Celestial Radar Report

I hope y'all are having a great weekend - looking up! Venus is still a beautiful morning star (in the east), and Jupiter is still a morning star (in the west). Both of these remind us of the promises in Revelation 2:28 "...I will give him [the overcomer] the morning star." - and - how Christ finishes the Book of Revelation (22:16): "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

Right now, we are at the Springtime (check), awaiting our Songs 2 Beloved (check), hearing warnings of peace and safety (check), seeing we are nearing the end of the expected last generation timeframe (check), see two morning stars (check), just approx two weeks from when the world starts celebrating the prideful days of Lot (check), we are in the days of Noah with life going on like normal (check), we have recently seen a wonderful pageantry of celestial rehearsals reminding us of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah - how He was born of a virgin, became our sacrifice, and was offered on our behalf (check). We now see the very next prophetic chapter celestial reminders - right at the corresponding expected time at the ground level events - going on right now, too (double check!)!

All within this Springtime where we are expecting them to start! We are expecting the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to pick up His purchased possession, and then open the scroll in their presence, to crush the adversary!

I just updated the Timeline to include the two lesser stars of Ophiuchus' right foot. This gives a more complete picture while Jupiter (the King planet) passes through that area as it highlights and rules the night. We see that it is drawing attention (especially as a morning star, still) to the right foot - right above the enemy that Ophiuchus is treading on.

Of the four most visible stars in the right foot, the brightest one that stands out will be in-line with Jupiter approx May 23rd. This is when one could look up and see both of these bright signs together (strongest visible emphasis). Of course, Jupiter will also be at opposition (brightest) just a few days after this, approx June 9th.

A lot going on - both in geopolitical events, seasonal pictures, and celestial pictures! So many reminders that our Redeemer wants us to be an overcomer (Rev 2:28)!! Is this what we are focusing on doing right now - and so much the more? Are we pressing ourselves to shine brighter than before?

This is what the midnight cry is all about! We hear His FOOTsteps, and hear His call - are we rising up and making FOOTsteps - drawing nigh - to Him? Let us rise up!! Cast off every weight that holds us back - and run to our Redeemer's side! Let us trim our lamp, shine bright, and finish strong and bright!

We see celestial reminders of FEET - which reminds us that we are supposed to be RUNNING a race. Are we checking our progress? Are we making double-time when we realize we aren't where we should be? Are we temperate in areas that slow us down or make us lag behind? Are we running the right way? Are we exhorting and encouraging our teammates - our fellow servants - to finish their race victorious? Are we doing it so much the more as we see the expected finish line in view? I hope and pray so!!!

Now is a very good time to review the details of our race - the guidelines, the track, the rules - The Prize. Do we have our eyes on The Prize? Keep your eyes on Him! Definitely review the PDF resource, "Running for the Prize".

Friend, get up and get busy for Christ! Let us actively love the One Who actively offered Himself as one sacrifice for sins forever!! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah - The Lamb - is coming quickly!! "...RUN, that ye may obtain." - I Cor 9:24

Maranatha!! Brother Daniel



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