Praise the Lord for what He is doing at this late hour!! It is incredible and beautiful to see how He is preparing a place, and using His servants to work together in this special, one-time-only ministry project. What do I mean by that? The Lord is preparing a place that is specifically designed to be used immediately after the rapture, as a testimony to His love, grace, and mercy. There is only one rapture (the escape from ALL things coming; Luke 21:36) in all of history. What we are seeing here is a special working of God that He has not offered to any other servants in history; nor will ever again.

I am often reminded of when Christ walked on water. As He drew near to the boat, one disciple desired to be a part of what God was doing at that very moment. Christ extended the offer: "Come." One disciple experienced a unique working of God, with a front-row PART; while eleven disciples sat in the boat and WATCHED. Christ never again demonstrated that unique working; nor did He give the eleven disciples a later opportunity.

Friend, the Brook Cherith medical missions center is not my idea or working; I am merely a steward for the One Who is doing the work. The Lord has prepared a work here, that only He could do. For those of you have been with us on this learning journey, you have seen and heard how the Lord worked mightily this summer to RAPIDLY bring together major enhancements to the clinic. Indeed, when I consider how the Lord worked this Spring and Summer (when we built the entirely brand new Triage and Delayed areas), I can see how He is also working right NOW!!

Praise the Lord for fellowservants who desire to walk on water, and be a part of what God is doing NOW! LET US not be content to sit in the boat! LET US rise up and go out to meet Him!!

Since introducing the projects that the Lord has laid on my heart (just like in early Summer, remember?), over $1,200 has already come in, with several servants putting their hand to the plow. Prayers are being lifted up on behalf of His work, and it is so precious to see how the Lord is working in our midst!

Just since our last post (barely two days ago), the Lord has given strength and liberty so I could clear out the clinic's back area, where the future staff trailers, laundry facility, and additional water storage/processing will go. There was a lot of built up pine straw and thick leaves there, on the edge of the woods. With the ground saturated from heavy rains, I was able to pull up a few trees, and make a little bit more room, too. Today I used a pole saw and cleared out overhanging branches, making it easier for the trailers and gravel trucks to get back here. It is amazing how quickly this entire area is almost ready for parking trailers in right NOW! Praise the Lord!!

A few days ago, I put up a new LED outdoor light for this back area, which makes it much more accessible at night. Once we can purchase some gravel, and put down, it will also brighten up the area at night; and also make it much cleaner to walk and drive in. At the moment, the only thing preventing parking trailers back there is the need for gravel. Lord willing, our current stage is to prep the area as much as possible, so that when the Lord provides trailers, they are ready to park and utilize immediately, or with little customizing.

With your help, the offerings so far enabled us to purchase the ozone washer system (big ticket item) that will be used in the laundry facility; as well as start getting peripherals like hoses, etc. Today, I hauled the washer and dryer out of the clinic Kitchen, greatly freeing up additional space for more shelving and ease of access! It was a bear getting them out; but they are now ready to move into whatever new Laundry facility we get. The past two days have felt like a giant musical chairs game, having to move two things before I can do another, so that I can do another... :-D

Lord willing, this weekend I will be further clearing out the back area, especially where the main sidewalk will extend into the back area. Also, sit down and map out the newly opened area; and brainstorm on staff trailer placement and laundry facility/infrastructure logistics. This is the part where God wants us to know what we're doing - before we jump in with the next steps! Please pray for wisdom, guiding, liberty, and provision for the next steps!

Again, it is so amazing (and reminiscent of summer) seeing how the Lord is doing a work, preparing a place. His hand is seen. I often tell you that we do not just see the celestial signs, or geopolitical signs - we see God doing a work that has never been done before in history; nor ever will be after the rapture.

Friend, I encourage you to revisit some of our posts from this summer (such as 7 months ago), and also review the News section at the Disaster Crash Course website. God is trying to show you and me something; the sign is on the ground. The question is, are we just watching from the boat? Or are we a part of it?

Here's a quick prayer and action list!
1) Especially pray for a hedge of protection for the work and myself; the enemy is very active.
2) Safety on the jobsite, and with the strains involved.
3) Strength: physical, mental, and spiritual - to accomplish the needed tasks.
4) Provision for the needs, and to allow the work to get going forward step by step.
5) Freedom from distractions and hindrances.
6) Rest, recovery, and refreshing. It's only me working here! Late hours!
7) Wisdom, guidance, and efficiency.
8) Good working weather.
9) Liberty for the task!
10) More labourers to be a part of the one-time miracle that the Lord is preparing suited for this late hour.
11) Ask the Lord for wisdom of the steps that He wants YOU to take - in your corner of His vineyard, as well as His work here.
12) Pray that God will strengthen what He has wrought, and that He will use it mightily for His eternal glory!!

To be a faith partner with this work, please pray for us, and help support the ongoing projects and learning journey!

Electronic offerings:
Paypal: info@informedchristians.com
Zelle: info@informedchristians.com

Postal Mail: Daniel Valles, PO 403, Shelby, AL 35143

Thank you for helping hold the ropes! It is a HUGE encouragement to me seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ come alongside the work in our King's service!

Lord willing, I'll update you as we go forward! LET US be found going forward TOGETHER, stepping out in faith: HEARING Him, LOVING Him, and SERVING Him - FIRST - and HIGHEST ABOVE ALL ELSE!!

Brother Daniel

Why did many of the Pentecost believers sell goods, houses, and lands (Acts 2:42-47; 4:24-37)?

What parallels - with how God works and using people - can be seen with the Brook Cherith Medical Missions Center and the events in Revelation chapter 12:6? Do you think it is coincidence that God has us on a learning journey that has covered those exact signs in the heavens, and He is working a similar parallel from that chapter on the ground level?



info@informedchristians.comPO 403 • Shelby, AL 35143