Ground Level Update

Greetings, Friends, on this anniversary of Israel's replanting! Such an important reminder time! We all know what Jesus said about that geopolitical marker: that He was nigh, even at the doors! Such a powerful reminder for us - here in the Springtime - where we are expecting our Beloved!

It's at this high time of expectation - especially after so many celestial rehearsals reminding us to look up - that we should not be surprised to see our Father working in our hearts and lives as we draw nigh to Him. I've shared before how the Brook Cherith medical missions - just by itself - reminds me of the urgency of the time - because I know it is entirely of His leading, provision, direction, and enabling! There have been so many incredible ways that He has worked, that I KNOW He is preparing this place for THIS prophetic time. I know it is about to be used!

So, I wanted to give you a quick update, particularly so you can get a better idea of how the Lord is working "at the ground level", so to speak, in addition to all the prophetic stuff that so many watchmen are covering. As you know, the Lord has directed a major upgrade of the main receiving area, here at the clinic, making it much more functional and efficient for those affected. It really catches my personal attention to see how this started right after Passover - and is almost complete, right now!

You will remember that the Lord gave the idea and general plan back around April 20th, and on the 24th the first steps were taken to carry it out. On the 26th, the Lord showed me how the plan also included the Triage area (which would add, in my mind, a lot of work). But, we went forward in faith, trusting His leading!

I've told our prayer team, several times, that this whole plan is a series of dominoes - each one has to be in place because it affects the next one. We started the plan at the Expectant tent, then had to work backwards from Triage, because changes over there would ripple right up to Expectant again. :-D

This is incredibly timely, considering the prophetic time, to see how these critical areas are now fully functional beyond what I could have imagined just a few weeks ago!! The Lord has given incredible strength, wisdom, provision, and liberty for what He is working! Thank you for all your prayers and offerings - you have helped uphold these weary arms, enabled our Father's work in this corner of the vineyard, helped plant and water, and helped in so many ways!

When I consider that today is the anniversary date of Israel's replanting, I'm not at all surprised (but I am wonderfully amazed!), that He finished the most critical areas - and got it all functional again after the construction upheaval - just yesterday (13th)!! Monday, the Lord provided in amazing ways to enable me to purchase all of the hardware for the Triage main sliding door - and get it completed! In a direct answer to prayer! That project was literally one of the last critical items that I would consider needing to be done before I left!

Praise the Lord, with the completely new Triage, walkway platforms, ramps, and covering also fully usable, the Brook Cherith has been incredibly upgraded, already, with its capabilities and usability. Praise the Lord for how He is working at this very late hour!

There are still a number of finishing projects in these areas that can, and will be, worked on (railings, weather seal, etc.) as we go forward day by day - but, these areas are completely usable and functional.

The final 'domino' remaining is the Delayed Tent (where patients can be held/treated, who are not critical or needing immediate attention - until the more critical patients are addressed; one category, of four, in a standard triage situation). As you can see on the infographic, the orange Delayed Tent is the final domino to be placed - but the other areas had to be completed first, so I would know exactly where the platform would line up. The whole reason this plan got started was because the Lord gave the idea for the Expectant tent to be rotated, so a new Delayed tent could go next to it!! And then, after I got started, He told me about the in-between domino steps that would lead back there... :-D

Because the site prep work (ground, electrical, plumbing) has already been done for the future Delayed tent, Lord willing, once we can get the supplies, the entire tent and platform should be functional, usable - and outfitted - in two days. We're already taking steps, going forward in faith, preparing the railings, signage, etc. - staying busy while we wait! We know He led us to this project, and has been faithful thus far!

So, here we are, almost done with the what the Lord started!! Right at this amazing time that specifically reminds us He is nigh, even at the doors!! Please keep this project in your prayers, and seek to be a part of what our Father is working. right. now! Already in the past week's time, the Lord has twice answered specific prayers in amazing ways, using the faithful offerings - of just a very few fellow servants - to work together to be the exact amounts to get significant things done (Triage main door, for example)!

Because I live out in the countryside, it usually takes at least thirty minutes just to drive out to any serious hardware/supply store. So, usually, I don't go anywhere unless there is the financial liberty to get what is needed (and then some), and make the trip worthwhile; especially if I know we already need several things from the exact same store.

Never, never, never, never underestimate or downplay an offering for the Lord's service. THE AMOUNTS DON'T MATTER. Christ considered the widow, who gave the two mites (Mark 12:41-44), as having given more than the others - because she was faithful and genuine in her ability. This past week, four surprise offerings came in on one single day - yet if any one of them lacked, it wouldn't have been enough to make a trip because it takes every bit of faithfulness to push the amounts over the edge of what is needed. God desires to use the loaves and fishes of multiple servants, and to involve them in what He is doing. But, like Esther, our Father can just as easily give those opportunities to others if we do not take them - especially at such a time as this.

Those that acted on the Spirit's leading this past week, were part of divine opportunities and blessings that they will see, one day in eternity, how important their loaves and fishes were to our Master's work. It is very moving to consider that our fellow servants are getting involved - at this late hour - to help build one of the most important areas of this clinic, and it will be the first part of the Lord's work here that people will see when they arrive. That they will talk about. That they will reflect on - what the Lord mercifully and graciously prepared for them.

Every. Single. Day. the Lord is working at this late hour. He is giving wisdom, leading, provision, and liberty for this work because it is entirely of His doing. Will you be a part? If you would like to help plant and water, in this corner of the vineyard, you can send a Paypal offering to, or use our website donation button and other support information. Divine opportunities are offered; I am just inviting you to be a part of this prophetic time and our Father's work. Let's rise up. Let's shine bright. Let us give Him all of our heart. All of our soul. All of our mind. All of our strength. All of our ability.

May He be magnified in all that is done here, and may it bring forth much fruit for His worthy glory and praise!

Brother Daniel



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