Peace and Safety... and Then...

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Praise the Lord for the wisdom and insight He is giving to this amazing time! There are certainly so many Biblical pictures, patterns, instructions, warnings - and promises - that deal with this time! Be sure to check out the Timeline; the link is much easier to read and study. Every day we update it with what the Lord is pointing out! We are studying the time (and so should you!) - so we can live in light of the time! As Christians, and adopted sons and daughters of God, we study the promises and instructions of our Lord; and that hope in us should produce faith-in-action - living and shining in eager expectation and love for Him.

Recently, we noted the July 11th rare celestial sign, urging us to expectedly apply ourselves to shining bright: The Bridegroom cometh! Go ye out to meet Him! Praise His name for His gracious and timely studies in His Word on how to apply ourselves to it, as well! Ever since July 4th, we have been in the Biblical month associated with HEARING. It is also the month associated with THE LION constellation! This is extremely important that we know the time, because we will see how Scripture lines up with a Biblical calendar that works in the real agricultural world.

I've highlighted, in yellow, the major areas and Scriptures that you should STUDY and REMIND YOURSELF of, especially when we get tired or weary. When we study what these passages say about Shiloh, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, we find that it contains multiple agricultural and celestial references that we see going on right at this time!! Especially when we consider His repeated promise, in Revelation, to be coming quickly - and that He is the Morning Star!

Celestially, Venus is still a morning star, right now; rising about 30 minutes before sunrise (July 20th) - although quickly being lost in the Sun's glare. Jupiter is already no longer a morning star; only Venus is - at the moment. But, around August 2nd (at the earliest), Sirius will rise onto the scene as the only morning star - right when Venus exists the morning stage (technically August 14th). Biblically and historically, arguments can be (have been) made that both stars can go by the title of THE Morning Star. Agriculturally, and celestial-time-wise, Sirius' dependable timed rising as the Morning Star certainly was more prominent and important to agrarian societies (for proper planting times). Regardless of the case, the timing and conclusion is practically the same, since they are at about the same time this year. We can safely say that one is departing; one is rising. Sirius is known as the Prince, and the one who comes quickly, so there is that strong allusion as well.

Christ, Himself, implored us to be wise as serpents; but harmless as doves. We should be aware of the enemy messaging, and distortion of even the celestial clock and its meanings; but we do NOT go by them. We ALWAYS go by Scripture, and what it says about The Creator's celestial lights and why they were made: time, seasons (appointed times), and signs. However, we keep in mind that the enemy does know the validity of celestial time - and many of the darker occults are very familiar with Scripture (albeit very twisted conclusions); they are aware of the timing of prophetic events. They look up and lift up their heads for Biblical things, too; however, they are not looking for Jesus Christ - they are looking for Lucifer & company.

We will NOT know THE DAY or THE HOUR of Christ's return; even the angels and devils do not know that exactness. But all sides know the Estimated-Time-of-Arrival (ETA). Christ repeatedly told His disciples (us) that His coming would be likened to people who go away for a while, but their exact day of return is unknown (e.g. a master going off to a wedding, and would likely be held over for a day or two by family and friends, before he could return; hence he could not give his servants an exact day of return - but they needed to be ready for him, anyways.) Christ's warning was not about the feast of trumpets, by the way; He literally meant you will not know (denotative meaning). Christ left the ETA window open far wider than a meager 48-hr window that many restrict their watching to. The wideness in uncertainly requires soberness, vigilance, and watching - like He instructed.

With the ETA, though, we have instructions to look up and lift up our heads; celestial time and signs remind, verify, and encourage us as we narrow down the ETA within the last generation. The enemy takes note, too. Also, we are foretold about the warnings of Peace and Safety - that sudden destruction IS COMING after that. Again, it catches our attention that those main news topics have largely been shelved since the end of June; the silence is deafening. It really feels like a time expecting the other shoe to drop: what has been foretold would come "then".

While Christ tells us that nobody knows the day or hour of His arrival (but the Father), we do need to soberly consider that the enemy knows a lot of OTHER things. They are permitted to put out the warnings of peace and safety - knowing somewhat of a schedule and timetable. The mystery of iniquity has been at work, planning, for thousands of years. The messaging that we see culminating, in our time, has long been worked at under a schedule, knowing a timetable that things would be put into play. It would be logical to assume (or cautiously consider), that the enemy fully knows when (closely) sudden destruction will go into effect. Consider that they are the ones who will be instigating it (with their power and lying wonders); there is a set script that they already know about, and have been working from, to get things in place for that time. It may include variableness to account for Christ's ETA; but many watchmen know the enemy has incredible, clever granularness to their plans, messaging, and intentions.

I say all of that, to say this: the peace and safety music has stopped for a reason. When we consider the celestial, prophetic, agricultural, and last generation time, we should not be surprised that it stops here. This is a celestial time of morning stars, leaving and arriving - coming quickly - and also meeting the many pictures of hearing our Lord's instructions and pictures involving our Redeemer: Shiloh, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Does the enemy know when sudden destruction is coming? LIKELY; WITHIN A CLOSE TIMEFRAME. Anyone who has done some research on the occult emphasis on Sirius' astronomical rising (approx Aug 8th, depending on applicable latitude), knows that many major movies are saturated with Sirius and Gemini messaging; many also accompanied with end of the world themes or nods. They seems to strongly know something is super important with that time. They are expecting their antichrist; their phoenix to arise in a re-birth. That is the exact picture that Sirius' rising portrays (to them). When we consider all of the APOLLO 11 messaging going on right now, we see that the enemy also knows this time is very important - and has been working toward this time, for a long time.

Friend, we do not know the day or hour; but we do know all that the Lord has shown us, and is presently showing us - that we should shine bright in the hope and expectation to be united with our Beloved very soon. Study the Timeline with a soberness and vigilance to the time; and redeem the time.

Review the Running for the Prize resource, and the Purify and Sanctify playlist. Support and encourage those who have laboured - for you - in the Word; being sure that you give them their meat in due season as a faithful servant (Luke 12:42-43); it's on the checklist, with a special blessing for those that obey. Let us finish strong - wise and faithful - in all of His instructions and wishes.

Keep me in prayer, especially for strength, wisdom, provision, and liberty. You are in my prayers daily. May we heed the midnight cry: The Bridegroom cometh. Go. Ye. Out. to meet Him!!

Brother Daniel



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