Quick Timeline Look

Greetings, Friends! I hope you have been reviewing the Timeline, and considering all that the Lord has shown us about this amazing time!! We see what He has shown us about where we are, and we see what He is doing on a ground level in proportion to this time, and we see in the news the geopolitical warnings about this time - all telling us that the sudden destruction (The Day) is approaching!

Praise the Lord, today's been mostly a resting up and nap day for me; but I wanted to just share a few thoughts with the Timeline. We have looked at the two previous Biblical ways to count a 2-year anniversary of the Rev 12 sign; with also the modern concept of 2-year anniversary also noted on the Timeline. Yesterday, I was considering how that the modern concept is also a Biblical concept to be considered; because Herod and the soldiers were using a 2-year mark based on their Roman calendar system (365 days). What is crazy amazing with this Rev 12 sign/Wise Men parallels, is that the Bible mentions all three ways to count it!!! It certainly keeps us on our toes at this amazing window!

So, we are right at a high watch time, in the story of the Wise Men, and also soberly considering that bloodshed quickly followed Herod's degree relating to two years. It also catches our attention that Jupiter is still over Scorpius, the Sun is at the hind legs/foot of the Lion (over Hydra), and the Sun is about to point to the wine cup of judgment right on the serpent's back! So many things warning us of how Scripture uses all of these pictures prophetically! It's also the time when the Israeli vineyards has essentially ended the harvest, and are now celebrating the wine that has been brought in (and still being processed). All of these agricultural pictures still matching the celestial and prophetic rehearsals!

We see the day approaching - and we are right here, very strongly! This week (through the 23rd) is a very high watch time, with distinct celestial pictures of judgment being poured out - sooner rather than later!! We are also on the cusp of the Israeli election; and already the news is being filled with talk of the 'peace deal of the century' again!! We have soooo many warnings that THE DAY IS APPROACHING!! Like the Wise Men parallels, and the days of Noah and Lot, we are expecting the evacuation before The Day finally arrives. We will only see it approaching; and we certainly see it being said so many different ways, right now!!

Friend, LET US look up, rise up, gird up, brighten up, hurry up, and fire up - for our Redeemer and Bridegroom cometh! LET US go out to meet Him: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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