Rapture Library Update

Tired greetings from The Brook Cherith, Friends!! Praise the Lord for all that He is working and preparing at this prophetic threshold. Indeed, as we consider the 73rd (Gregorian & Biblical) anniversary of Israel coming up soon - right in context with the Rev 12 final count - and with the Ascension and Pentecost reminders - we have so much that should be giving us an urgency to redeem this precious time. I was telling some folks, just yesterday, how amazed I am that April is almost over! Time is slipping through our fingers so quickly - along with the eternal opportunities. I hope and pray that you have been especially seeking to redeem these Rev 12 days.

Indeed, the more that I review potential Library material, for adding them in, the more I am astounded and humbled by the sheer quantity of data and information that our Lord has given us over this learning journey. Just today, in preparing some new summary posters, I rewatched our videos, "The Fig Tree Generation", "The Seventy Determined Weeks", and "Seventieth Week Keys". Can you guess what the posters are about? :-D

It was so amazing to just watch in awe at the depth of information that our Lord has shared at The Brook Cherith Inn's table with us; and (especially for me) that He even gave us the opportunity to have it summarized within a larger learning journey. Praise the Lord, I was able to condense a lot of those three video's information and graphics into three new posters (coming soon!) to include in the Library as a way to underscore the accuracy of God's Word and prophecy. Everything has happened exactly on foretold time; and we are at the foretold time where we should fully expect the next foretold prophetic events to unfold as well.

The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster, of sorts, as I really, really, really am ready for this project to be finished. :-D But, the Lord keeps working and showing that there is a greater richness and depth to what He is working than I visualize the project as actually encompassing. Several times over the past week and some, the Lord keeps showing - in progressive ways - that there is a reason why He has not brought the trailers around - YET. Since this is the first Rapture Library that I've ever built, there is a lot of on-the-job-training. It also feels like I am putting together a puzzle without know what the cover of the box looks like. :-D

But the Lord keeps assuring me that He has had me study all of the potential trailer options - and all the many variations - for a reason. And lately, He been shewing me that part of that reason is that the Library material (in a way) is multi-purpose; and it will be utilized in more than one rigid trailer format. It's initial design and use is geared toward the trailer format (where it will be completely ready-to-go); but, that by considering all of the variable conditions (of the various trailer types), He's actually helped me pare down the exhibit designs so that they will work regardless of where the exhibits are set up.

It was just within the last week's time that it actually crossed my mind that the exhibits should be made in a way that they can be later removed from the Library Trailer - and set up in a larger gym or church fellowship hall - where there will be much more room and facilities to allow an even greater volume of people to see the exhibits than would happen in the tight confines of the 8' wide trailers!!! Over the last week, the Lord has brought some things up that took me down this mental trail; and the Lord used it to help me see why He is delaying the trailers. Because He doesn't want the exhibits permanently installed in the trailers.

Lord willing, this week I can hear back on some inquiries that I made along this line; and hope to gain greater direction by these specifics - which ultimately play a huge role in the final trailer, as well as the exhibits. But until then, I have started to do the final assembly of the exhibits as free-standing displays. In other words, they won't be built onto a trailer's wall; they will be built to where they can stand on their own, even in the middle of a room. Now, of course, this substantially increases the material costs (and weight) for each of the displays; but it also substantially increases the ways (and room size) of The Rapture Library, depending on location!

Praise the Lord, I was able to mostly finish two exhibits already!! There's still some options I am considering and testing, regarding attaching the fencing and stabilizers; but one is completely ready, and the other is presentable as is! This was also a great test build for how the other exhibits will likely be assembled. Please keep me in prayer!!! There's a lot of additional physical work now involved; and these exhibits are now very, very heavy, too! Definitely pray for safety(!!) and strength. Also, provision and help is needed for the lumber supplies to build out these exhibits.

Lord willing, as we work/seek out the trailer options, we will be working on getting the exhibits all free-standing - so that when the trailers are available, all we basically have to do (other than basic painting, etc.) is literally carry the ready exhibits into the trailer!! So much is coming together right now - with our Father's leading and guiding - that so greatly expands how far these nets will reach!!! May He use each exhibit for His eternal glory!!

Friend, the more that we review and reflect on all that our Father has shewn us about the prophetic time, the more we should have the burning desire to take and use it for His glory and kingdom. I don't have a clue about the final audience and results that will come from what He is preparing here; but every time He gives me a hint about the wideness of its potential reach, I know that He is shewing me just an inkling of how He will fully use it. It staggers my imagination to think that He is preparing an entire literal Library of information - to hand off to some group of people.

There is a group of people that our Father already knows what they will do if given an entire physical library of prophetic information. A mobile library, too.

In the very near future, there will be 144,000 Hebrew witnesses - apparently across the world - bearing testimony; and recently I have to wonder who this Library is really being made for. The nearby city and suburbs of Birmingham (especially with its world-renowned hospitals) have a noted Jewish population...

Friend, I do not know the future; but I know what our Father has shewn us on this learning journey - and about the future. I know what He has worked - and is working - here at this same Brook Cherith table; and how He is setting the table to invite a vast multitude of fishes to the same teachings that He has shared with us. Friend, we do not need to see or know the future, when we can see our Father's hand working so clearly in the here and now. His hand is not only sharing with us; but it is also beckoning to us: Be a part.

As the various calendar and Timeline events look ever so closer and closer, let us review how short the time is - and let us redeem the time - placing our hand, heart, and will into our Father's hand. May we be found girded in His service, echoing the Spirit's call, and with our lights burning: HEARING Him, HEEDING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - AND HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Redeeming the time. Till He comes!!

Brother Daniel


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