ground level here at the Brook Cherith, I KNOW that time is short; and I KNOW that we SEE THE DAY APPROACHING! We can literally see the celestial signs of Him making His enemies His footstool. We can literally see and hear the news reports of calls for 'peace and safety'. We can literally see the agricultural, meteorological, and fauna pictures specifically mentioned in context of the day of indignation. And we can literally see how the Lord is also working His mighty hand to also extend grace and mercy during The Day that we literally see approaching. Time is so short.

This is one of the main reasons that I share these praise reports: so that He will be glorified in WHAT HE IS DOING. Especially over the past two weeks, it has been a daily amazement to see how the Lord has directed one area of preparation, that led directly into the next, that allowed for the next outpouring, and then allowed for the next outpouring. I couldn't have planned or made this happen if I wanted to; the Lord is mightily showing His hand right now, giving wisdom, strength, provision, and liberty - in context of what prophetic time He has also showed us.

Every day I wonder if we are going to be making a video; but the Lord keeps reminding me that we already know the time; we already see the day approaching, and there are important things that need to be tended to, without delay. Over the past few days, I've told our prayer team several times that pretty much as soon as I've finished or wrapped up certain main tasks, the next provision, leading, and liberty was given! And usually in a segway of what was just finished! Every day has been a going forward in faith - even hour by hour! So much telling me that time is super short, and there is high value in redeeming what precious time is left!

Praise the Lord, yesterday I was able to get some much needed resting up. Thank you for your prayers of strength and rest, friends! Thank you for upholding these weary arms/legs/head/body! :-D Ah, that is also one of the amazing things to see how the Lord works: when He gives strength for the tasks, and you know that you should be dead tired; but He enables what needs to be done, to be done. When we go forward in faith, and as unto the Lord.

Praise the Lord, last night, the Lord got me out of bed to start compiling an online order for several medical supply items that I can't get in the normal medical supply stores around here. Stuff that we mostly have already; but we seriously need to bolster those supplies (disposable pillowcases, biohazard bags, bulk gauze, etc.). After that was 'saved for later', I went back to bed. This morning, I finally finished up organizing the food and supplies that we got from our last Sam's trip (praise the Lord!), and I also finished up a few electrical things on the to-do list. Praise the Lord, as soon as I got back in my office, an offering had come in to cover the order that the Lord had me pull together the night before! And it allowed me to make another store supply run, too! Amazing to see just the timing alone, of how the Lord works; and then to see His gracious and merciful provision for the areas that He even points out!!

Praise the Lord, the online order also allowed us to get some needed medical equipment (handheld oximeter, with corded sensor) for the surgical area. Lord willing, those supplies should be arriving in the next few hours. I didn't order for too late; because so much is telling me that time is super short! Especially when I've considered the order and priority of how He has worked lately - emphasizing firstly key medical supplies; then once that was bolstered, secondly, the Sorting Area; thirdly, bolstering food; and now, fourthly, staff care and miscellaneous supplies. And it had to be in that order! It's hard to describe how much I've been using the new sorting area; and how much it also allows more room, and better organization, in the medical supply storeroom!

Praise the Lord, He had been having me focus on making sure the staff's basic needs are taken care of. We had started assembling Staff Care supplies (toiletries, sleepwear, change of clothes, etc.); but really only had enough for six people. There will likely be a number of staff/volunteers who live very locally; but a number will likely be caught away from home, or where they live might not be safe, or they might just want to stay at the clinic and do as much as possible, considering the expected scenario. A number of them will have little more than the clothes on their back; so we have to anticipate their basic needs, so they can focus on what expertise areas they do best. The volunteers/staff should not have to worry about security, their basic needs, or their next meal.

Praise the Lord, today, I was able to get a number more of basic toiletry supplies, empty backpacks for their stuff (on clearance!), underwear, sleepwear/laundry-change-out (lounge shorts on clearance rack!), and other hygiene products they might need. We already have 6 backpacks kitted out, ready to hand out; but we now have supplies for them to replenish, and for additional help that needs to spend the night(s). Also got an instant camera (like a old Polaroid), for the Records office's more sober tasks. And I was able to make another, smaller, Sam's trip getting additional bulk foods and foodservice supplies. One interesting thing we got was a bunch of cup-o-noodles (ramen), intended for family of those waiting on patients (since we don't have a foodcourt like modern hospitals). It will help keep the stomach grumbles away, while allowing them to stay nearby. Praise the Lord, the Kitchen pantry is now chock full!

Indeed, praise the Lord for all that He is working and orchestrating at this very late hour! It is both exciting to see, and also sobering to see how much is now organized and in place, just waiting for the volunteers, staff - and injured - to come in. The past two weeks have seen a certain progression of preparation for what we have already discussed: We SEE The Day approaching.

Friend, time is short; and it is also very valuable at this late hour. LET US redeem the time, girding up our loins, rolling up our sleeves, putting on our proverbial work gloves, and trimming our lamps to shine so much the more! LET US be found with our lights burning, and our work gloves on busy hands and hearts! LET US apply ourselves to the King's service, and especially as we hear that He is at the door! LET US be found the wise and faithful servants, drawing nigh to the King - in worship, genuineness, and gratitude: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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