Going Forward Step By Step!

Greetings from Shelby, Alabama! Praise the Lord for how He is working, and reminding us to finish strong and be found busy in His service! Whether here or in your own area, the Lord is preparing hearts, preparing places, and preparing daily opportunities for His servants! How beautiful to work and serve alongside our Father and Beloved!

When we watch the news, we certainly have so many reminders that time is incredibly short. What is being emphasized right at this EXACT time?? Peace and Safety!! What does Scripture say is coming within those echoes?? Sudden destruction, right after the rapture! And furthermore, we see an unfolding medical news emphasis reminding us of this exact theme that the Lord has prompted YOU and ME to be working on for such a time as this!! We don't know how the current pestilence crisis will play out; but it certainly underscores the conditions - and NEEDS - that will be very much present in the soon days ahead.

In our embassy, are we leaving materials and resources to help those in the days ahead, even if just by printing and supplying information? Be sure to print out our three medical/survival PDFs ( http://www.disastercrashcourse.com/ ) - today! - and put them in a binder. The more that we can pass on valuable physical information, the more people will be inclined - by our compassion and forethought of them - to also consider our spiritual resources and concerns.

Praise the Lord, the past few days have been busy with the major task of ground preparation. A general rule of thumb with this type of work, is that you will spend about as much time preparing the ground and area as you will in constructing what goes there. I definitely saw this last summer. But, it made it soooo much easier for things to come together very quickly. Also, all the ground prep needs to be done before the gravel is brought in.

Praise the Lord, with YOUR PART and offerings, I was able to get the plywood and rubber mats for the 54' of sidewalk that will connect the Patient Wing service entrance, maintenance, Laundry, and all with the main corridor sidewalk! I was also able to get some more critical plumbing parts for the laundry water infrastructure, as well as a large garden cart to help move many of the supplies and tools around. Already 30' of sidewalk is in place; and it already makes it sooo much easier to wheel tools and supplies back and forth between the front and back areas.

Praise the Lord for good working weather! It's been fairly mild and sunny! Most of today I was on the tractor, again, pulling up some small trees, making more elbow room (for maneuvering the trailers), cutting tree limbs, moving the retaining pools, tearing down some covered areas to make more elbow room, and a lot of time leveling and smoothing out the ground. Lord willing, it should only take another day or two to finish all the dirt work. A lot of it has been getting the ground for Laundry and Maint all level and clear. Plus, making room so the trailers can be driven in by a vehicle, with room to maneuver.

Very soon, we will need to put down about 8 tons of gravel; once that is done and spread, the whole area will be ready and fit for parking trailers and sheds. Over the past few weeks, I've been checking out various local listings for sheds, enclosed and camper trailers. Two bunker camper trailers that really fit the needs sold out after several days; they were really nearby and lower cost than some others currently listed of the same type. Definitely keep all these needs in prayer! As we go forward, the Lord works in ways to provide what is needed. We all saw this last year, with several times the Lord bringing in provision and offerings within hours of finishing certain steps! Praise the Lord for so many examples of Him working in preparing this place! We go forward in faith, day by day, step by step - answering His call to go forward!

Please especially keep me in prayer for safety, physical strength, spiritual strength, emotional strength, wisdom, understanding, efficiency, liberty and freedom from hindrances and distractions. I will be praying for you, throughout the day!!

We have so many reminders that time is short - and that we see The Day approaching. We know what comes with that dark day. Let us seek the Lord's face for wisdom and action that we can take to leave a light burning! Now's the time to gird up our loins, put on our work gloves, and be involved in His service - and so much the MORE! May we be found redeeming the time, heeding the call, having an ear to hear, and going out to meet Him: REMEMBERING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE - TILL HE COMES!!

Brother Daniel




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