Such as Time as This

Greetings, Friends! It is amazing how time is flying by, and how the Lord is working at this incredible time! Last night I was able to get another picture of Jupiter, now that the bright moon is out of the way. As we can see, it really hasn't moved much since the place where it stood still - reminding us so much of the afterglow story that followed in the Wise Men's account! We are awaiting a departure! Especially seeing all of the celestial signs still pointing strongly to treading on the Biblical listed enemies. Be sure to review the handout, As Ye See The Day Approaching. Jupiter is still fairly in the middle between both of Ophiuchus' feet, still pointing strongly to that treading.

Of course, when we review the Timeline for best reading, we also see information for the other celestial treading sign, with the Sun in Leo, over Hydra. Right now (Sept 11th), the Sun is pointing to one of the rear legs of Leo. Incidentally, this leg was where Jupiter had its nearby opposition (shining brightest), back in 2016 - which caught our attention further to the Shiloh story being highlighted in the heavens.

Approximately Sept 20th, the Sun will be at what was anciently known as the rear foot of the Lion, the star Zavijava (the wise men would have been familiar with this understanding). What catches my attention is that it is also approximately the same time (18th) that the Sun is finally along the ecliptic line, reaching Crater the Cup - which pictures judgment. We have seen all of the treading celestial rehearsals, and all of them have reminded us of the day of indignation - when He starts making His enemies His footstool. So we should not be surprised to see super-strong additional signs - even along the very same Hydra serpent! - reminding us that we do see a day approaching!

We are reaching the second possible way to count 2-years from the Rev 12 sign, which reminds us (though not prescribed) of the Wise Men parallels, and Herod's actions; bloodshed quickly followed - just like the vintage and wine pictures used in prophecy. There are so many celestial pictures, agricultural seasons, and even the doves still departing seasons - all coming together right now, still!

Definitely review the Timeline, and consider all that the Lord is showing us about the time! We see so many concurrent signs telling us The Day of judgment is coming! We see it approaching, and we have heard it approaching with all the calls of peace and safety this year - with even further news emphasis that it will be brought up again right after the Israeli election! All of these signs and warnings of sudden destruction and judgment are on the front burners right now!!

Friends, we see the day approaching so clearly. The news declares this. The agricultural seasons and pictures remind us. The animal seasonal behaviour reminds us. The heavens declare this. The celestial clock declares this time - that time is so very short. Just like the days of Noah and Lot, we see society going on, life as normal - not aware that sudden destruction is looming. Christ firmly and soberly warned US to remember Lot's wife - and to not get caught up in the affairs and cares of this life. We are called to Watch, be sober minded, to be vigilant, and to be shining in action and love for our Redeemer. AND SO MUCH THE MORE when we know how late it is!!

Friends, please keep me in prayer, as I have been extremely busy, staying up very late, getting many preparations ready at the Brook Cherith. Praise the Lord for His abundant wisdom, provision, strength, and liberty at this late hour. Today, I was thinking how the Brook Cherith is not just for those in the days ahead - it is for me and you, right now. Certainly, I would assume that there are many others making preparations and provisions for those who will be left behind after the rapture; but, for prudence's sake, their efforts are not announced. With the Brook Cherith, it is incredible to see that the Lord has chosen to invite and exhort His servants to a unique work of mercy and grace, that is clearly by His hand, leading, and guiding. I would like you to consider and reflect on why the Lord has brought this singular type of unique ministry to YOUR attention.

Yesterday, as I was painting one of the new clinic areas, I was thinking how the Lord does not need to put out the announcement for His servants (indeed, much of the Brook Cherith was done behind the scenes). Nor does God need them to be the ones involved, financially, prayerfully, tangibly, or physically; yet, He still desires to. Just like Mordecai told Esther: At such a time as this, God can either work through you - or He will work around you.

In Esther's case, timely things were brought to her attention that she could respond to. Likewise, the Wise Men saw timely celestial signs that nobody else apparently saw. Did God have to use Esther? Did God have to use those particular Wise Men? Did God have to use the particular shepherds in the field? Does God have to use ME? Does God desire to use Me?

"When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; what is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?" - Psalm 8:3-4

Friend, this is why we exhort one another to love and to good works - and so much the more as we see the day approaching. God's divine opportunities are gifts. His leading, guiding, and showing us the time - is a gift and graciousness. It is an invitation (an exhorting) - and as your Friend and Brother, I want God to use you, in a special and zealous way for His glory. Ask the Lord for wisdom for two things: 1) how you can exhibit and exercise LOVE so much the more; and 2) how you can be active in good works - and so much the more - at such a time as this.

Brethren, pray for me; I am praying for you - that the Lord will stir in your heart to the reality and soberness of the time; and that you will boldly go forth to meet Him - with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all of your mind. Let us remember Lot's wife - and keep our eyes off of the cares and affairs of this life - fixing them wholly upon our Wonderful Redeemer, Jesus Christ. And when we lock our gaze on Him, our hands and heart will quickly follow - and we should not be surprised that He likewise fixes His loving gaze upon those that run toward Him.

May we seek His will, His wisdom, His leading, His call, His fellowship, and His service - and so much the more, as we see the day approaching. LET US rise up. LET US trim our lamps. LET US go out to meet the One Who is calling us and showing us the time and nearness of His arrival. Let us go forward - LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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