"Then said he unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen...  For they say, The Lord seeth us not; the Lord hat forsaken the earth...   Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man?  Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here?...  For they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger...   Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them."
Ezekiel 8:12, 17-18

Morality - Apostasy

Newspaper  Essay/Commentary Recommended Link/Reading Alert People acting/Good news

 Gay cleric takes up senior post news.bbc.co.uk 4/21/4 ["has been approved by the Queen for the job - one of the most senior roles in the Church of England."  "it is a backdoor attempt to make homosexuality mainstream in the Church of England"]
 Mass. gov. files bill to seek delay in same-sex ‘marriage’ ruling sbcbaptistpress.org 4/15/4 ["until the process of considering a state constitutional marriage amendment is complete."]
 Homosexual Advocacy Group Effusive in Its Praise for Kerry cnsnews.com 4/12/4 ["There has never been a presidential nominee who has held such a strong record of support for our community."]
 Married or Not, Coverage Granted abcnews.go.com 4/9/4 ["Gay Couples Gain Shared Health Benefits"]
 California's law making it a crime to kill a fetus gets stronger kpho.com 4/5/4 [""]
 Board members stand firm on transgender discrimination policy mercurynews.com 4/2/4 ["refused to implement a state-mandated anti-discrimination policy following a raucous meeting where hundreds of parents and teachers protested."  "would be immoral and promote transsexuality."]
 Abortion Rights March Could Bring Thousands reuters.com 4/21/4 ["they expect hundreds of thousands of participants from some 1,400 organizations and 53 countries."]
 Oregon judge upholds rights for gay couples boston.com 4/21/4 ["ordered the Legislature to establish civil unions for same-sex couples or open marriage to them."]
 Judge Stops Same-Sex Marriages In Oregon local6.com 4/20/4 ["pending a state supreme court ruling on the issue."]
 Six same-sex couples challenge Florida ban on gay marriage wtev.com 4/20/4 [""]
 Pro-Life Teachers Upset at NEA Endorsement of Pro-Abortion March lifenews.com 4/19/4 ["But, for pro-life teachers, that their national union is co-sponsoring this month's march for abortion is another example of the organization destroying the lives of students teachers otherwise would have taught."]
 Bush's same-sex marriage ban drawing gay activists to GOP convention newsday.com 4/19/4 ["Gay rights advocates say the GOP convention,... is an ideal forum to stage protests, raise money and stimulate the national debate. "]
 US church 'must repent' for gay bishop decision guardian.co.uk 4/16/4 ["At a meeting in Nairobi the archbishops, mainly from central and equatorial Africa, who have been among those most antagonistic towards homosexuality, also declared that they will refuse to accept any future funding from the US church.  "We will not on the altar of money mortgage our conscience, mortgage our faith, mortgage our salvation ... God has put in our own continent all it takes to be self-reliant."  "...rift is likely to become even greater when the Canadian Anglican church takes its expected decision to authorise same sex blessing services at its synod in Niagara at the end of next month."]
 AIDS Scare Shuts Down Porn Films cbsnews.com 4/16/4 ["It was unclear how much impact the work stoppage would have on the $4 billion to $13 billion-a-year industry, which is centered in the San Fernando Valley. Some companies have as much as a year's worth of movies ready..."]
 Defiant Lutheran congregations appoint active gay pastors duluthsuperior.com 4/16/4 ["As the nation's fifth-largest Protestant denomination, with 10,700 churches and five million members, the Evangelical Lutheran Church ordains gays but requires them to be celibate."]
 Going All The Way: Gay, Lesbian Channel Goes 24/7 mediapost.com 4/15/4 [""[The content] isn't out there to acquire, so buying it wasn't an option for us," Colichman notes. "It required a huge time and financial commitment to get the programming that would make this channel worth paying for.""]
 Hollywood Celebs Promote Embryonic Stem Cell Research in California lifenews.com 4/14/4 [California: "are mounting a campaign to put an initiative on the November ballot that would raise $3 billion for fetal stem cell research, which involves the destruction of human embryos."]
 Wipe out marriage: Legistlator nypost.com 4/10/4 ["said she would introduce legislation today to remove all references to marriage from the state Domestic Relations Law and replace them with the term 'civil unions.'"]
 Poll: Most American oppose gay marriage but support other rights mercurynews.com 4/10/4 ["Most Americans oppose gay marriage and many believe homosexuality is "against God's will" but otherwise consider themselves tolerant of gays"]
 Testimony is setback to late-term abortion ban detnews.com 4/9/4 ["U-M doctor: Early-term procedures also may call for crushing of fetal skull"  "The acknowledgement marked a major victory for lawyers from the Center for Reproductive Rights, who challenged the law on behalf of abortion provider Dr. LeRoy Carhart and three other physicians."]
 The Gay-Marriage Windfall: $16.8 Billion forbes.com 4/9/4 ["estimate that if the laws were changed, gay couples currently living together would collectively spend $16.8 billion to get hitched."]
 Gay and lesbian couples sue New York over marriage law usatoday.com 4/7/4 ["Thirteen same-sex couples sued the state of New York on Wednesday, seeking to have the state law that denies gay and lesbian couples the right to marry declared unconstitutional."]
 Agencies prepare for gay spouses boston.com 4/4/4 ["State agencies have launched preparations for the likelihood that gay couples will marry in Massachusetts..."  "Last week, the Legislature approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage and establish civil unions."]
 Gay marriage amendment: Valid? dailytexanonline.com 4/2/4 ["Panel questions whether it violates human, states' rights"]
 Ohio Bill Would Protect Pro-Life Pharmacists on Abortion Drugs lifenews.com 4/1/4 ["Pharmacists who do not want to dispense drugs that cause abortions could not be fired"]
 Massachusetts Bill Would Fund Destructive Embryonic Stem Cell Research lifenews.com 4/1/4 ["The legislation, proposed by pro-abortion Senator Cynthia Creem (D-Newton), would create a Stem Cell Research Trust Fund, which would provide grants to both for profit and not for profit research organizations participating in embryonic stem cell research."]
 Mass. Gay Marriage Ban Gets 2004 Approval foxnews.com 3/30/4 ["while legalizing civil unions" - so, what's the point of this 'ban'?  To legitimize civil unions.]
 Vote ties civil unions to gay-marriage ban boston.com 3/30/4 ["It would ban gay marriage but establish civil unions that would provide the same state rights and benefits available to heterosexual couples through marriage."]
 UK: Gay couples win full rights to 'marriage' guardian.co.uk 3/30/4 ["The publication of the Bill reveals the remarkable change in the political status of gay people in Britain - and the main political parties are now scrambling for the gay vote. "]
 Fed. government begins defense of partial-birth abortion ban sbcbaptistpress.org 3/30/4 ["Quinlivan asked Paul if she had ever observed any evidence that a 20-week-old, unborn child experienced pain. “I have no idea what that means,”"  "will continue to die at the point of seven-inch scissors, while the abortion industry pursues these legal challenges"]
 UN Commission on Human Rights to Debate Abortion, Homosexuality c-fam.org 3/30/4 ["Hunt calls for legal protections for "same-sex relations," and appears to endorse limitations on freedom of speech in order to address the "stigma" faced by "sexual minorities." Such restrictions on freedom of speech have already been established in Canada and some of the countries of northern Europe."]
 3 Court Battles Begin Over Abortion Law miami.com 3/29/4 ["as abortion-rights activists argued that the law is so broad it infringes on women's basic right to choose." - their 'choice' was made when they decided to get into the bed]
 A Unitarian Universalist minister married two same-sex couples Saturday in the state capital miami.com 3/28/4
 2 same-sex couples wed in `civil disobedience' miami.com 3/28/4
 N.C. School Locks Up Book About Gay Prince thekcrachannel.com 3/28/4 ["In response to complaints from parents"]
 'Partial-birth' ban getting its day in court miami.com 3/28/4 ["Courts are set to hear three simultaneous challenges to the federal ban on certain late-term abortions."  "it has been put on hold pending the outcome of the litigation, which appears likely to reach the Supreme Court."]
 Minnesota: Amendment to ban gay marriage dies in Senate kstp.com 3/28/4
 Bill to prevent gay unions fails dailybeacon.utk.edu 3/27/4 [in Tenn.]
 Pro-life groups divide over abortion ban worldnetdaily.com 3/26/4 [""We were shocked, saddened and dismayed that National Right to Life lobbied against this bill," she said. "In effect, they aborted the right to life bill."  Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the More Center concluded, "One thing we know for sure, Planned Parenthood and NARAL could not be happier with National Right To Life." "]
 Licensing for gay marriages planned boston.com 3/26/4 ["In the state's first official acknowledgment that gay and lesbian couples can legally marry in May, town and city clerks were notified this week that they will be trained to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples."]
 Legislation allows civil unions detnews.com 3/26/4 ["Backers of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages reworded their legislation Monday to clarify that state legislatures still could create civil union programs for gays and lesbians if the ban were approved."]

 Senate Passes Fetus Protection Bill apnews.myway.com 3/26/4 [Exodus 21:22 If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.]
 Sponsors Soften Federal Marriage Amendment foxnews.com 3/24/4 [" Newly crafted language — apparently approved by President Bush himself — has removed impediments to civil unions"]
 Genetic Screening Encouraging More Abortions, Social Worker Warns headlines.agapepress.org 3/24/4 ["sliding toward something resembling Nazi-style eugenics"]
 ACLU, gay couples sue to uphold same-sex marriage in Oregon kpho.com 3/24/4 ["Also today, the state Supreme Court denied a separate request by two national religious groups to immediately rule on same-sex marriage."]
 Judge Permits Testimony About Fetus Pain news.yahoo.com 3/24/4 ["late-term abortion"]
 Though split, young people more supportive of same-sex marriage than older generations cbs11tv.com  3/24/4
Federal Marriage Amendment Proponents Offer Compromise foxnews.com ["would leave state legislatures with the unambiguous right to recognize civil unions"]
Black Clergy Brush Off Gay Marriage Link ap.org ["attempting to distance the civil rights struggle from the gay rights movement and defending marriage as a union between a man and a woman."]
Gay Lawmaker Challenges Bush's Marriage Amendment reuters.com ["Bush, to the delight of his conservative base, favors an amendment to ban gay marriage. But there seems to be little, if any, chance one will pass." - don't be surprised if one does not - read Luke 17:26-30]
Quebec Court Paves Way for Gay Marriages lasvegassun.com 3/22/4 ["making it the third Canadian province to allow same-sex marriage."  "Prime Minister Paul Martin has promised to introduce a bill to legalize it."]
  FCC Now Considers 'F-Word' Both Indecent and Profane cnsnews.com 3/19/4
Tenn. County Officials Seek to Ban Gays foxnews.com 3/18/4 [ironic that this county is where the Scopes trial took place - "amending Tennessee's criminal code so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes against nature." - what about against God?]
2d Ore. county to issue licenses boston.com 3/17/4 ["Commissioners cite last week's opinion by AG on marriages"]
Dress-up Jesus' figure sparks controversy worldnetdaily.com 3/18/4 [Psalms 74:10 Mark 3:28-9]
3 gay couples unofficially married by clergy outside NY City Hall newsday.com 3/18/4 [Leviticus 20:13  "The ceremonies were witnessed by family, friends and about 45 clergy members, who included ministers, priests and rabbis who read a vow to perform same-sex marriages despite legal and religious prohibitions."  "Rev. Pat Bumgardner, the lesbian pastor of Manhattan's Metropolitan Community Church... "We're calling on clergy around the state performing these kinds of ceremonies to join us in public..."]
Lesbian Pastor: Case May Be Turning Point miami.com 3/18/4 ["...A minister being tried by the United Methodist Church for being a lesbian..."  "At one time, for example, divorce was not allowed, but the church has since changed its stance, she said.  "It seems to me that, with all due respect, you are acting as a hypocrite," she said."]
Issuing of Gay Marriage Licenses Resumes in Multnomah County, Ore. miami.com 3/16/4 ["defying Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski's call to stop and making the county the only jurisdiction in the nation to keep issuing the licenses."]
Where's the slogan? boston.com 3/14/4 ["Other cities are marketing themselves to gay tourists. But Boston isn't. Should it?"]
Oregon AG Says Gay Marriage Ban Invalid customwire.ap.org 3/13/4 ["that banning gay marriage probably violates Oregon's constitution."]
New York Criticized for Giving Domestic Violence $ to Planned Parenthood lifenews.com 3/13/4 ["Right to Life called the award "extremely ironic"]
Canadian Bill to Ban Cloning, Allow Embryo Research Will Become Law lifenews.com 3/13/4 ["prohibits human cloning for reproductive purposes but allows scientists to clone human embryos solely to destroy them for their stem cells."]
Calif. Supreme Court Orders Halt to Gay Marriages foxnews.com 3/12/4 ["it would hear arguments in May or June on whether Mayor Gavin Newsom had the authority to allow such marriages."]
Gay Marriage Quicksand thenewamerican.com [by Ron Paul. "Law should reflect moral standards, of course, but morality comes from religion, from philosophy, from societal standards, from families, and from responsible individuals. We make a mistake when we look to government for moral leadership."]
Calif. court halts San Francisco gay marriages boston.com
Death of marriage in Scandinavia boston.com ["In socially liberal districts of Norway, where the idea of same-sex registered partnerships is widely accepted, marriage itself has almost entirely disappeared."]
NJ City Halts Same-Sex Vows But Fights in Court reuters.com
Same-sex wedding ban fails detnews.com ["in the Michigan House failed to win approval of a proposed constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriages."]
Oregon Judge OKs Gay Marriage Licenses foxnews.com ["ruled the most populous county in Oregon can continue issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples."]
Gay Bishop Takes Over As Head of Diocese customwire.ap.org 3/8/4 ["chance to welcome the new leader of the Diocese of New Hampshire with whoops, cheers and a standing ovation."]
Former New York Mayor Giuliani Opposes Amendment Banning Gay Marriage miami.com 3/8/4
AU: Gay adoption law hiccup nzherald.co.nz 3/8/4
Bloomberg shares parade duties with New Paltz mayor newsday.com ["Bloomberg was more circumspect, telling parade-goers, 'If you are successful in getting the law changed in Albany you can rest assured that this city will enforce the law.'"]
Does Homosexual Marriage Signal America's Final Undoing? chuckbaldwinlive.com 3/6/4 ["Of the 22 civilizations that have appeared in history, 19 of them collapsed when they reached the moral state America is in today"]
Texas Judge Rules Against Gay Students newsday.com 3/4/4 ["an assertion of a school's right not to surrender control of the public school system to students and erode a community's standard of what subject matter is considered obscene and inappropriate"]
Attorney general says gay marriage in Westchester and all of NY is illegal news12.com 3/3/4
Gay Couples Start Tying Knot in Oregon guardian.co.uk 3/3/4 ["where county officials issued dozens of licenses to gay couples after deciding that Oregon law allowed the unions."]
Schwarzenegger's u-turn on gay marriages guardian.co.uk 3/3/4 ["by insisting he is not opposed to gay marriages."]
How to Destroy America frostywooldridge.com 3/2/4 [analyzes how nations have historically destroyed themselves - must read]
Bush caves in on gay marriage indystar.com 3/2/4 ["Remember when conservatives used to be against tampering with the Constitution?..."]
Schwarzenegger could accept gay marriages sfgate.com 3/2/4 ["If voters, courts approve it, he'd have no problem with it, he tells Jay Leno"]
N.Y. town's mayor charged in gay weddings usatoday.com 3/2/4 ["State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said he will decide this week whether New York law allows gay marriage."]
US High Court Weighs Sidelined Internet Porn Law reuters.com 3/2/4
Gay Support Blooms at City Hall wired.com 2/28/4
Dozens of gay couples on waiting list for marriage in New York village sfgate.com 2/28/4
New York Town Holds Gay Weddings as Debate Spreads reuters.com 2/27/04 ["Some 200 people cheered and held up placards saying: 'Congratulations' and 'Bush Get Out of My Bedroom,' while a much smaller group of protesters held signs saying: 'Gay Marriage is Morally Wrong' and 'Pray for Them.'"]
US TV star Rosie O'Donnell marries lesbian lover to defy Bush channelnewsasia.com 02/26/04 [Romans 1:26]
Constitution Not the Place to Fight Gay Marriage Battle detnews.com 02/26/04 ["he would not lend his name to this misguided effort to strip states of their autonomy in creating legal codes for their citizens"  2 Timothy 3:5]
Man in 'right to live' court fight thisislondon.com 02/26/04 ["fears being unable to communicate with doctors when they decide that his quality of life is so poor he should not be kept alive."]
Bush backs constitutional amendment prohibiting marriages between same-sex partners boston.com 2/25/4 ["left the door open for civil unions as an alternative to same-sex marriages."]
Court Cancels Roe V. Wade Consideration customwire.ap.org 2/24/04 ["Oral arguments... have been canceled by a federal appeals court, which will now only review written pleadings in the case."]
Calif. Seeks Top Court Ruling on Gay Marriage Row reuters.com 2/24/04
Cheney's gay daughter urged to oppose marriage ban move smh.com.au 2/24/04
Gov Urged to Take 'Stronger Stand' in SF Homosexual 'Marriage' Flap cnsnews.com 2/23/4 ["spokeswoman... said the governor was still content to let the issue play out in the courts. "]
San Francisco to resume gay marriages, dividing Americans and politicians news.yahoo.com 2/23/4 ["Democrats and President George W. Bush (news - web sites), a Republican, are treading carefully to avoid alienating their core supporters."]
Top California Democrats knew of gay marriage plan cwnews.com 2/21/4 ["including California Attorney General Bill Lockyer"]
Arnold Orders AG to Stop Gay Marriages foxnews.com 2/21/4
Gay unions in New Mexico But state forces county clerk to stop sfgate.com 2/21/4
Second Judge Delays Gay Marriage Ruling foxnews.com 2/20/4 ["The Campaign for California Families said state law explicitly defines marriage as "a personal relation arising out of a civil contract between a man and a woman.""]
Abortion, gay unions lose out in Legislature azcentral.com 2/20/4
Chicago Mayor Backs Gay Marriage foxnews.com 2/20/4 ["...the nation's third largest city."]
Michigan may weigh in on gay marriage detnews.com 2/19/4 ["R-DeWitt, chief sponsor of an amendment to the state Constitution prohibiting the state from recognizing gay marriages as legal partnerships."]
California gay 'marriages' pushing Bush to act washingtontimes.com 2/19/4
ACLU asks court to reconsider support of state's gay adoption ban bradenton.com 2/18/4 ["that leaves Florida as the only state with a complete ban on adoption by gays."]
As court mulls, gays wed csmonitor.com 2/18/4
Governor intensifies research advocacy nj.com 02/16/04 ["hopes N.J. leads in stem cell work"]
Women in Portugal Abortion Case Acquitted guardian.co.uk ["...abortions deemed illegal in Portugal, where the laws are among the strictest in Europe."  "Portugal's teenage pregnancy rate is about 20 per 1,000, among the highest in the European Union. " - Is this a precedent to get rid of their abortion ban?]
300 gay couples tie the knot theaustralian.news.com.au 02/16/04 [in Australia!  "the world's largest same-sex commitment ceremony"]
Thousands queue in San Francisco in Valentine's gay wedding rush channelnewsasia.com 02/16/04 ["Couples are coming from as far away as New York and Minnesota to be married here... as hundreds of volunteers, including the mayor"]
Suit to stop gay marriages delayed boston.com 02/16/04 ["betrothed couples waited in lines as long as a football field to file their applications"   ""By virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you spouses for life"  - God, Please, Spare America]
Abortion advocates pledge anti-Bush campaign funds washtimes.com 02/15/04 ["campaign-finance law...  this makes it 'one of a small handful of organizations that will be allowed to run television, print and radio ads expressly advocating the defeat of George Bush [and] the election of his pro-choice opponent right up until Election Day.'"]
Some NYers Sweet on Gay Marriage nynewsday.com 02/15/04
Bush backs ban on gay marriages denverpost.com 2/14/04
Gay couples flock to marry in San Francisco ananova.com 2/14/04 ["665 same-sex couples had got married."  "city officials try to accommodate couples that have come from all over the country to be married. The decision by city officials to stay open over the holiday weekend came after a judge denied a petition on Friday to block more licences from being granted."]
F.D.A. to Delay Its Decision on Sale of Morning-After Pill nytimes.com 2/14/04 ["This delay is a politically transparent roadblock," Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America"]
Vatican condemns 'Nazi' cloning smh.com.au 2/14/04 ["First I'll clone you, then I'll kill you'. This is not a victory but it is stepping on human life twice."]
Stem Cell Technique: Murder or Medicine's Big Hope? reuters.co.uk 2/14/04 ["Korean scientists announced they had made not one but 30 clones, not to grow into human babies but to use as a source of embryonic stem cells"]
South Koreans 'less sensitive' about human experiments straitstimes.asia1.com.sg 2/14/04 ["'The Western world, especially Europe, experienced the atrocities of the Nazis,' he said. 'Here, there is no such experience.'"]
San Francisco Officials Marry Gay Couples apnews.myway.com 2/13/14 ["San Francisco officials insisted the licenses are legally binding and would immediately confer new benefits in everything from health coverage to funeral arrangements."  "could end up serving as a springboard to challenge the state's same-sex marriage ban."]
US state stalls on gay marriage news.bbc.co.uk 2/13/14
U.S. Extends Review of Morning-After Pill Access reuters.co.uk 2/13/14 ["committee voted 23-4 in favor of making Plan B available without a prescription"]
South Dakota House Passes Bill Criminalizing Abortions cnsnews.com 2/12/4 ["Should South Dakota's pro-life governor sign the bill, the new law would directly confront Roe v. Wade"]
San. Fran. defies law, issues licenses to same-sex couples sbcbaptistpress.org 2/12/4 ["...issuing the nation's first official marriage licenses to same-sex couples"]
Gay-Marriage Ban on Table in Mass. foxnews.com 2/12/4 ["will consider whether to try to ban gay marriage outright or to leave the state's constitution intact."]  

Brazil Hands Out Condoms for Carnival Safe Sex reuters.co.uk 2/11/4 [just sick - Romans 1:28-32  At least the Catholic Church says it  "will mean Brazil is 'discredited in front of the world with unacceptable scenes.'" - watch the STD count there rise in the next few months.  Don't think America is morally better, either - we hand them out in schools.]
Opponents of same-sex marriage rally in Boston for amendment azcentral.com 2/9/4 ["2,000 people"]
Mass Infanticide in China christianity.com 2/9/4
Call for morning-after pill review in Britain nzherald.co.nz 2/10/4 ["according to charities and the Royal College of Nursing."]
Legislator's bill urges two-child limit worldnetdaily.com 2/8/4
Don't Say You Were Stunned by MTV's Raunchy Halftime Show agapepress.org 2/7/4
Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Banning Gay Marriage guardian.co.uk 2/6/4 ["also prohibits state employees from getting marital benefits for their unmarried partners, whether homosexual or heterosexual."   "Ohio will become the 38th state"]
Complaints Pour in to FCC Over Super Bowl Flash reuters.com 2/6/4 ["more than 200,000 complaints"]
Ten Commandments Return to Alabama Judicial Building cnsnews.com 2/6/4 ["First, they hid the word of God in a closet; and now they tried to hide it among other historical documents. Neither is an acknowledgment of God," press reports quoted Moore as saying."]
SJC affirms gay marriage boston.com 2/5/4 ["The [civil unions] bill would have the effect of maintaining and fostering a stigma of exclusion that the Constitution prohibits"]
Mass. High Court Rules for Gay Marriage guardian.co.uk 2/4/4 ["ruled Wednesday that only full, equal marriage rights for gay couples - rather than civil unions - would be constitutional"]
Judge Overturns Virginia Abortion Law lasvegassun.com 2/3/4 ["on a type of late-term abortion"    "also has challenged the use of the term "partial birth infanticide" by the law's backers, saying it was an attempt to alarm the public."]
School Can Use Cells From Aborted Fetuses story.news.yahoo.com 2/2/4 ["Georgetown University Medical Center, a Catholic institution..."  "Catholic doctrine opposes abortion, but the university decided to let researchers who have been using the cells continue their work"]
Muslim alliance derails UN's gay rights resolution guardian.co.uk 1/31/4
Canada: Government asks Supreme Court to rule on additional same-sex question cbc.ca 1/30/4
Plan B pill would cut costs, pregnancies washingtontimes.com 1/28/04 ["will have the potential to cut in half the number of unintended pregnancies"]
Unions lend voice, might to back gay marriage boston.com 1/27/04 ["representing nearly 200,000 workers across Massachusetts have endorsed same-sex civil marriage in recent weeks, as the organizations lobby to expand workplace benefits for their gay and lesbian members"]
Government adviser: killing children with defects acceptable news.scotsman.com 1/26/04 ["he did not see any distinction between aborting a fully grown unborn baby at 40 weeks and killing a child after it had been born." - Just like in Germany under Hitler!]
Victims' Stories Could Reopen History Books on Ghoulish Experiments ap.tbo.com [victims speak up about German WWII experiments]
Ohio Close to Passing Gay Marriage Ban lasvegassun.com 1/21/04 ["and keep some state employees from getting benefits for their domestic partners."]
The "Morning After" Pill: Another Republican Sponsored Disaster! chuckbaldwinlive.com 1/20/04
Delaware May Join New Jersey as Human Cloning Haven lifenews.com 1/19/04
It's Not Only About Terri Schiavo villagevoice.com 1/14/04 ["study reveals Nazi Germany killed at least 200,000 people because of their disabilities—people deemed physically inferior... pre-dating their full-scale organization of the Holocaust"]
N.J. Senate OKs Domestic Partners Bill news.yahoo.com 1/11/04 [Lev. 18:22, I Cor. 6:9-10)]
Second Homosexual Event Scheduled at Disney World cnsnews.com 1/9/4 ["Disney has been a wonderful support in the planning of a very special and exciting weekend for our families" - Boycott Disney]
New Jersey Governor Signs "Unethical" Stem Cell Research Bill lifenews.com 1/8/4 ["The bill allows human embryos to be cloned and implanted into a woman's uterus and the unborn child can be killed at any time from that point until the end of the pregnancy"]
Objecting Pharmacists Refuse to Sell 'Morning-After Pill' cnsnews.com 1/7/4 [addresses some of the specific health risks, also]
N.J. 'cloning' bill likely to reignite national debate sbcbaptistpress.org 1/6/4
Australia: Embryo research go-ahead in weeks thewest.com.au 1/5/4
NGO Calls on Pro-abortion Europe to Counter "Christian" White House michnews.com 1/4/4
Abortion Practitioner Not Negligent for Failure to Say Unborn is Human lifenews.com 1/4/4

N.H. Judge Nixes Abortion Notification guardian.co.uk 1/4/4 [pub. dec. 29, 2003]
How wider use of a pill could quiet abortion fights news.yahoo.com 1/4/4
Child Predators childpredators.com 1/2/4 ["The partnership between planned parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and men who sexually abuse underage girls."]
Canada's gay newlyweds are making news ... again thestar.com 12/22/03 ["Time magazine's 2003 Canadian Newsmaker of the Year"]
Pro-Lifers: Morning-After Pill Would Have Disastrous Results crosswalk.com 12/28/03
N.J. stem-cell bill clears the Legislature philly.com 12/17/03 ["sanction stem-cell research after the Assembly yesterday narrowly passed a bill to authorize the use of discarded embryos for scientific purposes."]
No Prescription Needed abcnews.go.com 12/16/3 ["FDA Panels to Vote on Making Morning-After Pill Available Over the Counter"  "At the moment of fertilization you have all the DNA that proves that you are a human being and cell division begins, which is life"]
Nasty Language on Live TV Renews Old Debate washingtonpost.com 12/13/03 ["FCC Takes Heat for Ruling on Adjectival Usage"]
Abortions and Profits Up at Planned Parenthood cnsnews.com 12/12/03
World precedent on gay asylum news.com.au 12/10/3
'Pro-choicers' clap after partial-birth abortion worldnetdaily.com 12/4/3 [published Oct. 17, 2003]

Make it a crime to be gay: Alliance MP canada.com 11/26/3
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade to Celebrate Gay Marriage newsmax.com 11/27/3 [Let him eschew evil, and do good. - Peter 3:11]
Mrs. Santa in Drag at Thanksgiving Parade  news.yahoo.com 11/27/3
NT age of consent for gays lowered abc.net.au 11/27/3 [Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good. Romans 12:9]
EU Parliament Says Yes to Embryo Cell Research reuters.com 11/20/3 ["research using stem cells taken from human embryos"]
UN derails ban on human cloning news.bbc.co.uk 11/10/3 ["delay any decision on a ban for two years."]
First openly gay bishop says God called on him centredaily.com 10/31/3
Singapore Hosts World Stem Cell Gathering news.yahoo.com 10/29/3 ["human embryonic stem cells" - ie. aborted baby tissue.  "...days-old embryos must be destroyed"]

"PLAYING GOD" AND OTHER LIES newswithviews.com 10/28/3 [Terri Schiavo & Hegelian dialects]
Research on human embryos common in Canada theglobeandmail.com 10/23/3
In Shocker Pat Robertson Endorses Social Liberal Arnold Schwarzenegger  lifesite.net 10/23/3
Schiavo taken from hospital palmbeachpost.com 10/23/3
House Votes to Let Governor Intervene in Schiavo Case ap.tbo.com 10/21/3
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