Rev 12 Sign 1,260 Day Offset

Greetings from The Brook Cherith, Friends!! What an amazing time, with so much coming together that our Father has shewed us! The past few days have been incredible seeing how the Lord has worked, here at The Brook Cherith, readying so many preparations for the Rapture Library, and also for the clinic work which He prepared! He has definitely given wisdom, strength, and liberty - as well as a definite sense of urgency at the lateness of the prophetic hour.

When we have an ear to hear what our Redeemer says - in His Word - our heart, hands, and life can hear Him, too! The more that the Bride's heart is to echo what the Spirit says, it should not surprise us that there comes a unison in heartcry and action! And that will only happen when we deliberately take steps to have a hearing - and heeding - ear to hear what He has written and said. Watching and praying always. Obedience is faith in action.

Christ repeatedly emphasized that He wants to find His servants LOOKING for His return - living in light of His promises and instructions. Notice that He does not say He wants to find His servants having figured it all out!! He said be found LOOKING! And He gives several back-to-back examples of servants who had a very good idea of their master about to return - yet did not full know; but it was their obedience - and looking forward with action - that He rewarded. May we strive to be the wise and faithful servants that are FOUND. LOOKING!

Sadly, I see a number of 'servants' of Christ who are looking more as critics, and fault-finders, of those who are looking - instead of actually looking themselves! What is the Master going to say about their behaviour?? Well, not surprisingly, He already tells us - in those same examples - what He is going to say about the servants who are not looking for their Master's return; and they even have ill toward the servants who are looking. Christ knows who is looking (searching and living so) for Him; versus those who don't look for Him (and don't hear or heed Him).

When Christ comes, I want to be found LOOKING for Him!!! Not as an armchair pharisee - snickering at the seeking Wise Men who went to Jerusalem instead of Bethlehem - but I want to be FOUND having my knowledge MIXED WITH FAITH!! FAITH IN SEEKING ACTION!! Putting feet on what I say I believe about my Redeemer's promises and Word! Don't care about those armchair pharisees - who aren't going anywhere beyond their sofa - be the WISE and FAITHFUL servants who LOOK and SEEK!! "Where is He that is born the King of the Jews?" - The Wise Men.

Friend, at this late hour, fix your eyes and heart on seeking the Bridegroom - going out actively in response to the midnight cry - and purpose in your heart that you will be found 1) shining, and 2) seeking. Seeking the Bridegroom; and lovingly looking forward - in action - to His appearing.

Praise the Lord, I updated the Timeline today; just giving us a better overview of everything STILL coming together right now. On March 6th, we were anticipating - and LOOKING - at the Biblical day count recorded with the Rev 12 sign (as well as the numerous other calls and warnings going on right now, too). A straight-forward reading of Revelation 12 delineates that countdown from that event; and numerous watchmen have that pointed out. Certainly, it is understandable to be LOOKING at what Scripture says; and any true Berean would be searching out and looking into those things.

So, when the date passes, a Berean knows what God's Word says - and that it specifically gave that day countdown - so they continue their searching, picking up with are there any indications of an offset or other variation with either the start date (which would influence the end date) or otherwise. Critics quit; Bereans search. Something that I had wondered, was if there was any delay (with the countdown) between when Satan loses the war in heaven, and when the protection duration starts with the woman (Israel), vs.6. Take note that higher counts (1,290 days, etc.) appear to be after Christ returns; the woman only needs to be protected for 1,260 days - and the antichrist knows he only has 42 months (1,260 days). Israel and all nations apparently will mourn for Christ for 30 days (Deut 34:8; Zec 12:10 Matt 24:30), once He comes; hence 1,290 days (1,260 days + 30).

So, 1,260 is the the critical count; but when EXACTLY does it start? Well - at a straightforward reading - it would appear at the Rev 12 sign. But, since we currently have reason to search deeper, the Lord brought my attention to that there is a stated offset - of a few days - between the first 1,260 day count (two witnesses, Rev 11:3) and the start of the final half 1,260 count (Israel in wilderness, 12:6). A pause of AT LEAST 3.5 days. The two witnesses go for 1,260 days, die and lay dead for 3.5 days, and then the next 1,260 day count starts.

It's long been seen that the two witnesses either die, or were resurrected, on the Rev 12 date. However, the difference is important because there is at least 3.5 days to adjust countdowns by. If we compare with the Rev 12 sign, it would appear that the same time that the beast/dragon is finally able to wage a war in heaven would be the same time they have advantage/power to also, finally, kill the two witnesses. So, apparently, this "war" with the two witnesses is at the same time/celestial date.

Likely, that victory then goes right into the war in heaven. However, this means that the 1,260 day count won't start till AT LEAST 3.5 days AFTER the Rev 12 celestial date. We don't know know how long the "war" with them will be. It probably won't be too long; but we should at least round up, to 4 days offset, minimum. Apparently, they won't have to transport the bodies; so that won't add time... Hard to get an exact amount of time; but it definitely appears less than a week; but at least four days.

Praise the Lord for insight into this offset - with everything still focused right at this Celestial Sea time! It also caught my attention that the March 11th, pandemic declaration, 1-yr anniversary is coming up - which is directly tied to the Wuhan World games, and the Jan 2020 peace and safety calls!! The enemy is definitely getting ready - with great anticipation - to CROWN their Horus/Osirus antichrist figure! They know sudden destruction is coming!

It should also make us highly suspicious that they put that out (pre-announced via Hollywood Tom Hanks, too) on March 11th - which is 3/11. The day count for the two witnesses is only recorded in Revelation 3:11. 3:11, 3/11. Do they know the offset with the Rev 12 sign? Apparently so. Remember, Trump's address on 3/11 ended at 9:11, too. And both Tom Hanks and Katy Perry were involved in the occult events of the inauguration - because they are expecting to crown their antichrist figure - during an Aquarius window.

There's a lot more that could be said; but I highly suggest that you review our recent video, "Counting Down 1,260 Days", again; but keeping in mind the potential for a 4+ day offset; which would correspondingly push out the 1,260 day count a few.

Please keep me and this ministry project in much prayer and actionable consideration. Right at this celestial clock time that gives great emphasis to the fish and the living water, let us be FOUND redeeming the time, and getting as many nets ready as possible! Definitely ask the Lord for how you can be a part - today - of the Rapture Library. We still need a 53' car hauler trailer, and provision for additional handout resources (more nets!). Definitely visit Rapture Library website.

This past week, the Lord so often reminded me that the theme of the library has been of a vessel and nets for FISH!! And, we even have a handout - in the first section - on how to make clean water!! Sooooo many parallels that our Father has worked, coming together RIGHT NOW!!

Definitely be a part, Friend! Our Father is going to use this in incredible ways once the snare snaps! The very first exhibit section will have two wooden fish wall-hangers, as an acknowledgement of the five loaves and two fishes that make up launching out into the deep and letting down the nets! Every part plays a part! Let us launch out into the deep!!

We don't know the day or hour; but we do know we should be LOOKING! We should be GIRDED in service! Looking with our hands and feet!! We should be FOUND with our LIGHTS BURNING - GOING OUT TO MEET THE BRIDEGROOM!! Let's rise up, trim our lamps, redeeming the time: HEARING Him, HEEDING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel




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