The Quickest Way To Gain - Or Lose - Many Rewards

Friends, we find ourselves running very short on time. The enemy knows the prophetic and celestial time; and they are fully aware of the implications of the peace and safety messages that have been declared. They also know the full implications of 'Corona' - a crown - at this time, too. On May 14th - the same day that marks the historic replanting of Israel - there is even the association of the Roman Catholic's Saint Corona, as her feast day. Interestingly, this year, additional emphasis is on both her and corona/stephanos (the virus and crowns). The enemy is fully aware that many Christians are about to lose immense rewards and crowns due to an indifferent and Laodicean attitude (Rev 3:15-19); most Christians are not Philadelphians, who are holding fast to Christ's Words and their crown (Rev 3:11).

Friend, my desire for you is that you are informed about the prophetic hour, and most importantly Christ's Words. It is only by faithful attendance to His Words - and guardingly keeping them - that we will be fit for the titles of "Faithful" and "Wise." As 'Judge-of-all-the-earth' (Gen 18:25, story of Lot and his wife), Christ will do EXACTLY what He says He will do. Hence, we will be wise if we obey Him exactly as He instructs.

Few Christians today put any regard on what Christ said about crowns or rewards; let alone what He said about the qualities He is looking for in faithful and wise servants. This is why Satan and the enemy mocks so many Christians - knowing that the Christian's own King will judge them EXACTLY like He said. Satan has his wolves in sheep's clothing to tickle many ears, and to convince the simple that they must be entitled to be treated as royalty; and that they need not concern themselves with what Scripture says; that God is somehow an enfeebled old man who will be easily swayed by their excuses or flatteries when the time comes. Satan knows most Christians are not sober-minded, not vigilant, nor holding fast to God's Word, nor even holding fast to their crowns. What about us?

There are many wolves out there who will tell you exactly what your flesh wants to hear. They continually downplay the need for works, like a broken record. They continually flatter (lie to your face) that you are entitled, in need of nothing, and that God must somehow be waiting to heap abundant treasure on you in heaven; and that once the rapture happens you need not concern yourself with what happened down here on earth. They know that their Laodicean subscribers are blind, truly destitute, and most ashamed in God's sight (Rev 3:16-17).

Friend, like Christ, I will counsel you to buy true eternal riches, to search Scripture, and see yourself through Christ's eyes (not our own), and to strive to be found honorable in His sight and joy when He comes. Like the wise virgins exhorted at the midnight hour, you must go and buy oil. It will cost us to shine bright for Christ. It will cost us to buy gold tried in the fire. This cost will come in various ways: through time, health, strength, attention, relationships, etc.

To learn more about the Biblical crowns and how to buy oil, study our resource on God's Word, Running for the Prize.

Today, I just want to focus on one narrow aspect that so many Christians neglect - at great loss: the white elephant of how we treat those that God sends among us. With the advent of internet, radio, and television ministries, there is a HUGE falsehood embraced that if some ministry is not physically in our physical local area - and yet ministers to us directly in our living room, homes, and lives - that somehow we are not obligated to them in any way. Or, similar to that, they take a very, very low priority - regardless of the huge role they have played in our lives and home - because people (knowingly or unknowingly) convince themselves that that ministry is not 'local'. The perceived 'distance' is focused on, more than the fact that the ministry is often more in our living room, home, and life than even local, physical ministries. Chances are, you, your spouse, and children have heard just as much as - if not more - from internet ministries in your own living room, than people visiting from local establishments.

One thing that makes internet ministries (select Youtube channels, blogs, websites, etc.) more directly involved in our living room and home is the fact that reciprocal communication is very easy; we can instantly comment, ask questions, encourage, etc., knowing that our voice is heard in return. It is not too uncommon to be able to directly communicate (whether verbally or acknowledgement) with the one who ministers - in our living room; they are part of our life. Certainly, the list of true teachers and ministers is very short; they should not be confused with carnival barkers, ear ticklers, wolves, or even secular channels that just tout some new thing all the time.

A true ministry will encourage and turn people to righteousness, popular or not. Scripture tells us they will labour (work hard, to feel fatigue) - for you - in 1) the Word, 2) Doctrine, and 3) not shy away from Admonishing you (cautioning, gently reproving). Obviously, the third qualification greatly narrows down the field. A true friend is interested in your well-being, and will shoot straight with you; they will not flatter you in any way; they want the absolute best for you.

When the Lord brings such a ministry across our path (and usually we know pretty quickly when He has) - and usually directly into our living room and home - then it is incumbent upon us to welcome and receive that minister as an ambassador sent from the King. He has placed His highest emphasis on that how we treat those He sends to us is literally taken as how we treat Him. Christ placed such a high regard on how we treat true messengers of God, that He grants that whoever welcomes, receives (takes in and cares for, like a guest), and honours that messenger (angel) will receive a reward equal to that of the one they are receiving.

Ponder very deeply on that for a moment. Those that warmly receive a prophet (who deals with prophecy) or righteous man (who lives and turns people to righteousness) will receive the same similar rewards to those ambassadors! Why? Because they extended to them honour and reception as though they were receiving The King into their home and lives. They washed the feet of the dust from their travels, they gave them a cup of cold water and refreshment, fed them, and made them feel welcome and at home. No etiquette was seen as too least for their guest that they received into their home and lives.

Contrast that, however, with how Christ knew many of His servants and ambassadors would not receive so basic or congenial reception (same chapter Matt 10:12-14): "And when ye come into an house, salute it. And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you. And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet."

When we do not even receive, or extend the most basics of reception - but instead treat them like dirt (actions speak louder than words) - then Christ told those ambassadors to shake off the dirt from their feet (because the host would not even lift a finger to wash their feet or offer basic refreshment), on the doorstep in disgust and public testimony, and go somewhere else - taking their blessing with them. That host just lost a prophet's or righteous man's reward.

Friend, let's get to the point. If God has sent a messenger, prophetic man, or righteous man to your home and life - through whatever means - than they have laboured among you. If you have not extended the most basic of honour, or tokens of esteem - especially if they have specifically asked repeatedly for a mere cup of cold water - then shame on you. You have lost out on such an incredible reward. You have lost out on such an incredible blessing. And, most importantly, you have deeply offended The King, who took notice when His servants lodged a public testimony against you.

Do you remember Lot's wife? A story that is only twenty-six verses long; yet Scripture takes the first three verses to record - in detail - how Lot treated the two angels (messengers) that God sent to his home. It records that Lot not only provided the basics to wash their feet, but that he also made them a feast with fresh flat bread. A feast! Right in this story - which Christ told us to remember - is the contrast of how those two messengers were treated. And a few verses after the only place where Christ is directly called 'Judge of all the earth.'

Has the Lord specifically sent prophets (those that deal with prophecy) and righteous men - who labour in the Word, doctrine, and will even lovingly admonish us - into our very own home and life? Then let us be sure that we demonstrate - before the King Who sent them - that we value, honour, and esteem His extending those messengers into our lives and homes. Like the widow woman who received Elijah the prophet with his request for a cup of cold water (I Kings 17:10), let us response willingly and heartily with tokens and demonstrations as a reflection of our gratitude for the King coming by our way. When we treat them like family, then the King will treat us equally in return.

"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing." - Matthew 24:44-46

Behold, the Bridegroom cometh. Go. Ye. Out. To meet Him: HEARING Him, HEEDING Him, RECEIVING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!! Faithfully till our King comes!!

Brother Daniel



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