Knowing Celestial Time!

Greetings, Friends! Praise the Lord for the wisdom and insight that He is giving at this high expectant time! The Lord has been pointing out multiple things - in this month of HEARING; and we should not be surprised, when we take steps to hear from Him, that He has things that He wants to shew us! He wants us to know the time, and He wants us to live accordingly. And when we draw nigh to Him - as a loving Father - He can then point out treasures and nuggets that many others miss, because they are content where they are. Let us rise up and draw close to Him - and sup with Him in close fellowship - now!

The past few days I've been mulling over the thought and question of the celestial signs, the learning journey, and how God has brought us along thus far. Yet, when we arrived with Jupiter at Scorpius and Ophiuchus, it was somewhat puzzling, because the time stretched over 13 months that it would be in this area. Thus, it made it a little harder to discern exactly what points of the story were being told, when.

With the Rev 12 sign, it was easier to delineate certain parts of the story, such as conception, pregnancy, and birth. Whereas, here, we've quickly seen the overall story - of the One treading on the Adversary; but not so immediately the granular details. We also have known that Scripture - in several places - clearly states that the next prophetic chapter involves Christ making His enemies His footstool. So clearly, the expectation of the next prophetic chapter unfolding would be EXPECTED to take place HERE. The celestial lights are given for signs - and time. The Wise Men knew the SIGN also pointed to the TIME of Messiah's birth. Likewise, we have seen the story rehearsal of what has already taken place (which gives understanding and meaning to the signs that we seen); but we know it will transition from PAST to PRESENT prophetic events, right within this latter part of the last generation.

Certainly, we saw Jupiter at opposition (shining brightest) near the right foot of Ophiuchus, again highlighting certain known parts of the past-and-future prophetic story. What I was wondering was the WHEN. When does the sign portray this? The Rev 12 sign was detailed down to conception, pregnancy duration, and birth - in distinct stages. Surely we would expect the same from this sign, too - especially when Scripture gives clear detail about the two-fold stages. One thing that started catching my attention was how the enemy also appears to know the time. This is VERY significant, since the enemy is actually portrayed in this very sign, too!! All up to this point, on our learning journey, we have tracked Jupiter's movement through good-guy signs (lion, virgin, altar, etc.) - but it is here at Ophiuchus/Scorpius that the enemy is actually depicted prominently!

A LOT of past - and present - enemy messaging focuses around 8/8 - August 8th (the heliacal rising of Sirius', dependent on latitude) - and on their phoenix/rebirth concepts; also this time leading up to that date. So, I was mulling over how it strongly appears that the enemy - while they do not know the day or hour of Christ's revealing (the rapture) - they do apparently know the timetable for peace and safety messaging, what it is working toward, and apparently a time when things will hit the fan, or their plan unrestrained. A type of D-Day.

So, I was wondering - as a Christian - does the celestial clock truly indicate the granular detail of the two-fold depiction in this part of the next-chapter-prophetic-sign? And if so, it apparently would be right close to where we are now, judging by the enemy messaging - but also (MORE IMPORTANTLY) how God has been working at this time, especially in this month of HEARING. So, a lot of prayer was asking the Lord for wisdom and insight - from a Biblical perspective - of what are the heavens declaring - now?

Praise the Lord for His gracious wisdom, insight, and liberty for showing the treasures of His handiwork! Yesterday, the Lord essentially made it click suddenly, that Jupiter's arrival at Station 2 (in just a few days) will be essentially the final 'kick'(start) against the Scorpion!! Since November of 2018, till about mid-January 2019, we have seen Jupiter travel ONCE over the head and heart of Scorpius (Antares). Right after that, it went into a loop around Ophiuchus' right foot - shining brightest right by it (June 9), highlighting that aspect of the story. Up until that point, we could say that all of that was rehearsal of the past (what Christ did) - and yet also review for what would be! We could view the opposition mark as the threshold between telling the two halves. Since then, we have more expecting Him to finish - and put His foot down again!

On August 10/11th, Jupiter will be reaching Station 2, finishing its retrograde movement. However, this point is also the closest that Jupiter has been to Antares (the heart of the Scorpion), and the head of Scorpius, since the beginning of the year! This will be the SECOND TIME that Jupiter essentially nudges the head of Scorpius! And IT PAUSES THERE (visually, for almost two weeks!!), to make sure you notice it, too!! It did not stop when it passed over the first time!

REVIEWING: We saw Jupiter pass over the Adversary's head once; then directly point to the right foot (twice; by both standing and brightness). Then, (in a sense) rear back the right foot for one more kick at the Adversary's head! Then move to the head, visually stopping for almost two weeks; then quickly moving away, down over the tail, and away from the constellation (Jupiter will be completely out of Scorpius by December of this year). Right now (July-August) is the second (and last) - distinct - celestial marker time that Jupiter will approach the heart of the Adversary.

KEY NOTE 1: Jupiter will appear standing for about two weeks (approx 7 days before and after 8/11). So, visually, Jupiter is stopping in that place about August 4th. Visually, the 'kick' could be said to be applied at that date. Signs are meant to be seen; and that is how it will appear visually. As we mentioned in our last post, Scorpius and Jupiter are very easily visible right now, in the night sky.

KEY NOTE 2: It catches my attention that Jupiter will visually be applying the 'kick' only about 48 hours after the date that the enemy highlights (8/8). Suspicious, indeed. IF, IF, IF this is truly a celestial date marker, it would strongly fit into a sudden destruction / phoenix-like symbolism. WE DON'T KNOW - BUT WE DO NOTICE.

KEY NOTE 3: This would NOT mark the day or hour of the rapture. If anything, it would more strongly picture the start of sudden destruction - when the judgments against the Adversary start. Accordingly, the rapture would be EXPECTED SOME TIME PRIOR. It should catch our attention that the month of HEARING will end August 2nd - right before it could be said Jupiter stops.

Definitely study this information on The Timeline, as it will be easier to see these events in greater context.

As I shared previously, my ministry's prophetic focus started when the Lord brought my attention to events that happened near this time, in 2012, and (amazingly) even to this same constellation, Scorpius, that the Lord has now brought the world's attention back to. The heavens do declare the glory of God; and we can also see His hand at work in our lives leading us forward, guiding, and calling.

We have so many reasons to LOOK UP! Definitely go outside at night and look up at the prophetic promises that the heavens are reminding the world about RIGHT NOW!! We know the time - let's live like it, rising up and shining bright for the HOPE and EXPECTATION of our REDEEMER! The One Who was sacrificed once - victorious over death and the Adversary - on behalf of all those that put their faith and trust in Him to be their Mediator. Our faith, trust, and hope is in that part of the story - let us live as though we believe the rest of the story, too!

Review the Running for the Prize resource, and the Purify and Sanctify playlist. God has given wisdom about this time, about His expectations, and about what He will do. Let us wisely hear - and heed - what He shews us at this late hour.

Let us Rise up. Look up. Brighten Up. Sober up. Armor up. Listen up. and Fire up!! Going forward, drawing nigh to our Beloved - HEARING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!

Brother Daniel



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