Counting the Anniversary

Happy Weekend, Friends! I just wanted to touch on a brief subject that apparently a number of people are confused about, regarding Israel and the prophetic time. I've heard other people mention it before, and we've definitely included the correct counting on the Timeline ( ). This is important because some people were getting hyped up (via other channels/blogs) thinking that May 14th was the end of Israel's 70th year, and thus Christ had to return.

Around May 14th, 2019, Israel FINISHED 71 full years, and thus celebrated their 71st Anniversary. This works just like any other birthday or anniversary; you celebrate it when you are done, and have accomplished that time period. Israel is now entering their 72nd year. Israel's 70th year started around May 2017, and ended around May 2018.

So, don't get wore out thinking that some 70th marker came and went, and nothing happened. Nothing was prophesied to happen on that anniversary; nor are we near the 70th anniversary, anymore. There were expectations and wonderings, if something would happen within Israel's 71st year (after 70 years were completed); but this was always a wonder, based on parallels done before.

Christ's prophetic promises were about the entire prophetic events that would happen - covering the Rapture, Tribulation, and His Second official coming as King - that would happen with the lifespan OF THE PEOPLE that saw Israel's replanting. This is an important distinction that often gets lost: He was talking about the people's lives, not Israel. Those who were already alive, and witnessed/remember Israel's replanting are currently in their mid-to-upper 70s. Right within the average lifespan (70-80) that Scripture acknowledges for us.

We have seen - right within this window - many more of the prophetic signals/markers/tokens that tell us the next chapter is about to change. It is right within this time (and within the last year's time), that the calls for peace and safety are actively ringing unmistakably (particularly building within the next three weeks!). Sudden destruction is coming; yet Christ will be coming for His wise and faithful Bride right the very day that those events start - just like the parallels of Noah and Lot's days. Remember Lot's wife.

I highly, highly suggest (if you are currently discouraged, confused, or weary) that you review our PDF "When to Watch" ( ). This covers a number of the prophetic promises and warnings that Christ told His disciples would happen within the last generation.

This would also be a good time to refresh yourself on the PDF "Running for the Prize" ( ), which covers many promises and exhortations to finish strong - especially when we know that He is nigh, even at the doors.

Our Redeemer wants His children to be informed - and to be living in light of His promises and coming. Let us study what He has fore-informed us about - and then let us rise up in faith action, going forward and shining bright.

We have heard - and still presently see daily - many trumpet calls telling us that our Beloved Bridegroom cometh! Let us live in light of His precious words - loving Him, and serving Him - first, and highest above all else!

Brother Daniel



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