Bright Light Celestial Reminders!

Friends, I hope you have been going out into the real outdoors, and looking up at the celestial signs being declared in the heavens! Even during the daytime, we can consider on where the bright celestial signs are taking place! In the night, we see the strong portrayal of the next prophetic chapter and promise!

As Christians, we ultimately look at the Creator's handiwork from the understanding and perspective that He intended it for: time, seasons, and signs. It does us really well - especially in this jaded and occult-filled age, to always look up at the stars with the wonderment of a child. We set aside all the foolish notions from the occult, and their thoughts about it - and we look up as though we are a Christian who grew up on a remote island somewhere, free from all that muddies our understanding and vision. We approach the beauty and majesty of the heavens in their practical simplicity.

Certainly, as we have been studying the prophetic time and the last generation, over the past few years, the Lord has brought us on an amazing learning journey about His heavens. We have learned to see - and appreciate - what He is showing us, and directing our attention to. So far, we have seen a beautiful tapestry of redemption, learning and seeing the reality of the prophetic time. We have tracked the unfolding story of The Lion of the Tribe of Judah up to this point, where we see (in Scorpius/Ophiuchus) the next chapter apparently about to be signaled. A chapter of the story that has not yet occurred...

It does us good, to review and study the heavens, especially at this time - and by doing so we can see even further confirmation and affirmation that this time is being declared for a reason. In past posts, we've looked specifically at Scorpius; yet, we find that other parts along the line also affirm the same conclusion! Scorpius, Ophiuchus, and Jupiter are seen clearly at night - but we also have the daytime declaring what goes with the same SIGNal!

Recently, on July 11th, we studied the amazing and rare celestial sign in Gemini - telling us to shine bright!! Signs are not just to look pretty - the signs contain instructions! They are celestial message board telling us that our departure is nigh at hand - get ready! As we started studying the pictures and rehearsals, it became outstanding how the brightest celestial lights in the firmament were (almost) all in one single area along the line! The Sun, Venus, and Sirius were all pointing - in a rare choreograph - to the figures of Gemini (a beautiful picture of uniting!). This of course, reminded us of the repeated - and firm - instructions to have our lamps/lives wisely shining for Him when He returns!

We can think of the Sun as the main hand on a clock, since it is what points out the days. Indeed, we can easily plot out the dates along the line. So when we see the big hand pointing to a specific area of the line - and two other of the brightest 'hands' of the clock also doing the same, that catches our attention! (Especially considering what is going on over in the Scorpius section of the line, at the same time!) Shine bright - the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is about to stand up and put His foot down!

Since July 11th, we have been watching how the Sun and Venus have been traveling in this bright Sirius relative section of the line - getting closer and closer to each other; a beautiful reminder of the wise virgins - shining bright - and going out to meet the Bridegroom (Sun). Juxtaposed with beautiful wallpapers of Uniting (Gemini) and the Place Prepared (Cancer), we fully expect - and know - that our Redeemer, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah - is nigh even at the door!

Looking at Sirius (in a good way), we should not be surprised to see the rehearsal reminder of our Redeemer coming quickly! Sirius' helical rising - by itself - gives a beautiful picture of a morning star rising with the Sun! And when one looks at Sirius rising, right in line with it (vertical to the horizon) is Orion's belt - with Pleiades! The seven stars high in the sky - and rising! All of the beautiful pictures that are even referenced in the Book of Revelation, and the letters to the seven churches - that Jesus Christ, Himself, commanded all the churches to read! (Have we read them?)

These promises, instructions, warnings, pictures, and references - from the first chapters of Revelation, and the last chapter! - are being rehearsed in our reality right at this time! Right when we know we should be shining bright! Right when we know He is nigh at the door! Right when we know He has prepared a place! Right when we know He is about to stand up and put His foot down!! Amen!!

We see that the celestial rehearsals and clock tickings also tell us that time is short. This celestial rehearsal is only for a short time - which happens to be the exact short span of time that Jupiter is signaling and declaring a powerful message over in Scorpius! We have the peak times marked of various celestial happenings; but keep in mind how they will VISUALLY appear. Some things (like Jupiter at Station 2) actually start several days before their peak. Others, like Venus, will cease being a morning star by Aug 14th (realistically before that, though, due to glare).

It also catches my attention how only 3 of the 4 brightest celestial lights have been rehearsing along that part of the line; the Moon has not joined them - yet. Considering that the Moon is the second brightest light in the night sky, the absence kinda stands out. However, it will be moved into that part of the line, July 29th through August 1st (when it effectively is a dark astronomical new moon). But, the Moon will still be shining at 9% - in Gemini - on the 29th. A beautiful feminine reference AGAIN pointing to the second figure in Gemini (just like the July 11th sign).

When we look at the timing - especially considering how the visual rehearsals VISUALLY will appear - we find a lot that brings our attention to the end of this Biblical celestial month - of Hearing. From RIGHT NOW till early next week. All of these reminders should not surprise us that they go with Time, since signs and time were why the celestial clock was made. Are we heeding what time is being declared?

Friends, the hour is late. We are not lacking for reminders to HEAR and HEED (OBEY) what our Redeemer has given us. We have so much telling us that we should be LOOKING UP (literally) and LIFTING UP OUR HEADS (literally) - seeing and noting the reality of the prophetic time. We have heard so many declarations: The Bridegroom cometh - Go. Ye. Out. To meet Him!

Let us rise up, and trim our lamps! Let our lives declare the time and our Redeemer - bringing glory to our Father. Let us occupy till He comes, redeeming the time - HEARING Him, HEEDING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel



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