Loaves and Fishes

Greetings, Friends! Praise the Lord for what He is doing, and using as a sign for US! To see Him preparing a place for those in the days ahead, is a sign by itself. Some may think that the scope is limited to only those in this local area; but God's working is visible to you, where ever you are. Certainly, He has also prepared the printed material that can be used to minister and prepare a place/provision in your area, too! What should amaze us is that God is preparing not just one place - but He is using this place to encourage many others to have a heart and concern for those who will be left behind! God's grace, love, and mercy will be seen - in many ways and areas - by the tangible places and provisions that He has prepared ahead of time.

Friend, our Beloved has used many celestial and geopolitical signs to show us that time is super short; sudden destruction is coming, immediately after the rapture. Our Redeemer has also shown us - by His tangible working in our midst - that He desires to call and save many during those days ahead. Many hearts will be tender in the precious days immediately afterwards, seeking answers - but also having very drastic and sudden physical needs, too. The time for preparation will be over. By being a part of God's preparing a place(s) and provision, we can leave a two-fold testimony that impacts eternity.

I often think of Revelation chapter 12, how it describes how those in Judea will flee to the mountains - and that God will shelter and nourish them in a place that has already been prepared ahead of time (vs.6). Who prepared it, and who is the "they" who use it? While Scripture does not say, some educated guesswork would suppose that the 144,000 witnesses - who see the handwriting on the wall - work with other believers to gather and prepare the provisions that they know will be needed. With God's help, they work out the logistics and prepare a place - knowing that time is running out. Those who arrive at that prepared place will be profoundly touched by the tangible demonstration that prophecy is true, there were servants who went forward in faith understanding prophetic time, and "they" (the staff) now have opportunity to minister to both physical needs and spiritual needs. Everyone who arrives at that place will see and know that God prepared it ahead of time, knowing that they would be there.

Friend, these are some of the many thoughts that compel service at this late hour. We know the prophetic hour is very late, and we also know what is coming. We don't necessarily need more trivia information or videos - we need to gird up our loins, shine bright, put on our work gloves, and be found busy in the King's service. And not just half-heartedly or with lukewarmness; no, we must SO MUCH THE MORE be zealously provoked in LOVE and GOOD WORKS! Because we ALREADY see The Day approaching!! Indeed, the more that we reflect on the incredible learning journey that He has brought us on, the more zealously we should desire to jump in feet first when He calls: "Come!"

So when the Lord guides and lays it on my heart, the needs and projects that He wants done at this threshing floor, and at this late hour, I have great confidence going forward because of how He has worked so recently. In many ways, it feels like being there when Christ fed the 5,000; seeing how He desires to use what we put into His hands, and then see Him (front-row seat!) work in astounding ways! Just think how big the eyes of that lad got as he saw Christ multiply (one-thousand fold!) what he offered to His hands... This is why I share these ministry projects with you: because you have seen how He has worked recently, we - together - can go forward fearlessly and boldly knowing Who is calling! He is calling for our few loaves and fishes - so He can nourish and minister to thousands. May it be our prayer and heart's desire: Lord, help me, to help you help others.

Praise the Lord, today I was able finish clearing out a corridor from the front part of the clinic to the new back service area. The back area will include staff quarters, laundry area, water storage, co-generation, and possibly the Maint shed (if I move it from the front); this will keep all the guest and medical areas on the frontside. So, after cutting down a few trees, and moving some stuff out of the way, I was able to open a 10' wide corridor to the back area. Previously, most of the back area was open; but it was hard to access, and not easily from the clinic.

Now, with this corridor, we can have a direct sidewalk that also connects to the major intersection of the clinic. This will greatly allow laundry and supply carts, from the front medical areas, to go directly to the service areas. It also gives a perfect slice of land to place a number of water storage totes, which will be needed for the laundry. With any clinic, you figure the water usage of roughly 100 gallons per patient bed per day; therefore, our daily usage will likely be around 1,000 gallons of water PER DAY. This is just one of the examples of preparations that must be done ahead of time, since it will be very hard to quickly set up those logistics after sudden destruction starts.

The same is true for a medical laundry service; it isn't done like normal household laundry. In the Disaster Crash Course booklets, you can find protocols for doing medical laundry. Needless to say, it's complicated enough without being in a disaster. Lord willing, a prepared Laundry trailer will greatly optimize the proper turnaround cycle; not just for patient and ward linens, but also for the displaced staff personal clothing needs.

The current projects are both moveable and largely self-contained, allowing for minimal interruption of service. Staff quarters is just a camper trailer(s) (with some accoutrements such as water supply, generator, etc.). The general cost (in our area) for a used bunkbed camper that can sleep 6 - without having to fold down anything - is around $10,000. The biggest advantage is that it will provide some displaced staff with a restroom, shower, bunk, and quiet area. This project can be quickly attained locally, and parked with it mostly ready-to-go; hooking it up to our water and cogen system.

The Laundry trailer is the current top priority. Within just a few short hours of the clinic working, they will quickly start having soiled laundry piling up. By the end of a 'shift', displaced staff will have their own laundry needs, too. Ideally, the plan is to utilize a used racing car enclosed trailer. The general price for a 24' one is $10,000; but this includes that they already have vinyl flooring installed (needed for the laundry area anyway), and usually have a variety of generator, heater/ac, battery lights, etc. already installed for their off-grid racing events. These trailers are perfect for converting into a portable laundry area. I've already drafted a concept of the layout; but it is subject to change depending on the final size and configuration of a trailer.

Praise the Lord, we already have the guts (washer/dryer, double sink, LED lights, ozone laundry system, manual systems, etc.) to where we could quickly have a bare-minimum laundry area functional if we can get a trailer to put it all in. Additional needs and cost would be two more washer/dryer sets (ideally the stackable kind), electrical and plumbing parts, tote tanks, etc. Until we can make the larger trailer purchases, (and with your support) we (you-and-me) will be working on graveling the back area, getting the service sidewalk in place, and any other site prep to get ready to park the trailers when they are available.

A lot coming together! It is beautiful to see how the Lord is directing, providing, and enabling what He is preparing! Please keep me in prayer for strength (physical, spiritual, and mental), rest and refreshment, abundant provision, good working weather, and liberty for the tasks! Many grateful thanks to the fellow servants who are upholding me and this ministry work in prayer, as well as those that are girding up for the task by helping in tangible means. Let us pray; but let's also put legs to our prayers! There was a point when Gideon needed to stop praying, and get up and get moving! Likewise, LET US be found zealously active in LOVE and in GOOD WORKS - and SO MUCH THE MORE as we SEE The Day approaching!!!

To be a faith partner with this work, please pray for us, and help support the ongoing projects and learning journey!

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Thank you for helping hold the ropes! It is a HUGE encouragement to me seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ come alongside the work in our King's service!

So much is telling us that time is super short!! LET US rise up at the Bridegroom's call! We hear Him and we see Him working, so LET US rise up - together - and go out to brightly meet Him: HEARING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel




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