Ministry Update

Praise the Lord for all that He is doing at this amazing time! With so much prophetically coming together, we should not be surprised to see how the Lord is working in our hearts and lives - confirming the time, and calling us closer to His side!

When we look at the Timeline, we can see that we are in the midst of the second month - right at the time when manna came down from heaven - right at the time that Christ alluded that He (the Bread come down from heaven) would ascend back up to heaven! Aware of His fulfillment, then, - and the promises made around and at that time - we are definitely looking for Him to appear the second time in like manner! (and Ascension isn't that far off, either!) Incredible reminders - of our Beloved - right here in this beautiful Springtime! (On a sidenote, Abib of God website has posted additional agricultural reports from Israel clearly showing that we are well into the second month. We cover the Biblical clock - that works in the real world - in our booklet, Understanding God's Celestial Clock.

Be sure to regularly check the Timeline to remind yourself of the time, and the incredible celestial, geopolitical, and prophetic signs coming together! We are right in a shrinking window before Israel's 71st anniversary (which marks 71 full years, and then the start of the 72nd). Multiple expectations of Israel being revisited after the 70th year (so within the 71st year) - AND at the same window of dates that relate to the rebuilding of Jerusalem in 1969 - AND at the same time the 'deal of the century' peace plan is being constantly talked about! We see so much coming together, we therefore have so many reasons to be looking up!!!

Speaking of looking up, celestially, Jupiter is still at the right foot area of Ophiuchus (and it's actually in retrograde getting closer to the right foot (right over the tail of the scorpion!) - reminding us that He will be making His enemies His footstool - a promise that goes back to Genesis 3:15!! Right now, the Sun is at Aries (the Ram/Lamb), reminding us of the Lamb of God - our Redeemer (Rev 5)! We have multiple visual reminders declared by the heavens at this prophetic time!

It has been amazing to see the wonderful ways that the Lord has been working, on the ground level, here in our ministry, with the Brook Cherith medical missions. Thank you to the fellow servants who have risen up to the opportunities of service, and became a part of what the Lord is doing in these late hours! Their offerings have greatly helped gather additional foodstuffs and preparations for those who will be affected post-rapture. We were also able to expand the Hospice (expectant) tent, slightly, to make it much more conducive to multiple patients.

Praise the Lord for His miraculous working, provision, strength, liberty, and wisdom with this ministry project! In many ways, it really feels like final preparations and stocking are being made! There's certainly many more 'one-day-projects' and tweaks that we will be staying occupied with in the meantime - staying busy while we wait!

The Lord is doing an incredible work to show His hand of mercy and grace (Psalm 111). May the Lord also use the ministry resources to help many, today, in their personal ministries and considerations of their neighbor - "Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise." (Luke 10:37).

When we know the time, we should be ever more drawing closer to His side, seeking His face for wisdom, having ears to hear, hands and feet that obey, and hearts tender to His beautiful working and call. May we be found faithful, wise, encouraging, provoking, looking - and uplifting! Praying for you! Maranatha!!



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