The Cup of Cold Water Test

Brothers and Sisters, I want to share with you some thoughts and observations of what the Lord is doing right now. We know that this is a high watchtime - here in this Springtime, filled with prophetic warnings and milestones - where we are awaiting our Beloved and Master. While He tarries, though, there is still work to do. Planting to be done. Watering to be tended to. Light to be shown. Steps to be taken. His voice to be hearkened to...

As I've said many times, it is the Lord's working on the daily, personal level that excites me the most to this incredible time. It is a desire to be close to Him - and to take steps for that - that allow greater hearing of His voice, and seeing His hand work in beautiful ways. He desires to sup with us; but we must take the steps to draw nigh to Him, and to foster a table of fellowship in our heart and life.

Recently, since Passover, the Lord has been working incredibly in the medical missions clinic that I've named Brook Cherith. There is a very long story behind the events that led to both the name and the very select task that the Lord has commissioned here. The Lord also uses the Brook Cherith beyond my area, in using the PDF information to help many others in their preparations; and also as a real-life demonstration of God working in ways that only He can.

My life quote, comes from George Muller, 1874: "I have joyfully dedicated my life to this great end, to give a practical demonstration to all who need it of the blessedness and power of the life of faith."

Friends, to God be all the glory for what He is doing - up until this point, and very presently. We are at a time where we see incredible, miraculous prophetic events such as the replanting of Israel, specific prophetic warnings of peace and safety - and so many other wondrous truths evidenced from His Word. Yet, we can also see our Redeemer working in the same powerful way within our life - if we desire Him, and go forward in faith.

Within just the past few weeks (while the Lord's been impressing the Brook Cherith upgrades), a local church right up the road has posted the following quote on their marquee: "Faith is praying for rain then carrying an umbrella."

Every time I drive through town, lately, I see that timely sign - reminding me how the Lord is working and directing at this late hour. It literally is a sign, in so many ways. I often tell those on our prayer team about the parallels between the Biblical Brook Cherith, and what the Lord is doing here and in my life. It truly is a walk of faith - on a daily level - asking the Lord for daily wisdom, provision, strength, and liberty for what He has for the day.

The story of Elijah by the Brook Cherith is a super short account - yet filled with incredible insight to why the Lord was able to use him: he acted in faith on the Lord's direction. Elijah's faith was a daily faith; and because he was faithful in the small things, he knew that he could trust God for the larger things. The same is true for us: if we are not faithful with the least, then we will not trust or follow Christ in the larger things (Luke 16:10-13). And like Christ said, then, our obedience and faithful is a demonstration of our love for Him.

We are at a time when we are expecting our Beloved. Our Redeemer. Our Bridegroom. How are we shining? In Elijah's Brook Cherith account, pay close attention to how his stay there segwayed into the very next test - and the amazing and miraculous working by God. Take some time right now, and read the short account, of the two events, both in I Kings 17:1-16. Also read what Jesus, Himself, said of this very event: Luke 4:25-26.

What simple test was given to the widow before Elijah tested her faith with another (harder) request?
Would Elijah have asked the second, if the widow did not respond to the first?
Was the first test something little or hard?
Was it beyond her ability?
Why do you think Elijah was not concerned about the barrel of meal?
The widow could have missed out on God's working - at the cost of what two little things?
How many people did God offer this miracle to?
What are the parallels to the five loaves (John 6:9), two mites (Mark 12:42-44), or two pence (Luke 10:35)?
Does God ask us for the small things as a test?
Do we miss out on God working in our daily life - for want of a cup of cold water?

Friend, you know the Lord has laid this particular this on my heart lately - because Christ is looking for a genuine, sincere, faithful, and zealous love in His Bride. This is why we are told to kick it into high gear when we know He is coming to get us...

"And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." - Hebrews 10:24-25

I want to encourage you. I want to provoke you. Which means, like a rally coach, I will push you. Why? Because I want you to be a Bride that is shining ever so beautiful in the ways that He desires. We are called to push - provoke - and encourage (I'm right here with you, Friend) - to LOVE and to GOOD WORKS. These are two areas of voluntary shining. But there is a cost. It does not come by itself; else we would not have to be provoked to do them.

Friend, are you asking the Lord to use you, and to work in your heart and personal life? Do you fervently desire Christ to sup with you? If so, then we must examine what steps of obedience and faith we are taking to Him. Are we attentive to His call, His leading, and what He desires of us today?

There are many multitudes of ways that we can shine, and bring forth the fruits of the Spirit - but they must be done deliberately. We must press for The Prize. Now is when we are told we must be "exhorting" one another... What does that mean? It means "call near, that is, invite."

Friend, I want to INVITE you - like Elijah - to be a part of what the Lord is doing here, at the Brook Cherith. He is giving wisdom, strength, multiplying, and liberty day by day - just like Elijah at the Brook Cherith. You can be a part of how this work reaches other lives, by going forward in faith alongside us. Like the invitation that Elijah gave the widow, it is a first-come, invitation-only opportunity for love and for good works. The invitation will go out "and so much the more as we see the day approaching" - yet, eternal opportunities often pass us by because we do not pass the first test: the cup of cold water.

Lately, I have brought up the uncomfortable - but necessary subject - of how is the Body of Christ treating those that labour in the Word. I do hope and pray that the Lord has found your heart obedient to His call; and that you have sent your cup of cold water - and handful of meal - to at least those top three that have ministered to you the most. Have you passed that test? Elijah - God's minister - only asked the request once... and the widow was the only one given that opportunity. Are we missing out on God's blessings, power, and presence - at this late hour - for lack of a cup of cold water?

I trust that you have, and that you have encouraged others - the "one another" - toward the same demonstration of love and good works (Galatians 6:10). I know a number are already faithful with their gifts and offerings toward our Father's work and His ministers. Well, one the other hand, perhaps you have not so eagerly listened to the minister's requests - like Elijah's - or just focused on it in a constrained way. Now is the time to consider and reflect how you have passed the first test... If so, then there is the second test to consider: "and so much the more..." The second test went above and beyond - yet it was only offered after successfully passing the first test: the cup of cold water.

Let us seek the Lord's presence and wisdom for how we can serve Him with our 1) time, 2) heart, 3) soul, 4) strength, and 5) our mind - and so much THE MORE! May the Lord give you wisdom, leading, boldness, and urgency to actively live out your faith and love for Him!! Be zealous (Titus 2:14)!!

Friend, time is so short. We have heard so many trumpet calls at midnight, that tell us The Bridegroom cometh! Go ye out to meet Him!! So... what is the next step? Rising up, and trimming the lamp. Tending to the lamp. Topping off the oil. Removing anything that keeps it from burning bright... Why? So that when the Bridegroom does come over the very near hill, He will find us with our lights burning (Luke 12:33-38). The servants that are found so, will have a special blessing. The early Pentecost believers took this promise seriously and sincerely. Let us be found faithful in active love and active good works - a burning light that brings forth glory to our Father (Matthew 5:16).

May our heart's cry be: "LORD! How can I serve You - "and so much the more"!!!

May He find us occupying till He comes, close to His side - loving Him, and serving Him - FIRST, and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE.



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