Watching the Outpouring

Wow, and Praise the Lord!! That's about all I can say when I look at all that the Lord is doing at this incredibly late hour!! Praise Him for His wisdom, provision, leading, and demonstration of grace and mercy - right in context with all the celestial signs and prophetic time understanding that He is giving us! Together, they are loudly trumpeting that He is at the door! When we look at the Timeline - and then look at what He is enabling during just the past three days since our last report - Wow! Time is so short!!

Praise the Lord for how He is working in bringing together His fellow servants to be a part of His beacon and testimony of His working, mercy, and grace. Like I said before, this working is not just for those who will be shut outside the door after the rapture - but it is also as a sober reminder, strengthening, and service for us today! Indeed, several times during the past few days (mere hours!) I have reflected on the miracle of the pots and oil, with Elisha and the widow woman (II Kings 4:1-7); where she was told to gather as many vessels as she could, then start pouring oil out of the one pot that she did have. Miraculously, the oil kept pouring out, as long as she had vessels - filling them all!

Likewise, at this time, we have so many celestial signs and prophetic understanding of the times, telling us to GO FORWARD in faith! We should not at all be surprised, that when we do go forward with what the Lord wants us to do, in His service, that He takes care of the multiplying and divine, miraculous aspects that we cannot. The two go together - us doing what we can do, and He doing what He can do. God fully expected the widow woman to do everything that she could physically do; God would take care of the rest. The same was true for Noah. The same was true for Lot. The same is true for us: we should do what we know we should do, what we can do, then leave the results up to our King. As we go forward in faith, we should not be surprised to find that He is walking right beside us.

Friends, it is absolutely incredible how much the Lord has enabled and given strength and provision for, over just the past few hours! And just like the widow's story, it was a collective action: she and her two sons worked together as a team, and saw the miraculous results. Likewise, some of our fellow servants have desired to be a part of what the Lord is doing - and plainly showing us all - and they have willingly offered their hand, time, and tangible forms of their time, to get the vessels ready for the outpouring that the Lord is already doing.

Yesterday, I finally finished painting and mostly straightening the new donation sorting/storage area; and I could not help but see the parallels with the gathering of the pots for the oil. The Lord is the One Who is directing and leading, here; and I fully expect that in the days, immediately after the rapture, He will continue to work in amazing ways, bringing His new and on-fire servants together in further amazing ways. We can get the pots ready, faithfully expecting the Lord to fill them!

Praise the Lord, it has been humbling, amazing, and so sobering to see how He is already outpouring right now - and abundantly for the needs of this late hour! So much is coming together, with so many preparations, that the urgency is almost tangible for how close He is; and how soon this vessel called the Brook Cherith will be filled for His overflowing glory!

Praise the Lord, within the past few days, we have been able to purchase enough common medical supplies (such as bandages, pads, gauze, tapes, wraps, etc.) that we have actually started to restock the Supply Room! If you will remember, when we added the new Triage and Delayed areas, that completely wiped out the Supply Room; just to give each of the stations something to work with. Praise the Lord, not only are all stations now well stocked, but they have additional mini-bulk stocks in each area (to reduce running for supplies) - and both of those layers are complemented enough we can start building up the reserve, for when one area goes through their supplies faster than anticipated, and for regular daily replenishing! There's still a lot more supplies that could be had; but it is a very significant milestone that we aren't necessarily lacking supplies (within our capabilities) for the first day!

Now, I don't know about your area; but it is still extremely hot here (upper 90sF). Please keep me in prayer, as the heat is exhausting - but it does give insights into preparations for those in the very close days ahead. Praise the Lord, and with your participation, we were able to get a truckbed-full of bottled water, today! We have also been able to increase the limited stocks of specialty foods for patient needs and nutrition; particularly for certain cases in recovery. Additional (needed) capital improvements were taken, with procuring more water totes, trash cans, various forms of lighting apparatus, and even a very-heavy-duty collapsible stretcher.

It is amazing to see how the Lord is working on a day-by-day, and even hour-by-hour basis, here at this late hour! Friend, I know you all would like another video; but we already know the time - it's time for the "so much the more"; the application of what we know. When we know how late the hour is, we don't need to talk much about what we see approaching - we should be so much the more provoking each other unto love and good works - like we know The Day is approaching. Like Gideon and the fleece, once we know what we should be doing, we need to get up and do it.

Just today was an incredible witness of seeing how the Lord is working on an hour-by-hour leading. This morning, one fellow servant sent in an offering to be a part of this mission's work. Shortly afterwards, they sent another offering, with the note that the Lord was impressing upon them to double the amount they had previously given; so they had a faithful readiness to obey. Today, as it turns out, was when I was planning on focusing more on food and water supplies. Many of the maintenance/infrastructure were well tackled; but I knew we still need way more food for just the patients and staff (we will be serving about 100+ meals per day). The first trip was to get the bottled water. With several fellow servants providing offerings for His work, it gave liberty to tackle the water needs with far less reservation; and I was able to get way more bottled water in this trip than ever previous.

The second trip was to get foodstuffs; this is where it started getting tricky. You see, we have very little refrigerator space. We have two fridges, but they are both home side-by-side models; and they are both fairly maxed out. Over the past few days, I have been thinking that we really, really, really need another larger fridge; particularly one that doesn't waste so much space with side-by-side, or an icemaker, etc. In fact, it was three days ago, that I happened to see an ideal size and arrangement (freezer on top), at Home Depot, that would fit in our kitchen space; but, it was too pricey ($700+) to buy brand new. So, back to today; I've been wanting to stock up on eggs and some other fresh foods, particularly to help feed the staff. I went and got several hundred eggs; but it was about all I could do to get them in our fridge space! Well, at least we had some...

For a third trip today, since the fridges were full, that somewhat hindered getting more perishable foods. But, out of curiosity, I checked the specials on fridges for our local home improvement stores; but they didn't have the type I wanted on sale or in stock, anyway. Oh well, we have other things on the list to get... So this evening, I had to go to one of the stores, and decided to check the appliance section anyway. Low and behold, in the clearance isle was the very type and size that I had been considering!! They had the regular price of $700 still on it, so I asked the clerk if he could check what the discounted price should be. I hadn't been planning on getting a fridge (and really didn't have the money to); but I was definitely asking the Lord if this is what He wanted me to do!!

When the clerk came back, he said it was 20% off regular!! After some quick punching on his phone calculator, he gave me the ballpark figure of about $120 off. ...which was right within the amount that I had! And when I went to pay for it, the actual discount came up on their computer as $180 off!! $529 (with tax!) for a $700 brand-new fridge, of exactly the type that we needed!! Praise the Lord, I was reminded how just this morning, our Father worked in another servant's heart - to make sure that together we had what was needed - for what was needed - before we knew it was needed!!!

Friends, time is so incredibly short, and our Father is working and outpouring in incredible ways. Please keep me and this ministry in prayer - day by day and hour by hour. I am continually thinking and praying for you. I want and desire God's absolute best, blessing, guidance, and strength for you. I want you to be found shining bright for our Lord. We see the day approaching so closely. LET US rise up. LET US trim our lamps and shine bright. And LET US go out to meet our Redeemer and Saviour: LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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