Looking Up - and Remembering

Howdy from Alabama, again! :-D There's so much that could be covered about this sobering celestial time! In this post, I want to illustrate more how the enemy has REPEATEDLY FOCUSED ON THIS TIME over the past few DECADES (and way more than that). The enemy knows that the son of perdition will be revealed right after Christ is revealed and gathers His ready, wise, and faithful servants: His Bride. It is only after that evacuation of Christ's diplomatic corp (His ambassadors), that the wicked one is unrestrained and revealed; the enemy is looking for the latter. Over the centuries, they have been preparing the way for the many things that will be coming together - and that have to be ready - when the antichrist is revealed. (For more study on this subject, see our booklet, When to Watch - also, Be Ye Ready

The enemy does know a working timetable, apparently; they just don't know to-the-day that Christ will conduct the evacuation. With that working timetable, there are apparently understandings of when things will commence (e.g. peace and safety warnings, and what will transpire after that). They have already prepared - and know - what will happen at the "then" mark of sudden destruction. It is part of their plan: ordo ab chao - order out of chaos. You can't reform world governments and institutions for a new leader, it takes too much time (and internal inertia to overcome); you have to essentially burn it to the ground and start from new. A phoenix plan: A New World Order. The chaos also ensures people will beg for order, and fall into line. So, long story short, the enemy already knows the plan and what will kick it off - and apparently a good idea of when it may come together.

When we look at the Timeline, I've highlighted (here) a few major events that many people will remember. What should catch our attention the most IS THE TIMING of when they were done. Keeping in mind the occult focus on the heliacal rising of Sirius (approx Aug 8th, depending on latitude). When we see certain themes and events done very closely to that date, we can more clearly see their systematic approach to their mission. They do know the time, a timetable, goals, and what should be done in expectation of their false prince.

We can see repeated themes of phoenix, destruction, time, a lion king, sun king, etc. associated with this time (and from Gemini, too).

Of course, as Christians - who are actively looking up, lifting up our heads - and have a readiness to search and study Scripture - we have a very good idea of when we are expecting The True Prince - Jesus Christ! In fact, if we are watching for Him, and living accordingly, He will give more wisdom to those that draw nigh to Him! Praise the Lord for His guiding and leading on this incredible learning journey! It is seeing how the Lord works ON-THE-GROUND-LEVEL - in our hearts and lives - that so powerfully shows us His hand working at this late hour. Indeed, it is seeing how the Lord HAS WORKED in my life, that builds the hope and expectation - and desire to live for Him - even more! Because I know He cares for me, loves me, and wants to guide me in the way that is best!

One thing that powerfully catches my attention, personally, is seeing how the enemy timed the 2012 London Olympics exactly during the time of Sirius' rising - and finished off the event with a huge phoenix! They know exactly what they are doing! Many of you will remember the big push - in 2012 - of the end of the world themes, Mayan calendar, 2012 movie, etc.; that was certainly emphasized that entire year. While I didn't watch the Olympics, I heard that it was going on. But on August 12th, I happened to be over some friend's house, and one of them was flipping through the tv channels, and came across the closing ceremony exactly at the time of the phoenix being lowered toward the burning caldron. :-O That certainly caught my attention!! I had suspected they would have messaging; but I was going to check it out later. But seeing it live - and so blatant - soberly caught my attention that things had seriously ramped up. The 2012 London Olympics were extremely powerful occult rituals; especially in light of the 2012 end-of-the-world mania push.

It was soon after - in hindsight - that the Lord pointed out some important things about that particular day. You see, just a few days before the 12th, the Lord impressed upon me to start figuring out the last generation timeframe. I knew, roughly, what Scripture said about it - and the general expectation of the prophetic time - but I did not know granular details. I also wanted to know what would be an upper-limit of the possible timeframe - the latest that we would expect major prophetic events to transpire (or start to) in. During the week leading up to the 12th, I had started reviewing the Scripture passages, and starting to do approximate math and timetable drafts. Amazingly, I had a printed 8.5"x11" early draft of The Last Generation concept in my pocket at the exact moment the Lord drew my attention to the 2012 phoenix event!! I don't have time to go into details; but later on that day, the Lord completely turned my world upsidedown; He drastically and immediately closed that chapter of my life.

"Consider the work of God: for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked?" - Eccl. 7:13

It was in the days, weeks, months, and years after that painful day, that the Lord drew me close in incredible ways. No matter what the Lord brings us through, His ways are perfect; His way is always best. The Lord has given wonderful grace and peace about how events unfolded; but He also made it clear that He had a special work that now had to receive my top priority and focus: the lateness of the prophetic hour. When we seek to have our Lord, first, and highest above all else, we can go forward confidently step-by-step, because we trust our closest Friend.

Brothers and Sisters, there is a lot that I do not know. But I know my Saviour has never failed me, nor ever left me alone (Psalm 94:17). He has called us to draw nigh to Him - to go out to meet the Bridegroom - with our entire hearts and lives. It does require a going out. A separation. A choosing of who you love. And a running to His side.

I can look back on the past almost seven years, since that day, and see all that the Lord has shown us, instructed us in, and brought our attention to - particularly His marvelous handiwork of the heavens and what it declares. I've also seen how He worked the Brook Cherith Medical Missions - within this context and time - for such a time as this. So much tells us that time is short. So much tells us to have an ear that will hear. A mind that will hear. A heart that will hear. And hands and feet that will readily hear.

The reality of our hope and expectation of our Beloved has been wrought in those that heed the midnight cry: "Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him."

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And EVERY MAN THAT HATH THIS HOPE in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure." - I John 3:2-3

Hope in action will result in faith, love, service, and godly living in action. The hour is late. Apply yourself to your hope - and live accordingly: purifying, sanctifying, and shining beautifully bright for Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!

Brother Daniel



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