Shining Bright Reminders!

Howdy from Shelby, Alabama, Brothers and Sisters! What an amazing season - with so many reminders that our Redeemer and Beloved is very nigh, even at the door! Definitely make sure you are reviewing the Timeline, to see the importance of this season!

It is amazing how much the "Deal of the Century" and general "peace and safety/security" discussions are filling the news! With both Russia and China now announcing their boycott of Trump's plan, the viability will certainly raise even more discussion. Scripture does not say a plan comes to fruition - just that it is being very notably talked about - and that is a red flag warning that sudden destruction is coming - just like the days of Noah and Lot!

If you have been with us for a while, on this incredible learning journey, you know that we've pointed out the amazing celestial signs that the heavens have been declaring. Definitely review "The Heavens Declared" PDF to remind yourself of what has been declared - but also the rest of the story! We have seen so many geopolitical prophetic signs and signals falling into place - we then are told to lift up our heads and look up! What do we see? A beautiful rehearsal about the Lion of the Tribe of Judah - Shiloh!!!

Back in early March 2016, the Lord really directed our attention to how the heavens were bringing attention to prophetic signs - at the same that that the geopolitical signals were telling us to look up! One of the notable (and very visible) celestial markers that we have been noticing is when Jupiter is at its brightest peak (called Opposition). In 2016, we noticed it shining bright - right next to Leo the Lion's hind foot - which (being shortly after the world witnessed the highly visible 'Star of Bethlehem' reminder signs) instantly reminded us of the Shiloh prophecy! So we started digging and learning more...

By April 2017, Jupiter at opposition was bookmarking Virgo the Virgin - seeing how the Shiloh prophecy was initially fulfilled when Shiloh (the Messiah) was born. Jupiter at opposition marked the chapter place where we watched the pregnancy rehearsal take place in the virgin's womb. In May 2018, Jupiter was shining brightest at Libra (the altar), reminding us how He became an offering - and our high priest - on our behalf, when we ask Him to be our Mediator/Intercessor. BUT, we also knew that Scripture also told the rest of the prophetic story that would pick up one day - that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God, would wait in the heavens until a certain time when He would make His enemies His footstool! So, it should powerfully arrest our attention that - in just a few days - Jupiter will be shining brightest (in the heavens) by ANOTHER foot (just like the Lion's) - which even pictures the same person!!!

We should not at all be surprised that this shining bright time is right at the commonly understood switch from springtime to summer (start of June; and start of 4th Biblical month)! We are waiting for our Springtime Beloved, Who has even used the likeness of summer being close, to picture how close He is at the door! We're practically at the door that He was talking about!! And this time of the year is definitely associated with the days of Noah and Lot - another picture that He, Himself, told us would be the world's condition when He came for His Bride.

Make sure you review our When to Watch PDF, to remind yourself and others about all that Christ told us to watch for!

So many reminders to SHINE BRIGHT!! So many reminders to LOOK UP!! You can see Jupiter shining bright in the night sky, an hour or two before midnight usually, as it rises above the horizon. You can see it right by Ophiuchus' foot - the one treading (with his RIGHT foot) on the scorpion! Go check it out, and be reminded of what the heavens are declaring!! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has prevailed!! And His promises are very true.

Let us look for Him - with our heart and lives - like the wise virgins and faithful servants: rising up and shining bright. So that He will find us drawing nigh to Him, occupying till He comes, and with our lights burning brilliantly in love for Him Who loved us first. Maranatha!!

Maranatha!! Brother Daniel



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