Clinic Update

Greetings, Friends! What a busy and amazing time! Praise the Lord for all that He is doing at this late hour! It's been incredible to see how the Lord is working - at the ground level, in our own lives - while also showing us the incredible celestial and prophetic time! They go together, and we should not be surprised to see how the Lord prepares us, and presents divine opportunities of service, planting, and watering, here at this late hour! We have pressed the urgency of the hour, and the many "Let us" things that we are exhorted to be doing - AND SO MUCH THE MORE - as we see The Day approaching. Our Lord wants us to be applying ourselves to service of love and to good works - when we know time is very short, and what is soberly coming onto the world.

Just yesterday, I came across a meme that struck a cord. It read "Thoughts and prayers don't help. You know what does help? Help. ...When disaster strikes, fill one warehouse with prayers, and another with donations - then let the victims choose."

Friends, we all know the power of prayer, and we all know there are many times that various constraints keep us from doing what we would like to do tangibly for others. Yet, at this late prophetic hour - when we know THE DAY is approaching - are we doing the least that we can do? Or are we doing so much the more? With knowledge comes great responsibility, and with stewardship comes responsibility. Are we doing the least that we could do, knowing The Day - of sudden destruction and judgment - is coming?

So much the more - it's a relative term. For the widow who gave two mites, it was so much the more. For the Good Samaritan who gave his time, aid, and two pence, it was so much the more. For the pentecostal believers who sold lands and goods for ministry use, it was so much the more. I am often reminded of what Christ said, regarding the woman who anointed his feet with ointment (Mark 14:3-9): "She hath done what she could..."

Friend, Christ notices every single token and service done for Him. He also knows what portion is what we could; what was "done" and what was left undone. Christ gave His own disciples the stern warning that each and every one of His servants will give account for what they COULD HAVE done (Matt 25:27; Luke 19:23):

"Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own with usury?" - said to the servant who did not invest one talent, put into his stewardship.

Friends, as uncomfortable as the subject is, it is a warning that is given to His servants; and I would be remiss if I did not exhort and provoke you unto doing what we are told to do - and so much the more. I want you to avoid preventable awkward moments. Before the heavenly meet-and-greet, there will be a calling before our Lord; and He will reward every man according as his work shall be. Did we do what we could - especially when we knew we should be doing it so much the more?

Brothers, sisters - fellowservants - we have greater responsibility than those in other areas of His vineyard, because He has given abundant wisdom and insight to The Day approaching. He has led us on a gracious learning journey, working in our hearts and minds, calling us to set our affections above and on His wonderful face. With such mercies extended to us, to so clearly call us - like the Wise Men who saw the signs and divine opportunities that nobody else did - let us present ourselves in service to our King. LET US draw near with a true heart, anointing His feet with service, action, sacrifice, value, and love.

When we look on the Timeline, we see that we are at the Day of Atonement - which reminds us so beautifully of our Redeemer, Who became our High Priest and Mediator. We have been recently focusing on Hebrews chapter 10, which talks about how He is awaiting till His enemies be made His footstool - and because we see That Day approaching, we should so much the more apply ourselves to the "Let-Us-Do List". Yet, if we back up just a few verses to chapter 9, we find out that our understanding of WHY He is awaiting His enemies becoming His footstool is predicated on knowing that He is now our High Priest - and we should be looking for the same!!

"For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us: nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place every year [on the Day of Atonement] with blood of others ...So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation." - Hebrews 9:24-28

As we see The Day approaching (and we will only see That Day of Judgment approaching), we SHOULD BE expecting our accomplished and ever worthy High Priest and Mediator to appear!! He was once numbered with transgressors - with the association with sin and criminals; yet when He appears, it will be in all of His glory, without sin - but power! I am often humbled when I consider that the Apostle John - one of Christ's closest earthly friends - fell at His feet as dead, when he saw Him in all His glory, on the isle of Patmos. Friends, likewise, each and every one of us will fall at His feet when we see our Saviour in all of His matchless glory!!

We see that day approaching - in context of seeing The Day (of sudden destruction and judgment) coming. LET US draw nigh to Him, kneeling our heart and life, now, in His humble service and adoration.

The hour is very late, and we already know the time. The Lord has prepared us with videos, printed resources, and timelines to see how late the hour is; we are not lacking for reasons to do what we could - and so much the more. The past week has been very humbling and moving to see how the Lord is preparing final preparations for the Brook Cherith medical missions - along with seeing how He so beautifully desires His servants to be a part of His vineyard's work.

Earlier this week, we received a donation for $1, and I was instantly reminded of the widow's mite, and Christ's exhortation that He knows who does what they could. I have said it before: it does not matter the amount put into an offering plate; what matters is the heart behind it. It has been my privilege, this week, to see several fellow servants with a heart of service, consideration, and a willingness to minister to others, by being a part - and doing what they could - of what the Lord is preparing in this late hour. Mark 14:9.

Praise the Lord, with His leading and provision, WE (let us) were able to procure a significant number of additional medical supplies, especially in various sizes, to greatly bolster the ten aid stations at the clinic. Even at a minimum of treating 10 people per station per day, that's 100 people per day; and a lot of supplies needed to keep going another day! Praise the Lord, this week we were able to bolster each station enough, so that the medical volunteers will be able to start confidently that they have enough supplies for at least two days. Half of our stations are for life-threatening injuries. Praise the Lord, enough supplies were purchased this last week, that we had to buy some additional storage and organizers for the supplies, too! Ultimately, we are also assuming that medical supply donations will be coming in (from several sources), once the clinic starts, right after the rapture. We are also working on a sorting area, to help them divide incoming supplies for the various 10+ stations/areas.

Time fails me, except to say that time is short. We see the day approaching. Review the Timeline, and all that is coming together at this time of remembering our redemption - and our Redeemer and Mediator. We have heard so many(!) trumpet calls telling us the Bridegroom cometh! Go. Ye. Out. To Meet Him! So LET US rise up! LET US trim our lamps, and shine bright! And LET US draw nigh to Him - LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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