Rapture Library Update

Greetings from The Brook Cherith, Friends!! It is so amazing to see how our Lord is working - rapidly - at this late hour, giving so much wisdom, strength, and liberty to prepare so much for this prophetic late hour!! Especially since late March (as you can see on the Timeline), our Father has been really giving an urgency and ability to work on the Rapture Library vessel! So much is coming together!

Be sure to review the Timeline for all the particular day counts that are associated with the Rev 12 sign. There's a lot to chew on, consider, and review all that our Father has shewn us, leading up to this time. As I always say, we do not know the day or hour; but we are told to Watch. Commanded. to Watch. And given what to watch. AND we are told to redeem the time. Our Master does not want to find us sitting on our duff; He wants to find us with our loins girded in His service, shining bright, and applying ourselves so-much-the-more to being doers - not armchair talkers sitting in the boat - putting faith into action and practice, as we redeem what dwindling time and opportunity we have left!

Praise the Lord, over the past few days He has given incredible specific details and ideas on working out particular issues with the current Rapture Library trailer layout; mainly in the areas of people traffic flow, bottlenecks, and a very concerning lack of aisle and overall space. The past few days have involved a lot of research, comparison, and mental modeling of various possibilities that the Lord specifically brought to mind and attention. Praise the Lord, today I was able to finish the computer models and blueprints based on a new vessel option, that addresses multiple concerns - while also adding much more room(!), much more safer aisle space(!), a quieter reading area(!), and also enabling even more exhibits to be added!!! And the kicker: this option would be significantly cheaper than a 53' car hauler trailer!!!!

But I'm not going to tell you what it is - yet. :-) Praise the Lord, a lot has come together over the past few days; and it is so beautiful to see our Father preparing such a large volume of prophetic information in. one. single. location and source!! Going forward in faith - and action (that's the key!) - has seen how the Lord is beautifully weaving together all the projects that He has had us work on; especially since the start of the 2020 Projects, which was tied exactly to the warning calls of peace and safety.

The past few days I've also been working on the Spanish posters - mainly because they were also related to the concerns with the Rapture Library previous plans. While we had a section of Spanish material, the actual physical room for the people to stand was only about 3'x5' - very, very small! That would limit only about 2-3 people to be able to access and read the posters at a time. Praise the Lord, addressing these concerns (and making the posters larger and more readable by multiple people) also playing a part with the Rapture Library overall plans.

Not only has our Father shown us ways to reach more people; but He enables the borders of the nets to be broadened as we launch out into the deep and let down the nets!!! The MORE that we go forward - in active faith - the MORE He multiplies the loaves and fishes nets to MORE powerfully reach even MORE!!! I am so excited right now!! Just like our Father worked with the 2020 Laundry Trailer and Generator Trailer projects getting more and more clearer in the details the further we acted on the mission opportunity, I am seeing Him work in the same way right now!! If you watched our Brook Cherith videos, then, you know that He provided the PERFECT trailers and vessels at the RIGHT. EXACT. TIME. And I knew when He made it clear: that's the one you want...

Boy, Howdy, Friends!! I'm about to bust, working on the new Rapture Library plans, today. Mainly because I see all the volumes of displays, shelving, books, handouts, posters, lights, furniture, paneling, railing, and electrical ALL READY TO GO!! Remember how we had a whole maintenance shed full of Laundry Trailer supplies before we even had the trailer for it?? Yeah!! We're that close; and our Father is bringing us right to where we need to be when we RISE UP, LAUNCH OUT, and let down the NETS (plural)!! He will take care of the details when, and as, we get to where we should be! So beautiful to see His hand at work right now!! Friends: BE. A. PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are no videos in the works at the moment; because - as I state many times - The Brook Cherith is the video that our Father is trying to shew you.

Praise the Lord, the past few days, He's given amazing strength and liberty to layout eight (8!!) new posters, based on our "Circle of the Earth Investigation". These are for an entirely new exhibit in the Library, entitled :"The Great Deception". With all the perplexing events that will start to unfold the very first HOURS of the Tribulation, these exhibits can be a powerful tool to get people to think differently about what the mainstream storyline is putting out. And most especially: reinforce that God's Word is the source of wisdom and understanding, that they need to put their full trust and attention in. There is a lot that we can't cover in the Rapture Library; but the main focus is always, always, always to drive them back to one core thought: What. Does. Scripture. Say??? And there, they will find the answers.

Friends, the Lord is practically laying right in our lap a ministry opportunity - and potential unfathomable draught of fishes - by commissioning a mobile library of prophetic information - that uniquely touches on so many incredible aspects and subjects (in one location!!!), and ties them together as a demonstration of the power of God's Word; and a tangible shew of His hand working and calling even in those dark hours. I can't think of any other project that I would want to work on right now. Like Peter, when we are called to walk on water - and have that rare, single opportunity to be with Christ in the absolute midst of seeing His power and hand at work in our world - why in the world would I want to sit back in the boat and just watch?????? We should be the first ones overboard!!!

And Friends, I want you to see our Father work, too. Not just from afar, or on the shore, or from the boat. I want you to see His hand at work - while you are standing next to His hand. at work.

Lord willing, in a few days, I may share with you the specifics of the vessel, and the computer renderings. I haven't showed them to anyone, yet. Because I want you to pray that the Lord will provide EXACTLY what is needed, and in a way that shews it is His hand at work. And considering that this is similar to what we did with the Generator Trailer, we should faithfully expect our Father to likewise shew His hand by providing 1) the means, 2) the right vessel source, 3) choice and timely fellow yoke servants, 4) abundant and clear liberty and go-ahead by the Spirit, and 5) an orchestration of events that only He can lead.

Friend, if you have been with us since our 2020 Service Area Projects, you know that our Father has been working this way, shewing us so much about this late prophetic hour - and the incomprehensible opportunities for souls that will be incredibly tender once the Tribulation snare springs. A tenderness that must be timely met with prepared vision and nets, rapidly reaching many before the great deception sets in. When our Father directs us to launch out into the deep, and let down the nets, it is for a fleeting opportunity.

We are not only commanded to redeem the time; but our Father has also repeatedly been emphasizing the shortness of that time - that it is rapidly slipping through our fingers. When we have seen our Father work so much - shewing His hand right in our very own midst - let's not be trying to climb back in the boat. Let's take steps with Christ, where He is walking and working. We can't do much about the nets once they get in the water; but our job is to get the vessel where it needs to be (the deep), and to get nets (plural) made, broadened, and in the water. Let's not be content just with the shallow waters and a single cast net - when our Father tells us that there is a great draught out in the deep waters! And you will need every. single. net. that you can let down.

Friend, we need fellow yoke servants and fellow fishers of men to get the vessel ready, outfitted, and the nets broadened and ready. Every part. Plays a part. Be a part.

Please keep me in much prayer, and ask the Lord how you can be a part of His hand working at this late hour. Scripture tells us that He has a way with multiplying fishes and catches; and we see that the heavens are right now pointing to Pisces - the fish - in the celestial sea. Let us look up. Let us lift up our heads. And may we not only see that our redemption draweth nigh; but that the fields and draughts of fish are ready, too.

Brother Daniel




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