Timeline Expanded with Watch Highlights

Praise the Lord, the Timeline is now updated and expanded! I've also added a new 'Watch' icon, to extra-highlight significant events, celestial markers, and seasonal changes that most catch my attention. I also made the file size smaller, making it easier to download. Lord willing, I'm going to keep the main Timeline just focused on about a three month window; while (soon) archiving past months on the website. We can certainly see so many events and seasonal changes - referenced by Christ and the Song of Solomon - coming up very soon!

Looking at the first Watch icon (from the right), we see the Sun - as a Bridegroom - about to be in the midst of Gemini, a beautiful and historical picture of a bride and bridegroom. The Sun will also be in line with Sirius, the brightest fixed star, whose name means "the Prince" and has the strong idea of "coming quickly"!! This is the same EXACT phrase that Christ emphasized about Himself - FOUR TIMES - in the Book of Revelation!! And Christ is called "the Prince of princes" (Daniel 8:25) and the "Prince of peace" (Isaiah 9:6)!!!

This doesn't tell us the day or hour; but it should catch our attention that the start of the hottest days within summer (the dog days of summer) is only about a week after that! In the likewise pattern of spring signs showing summer drawing nigh, we've seen so many parallels telling us that The Day is approaching!

What further catches my attention is how Jupiter (the King planet) will be shining brightest right while the Sun is still in Gemini! That celestial event (long noted by astronomers such as the Magi) very distinctly makes a celestial marker on the heavenly clock, emphasizing that constellation of Sagittarius - aiming His arrow straight at Scorpius! We know Christ is about to start making His enemies His footstool, at The Day we see approaching! We see it declared, rehearsed, and highlighted by the King marker! AND a reminder to shine bright!!

The next Watch icon, about three weeks later, is the typical start of Israel's grape harvest. For us, this would certainly be an approximate bookend for the Song of Solomon picture of the tender grapes. Likewise, the next marker (two weeks later), is approximately when the turtledoves start migrating out of the land. And late August is when the fig harvests are beginning (summer fruit); hence, essentially no more green figs by that time, and leading up close to that time.

All in all, we see an agricultural and seasonal picture painted by the Song of Solomon, and also directly referenced by Christ in context of His coming. We also loudly hear His emphasis in the Book to the churches - Revelation - reminding us that He is coming quickly! We have so much telling us that we both see The Day approaching, AND our Beloved Prince of Princes coming for His wise and faithful servants! Let us have an ear to hear what He saith - and make sure that we are heeding (obeying) what He said: striving to be found girded in His service, and with our lights found burning.

The hour is late; but the opportunities are great! Let us not just watch the time - let's REDEEM the time! May we seek our King for wisdom, grace, strength, and liberty to shine bright for His glory! The Bridegroom cometh! Go. Ye. Out. to meet Him! Time to leave the shore, and launch OUT: HEARING Him, HEEDING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE! Faithfully redeeming the time - till He comes!

Brother Daniel



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