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   December2011 ARCHIVE

Grey Dot This Week's Solar Flare Illuminates the Grid's Vulnerability 12/30/11 ["...NASA spacecraft detected a much larger eruption last weekend on the backside of the sun headed away from Earth, generating a much faster-moving cloud. "If this event was on a collision course with the U.S., we would have had a major space weather event," Pulkkinen said. "In this regard, we got lucky." "]
Grey Dot 'Birthers' Lose Bid for Lawsuit on Obama Citizenship 12/30/11 ["...none of the plaintiffs in the case "has the right to sue the president because none has suffered any injury that the court could heal with a ruling, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said in upholding a lower court's dismissal of their lawsuit.""]
Grey Dot CDC: We are tracking swine flu virus in five states and we expect more 12/30/11 ["Since August, 12 people have been infected with the virus, called H3N2, in Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. CDC officials announced that they found another case of human infection with a swine-origin H3N2 virus, this time in a child from West Virginia. "]
Grey Dot Death Toll From Philippine Flash Floods Tops 1,000 12/21/11 ["The official death toll from last week's massive flash flooding in two southern Philippine cities topped 1,000 on Wednesday as authorities said they lost count of how many more were missing in one of the worst calamities to hit the coastal region."]

Grey Dot Planned Parenthood loses $130,000 state contract in Wisconsin 12/21/11 [""There are many clinics that are not as controversial as Planned Parenthood, and our goal was to make sure low-income women had access to those sorts of screenings from other providers around the state that don't carry the controversy you get with Planned Parenthood."]
Grey Dot Planned Parenthood Loses $200K Tax-Funded Grant in Michigan 12/21/11 ["The grant was supposed to go towards helping Planned Parenthood furbish its 17,050 sq. ft. mill in Auburn Hills, which is currently just an empty building, "]
Grey Dot Missing $4,155? It Went Into Your Gas Tank This Year 12/21/11 ["That is 8.4 percent of what the median family takes in, the highest share since 1981. "]

Grey Dot EU to ask Britain for 30.9-billion-euro rescue boost: report 12/20/11 ["If Britain agrees, it would be the second biggest contributor to the package behind Germany and level with France."]
Grey Dot Freddie Mac, Barclays, BP, Citigroup, UBS in Court News 12/20/11 ["...sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for understating by hundreds of billions of dollars the subprime loans held by the firms."]
Grey Dot Planned Parenthood Closes Four Abortion Referral Clinics 12/20/11 ["Citing the economic downturn and a decrease in taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood officials closed four abortion referral clinics in two states..."]
Grey Dot Immigration agents to screen Ariz. jail inmates 12/20/11 ["The Homeland Security Department will use 50 immigration agents to screen jail inmates in Arizona's most populous county after it revoked the sheriff's authority to access its systems, the agency said Monday in a letter to U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl."]
Grey Dot High Court to Hear Health-Care Case in March 12/20/11 ["arguments over President Barack Obama's health-care overhaul will stretch over three days, beginning March 26, the court said Monday."]
Grey Dot US "Withdrawal" In Iraq Paves Way for US-Israeli Strike on Iran 12/20/11 ["The primary hurdle described throughout the report's examination of using a "unilateral" Israeli strike, however, was a US-occupied Iraq and the complications an Israeli airstrike would cause passing through the nation's airspace on its way to bombing Iran. However with the US' recentrushed "exit" from Iraq, this complication is no longer an issue."]
Grey Dot Gulf leaders to meet for first time since Arab Uprisings 12/20/11 ["The crisis in Syria and a dispute with Iran will likely be high on the agenda of the meeting of Gulf Arab leaders in the Saudi capital Riyadh, their first summit since Arab uprisings transformed the Middle East this year."]
Grey Dot Unrestricted availability of abortifacient morning-after pill in Spain results in soaring sales 12/20/11 ["Use of the abortifacient morning-after pill in Spain has risen by 83% in 2010, the first full year of over-the-counter availability of the dangerous drug..."]

yellow dot Hollywood Unraveling The Fabric of Society 12/19/11 [By Marsha West ""]
Grey Dot Sheriff Joe to Obama: I'll keep doing my job 12/19/11 ["He further affirmed that his office will proceed with the Cold Case Posse investigation into the authenticity of Barack Obama's birth certificate and his eligibility to be president, which is scheduled to release preliminary findings in February. ...has amassed hundreds of pages of documentation and taken testimony from dozens of experts in preparation for a final phase of field investigation. "]
Grey Dot Rights Activists "Appalled" as Senate Passes Prison Without Trial Bill 12/19/11 ["Ironically, the Senate passed the law on December 15, the date of the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791. Only 13 Senators voted against the bill, while 86 voted for it..."]
Grey Dot Philippine Floods, Landslides Kill 652 in Worst 2011 Storm 12/19/11 ["Washi pummeled northern Mindanao, which is unaccustomed to cyclones, overflowing rivers and flooding coastal cities at the early hours of Dec. 17 while people were asleep."]
Grey Dot Gingrich: Gov't branches should rule 2 out of 3 12/19/11 ["In an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation," Gingrich continued to defend his controversial position that Congress and the president should have the authority to ignore the rulings of federal judges when they disagree with them. "]
yellow dot China Keeps Slapping America In The Face And America Just Keeps Taking It 12/19/11 ["This week, the Chinese government slapped even more tariffs on cars and sport utility vehicles made in the United States. According to the New York Times, these new tariffs come to a total of 22 percent of the import prices...."]
Grey Dot DHS Aircraft Aided In Massacre Of 73 Civilians 12/19/11 ["The Department of Homeland Security aided Jamaican authorities in massacring 73 civilians as part of a botched drug raid conducted with the help of a DHS surveillance aircraft – before attempting to cover up the atrocity by refusing to release the footage."]
Grey Dot Big Corn, Big Sugar in bitter US row on sweetener 12/19/11 ["The fight began last year when Corn Refiners Association, a trade association, proposed changing the name of high-fructose corn syrup to merely "corn sugar.""]

Grey Dot Beijing Tightens Cyber Controls 12/17/11 ["clamping down on its versions of Twitter that have increasingly fueled once-rare protests and threaten to undermine its leaders' firm hold on power."]
License plate readers: A useful tool for police comes with privacy concerns 12/17/11 ["Scores of cameras across the city capture 1,800 images a minute and download the information into a rapidly expanding archive that can pinpoint people's movements all over town."]
Bill allowing indefinite detention of terrorists raises concerns among conservatives, pro-lifers 12/17/11 [""These terms are dangerously vague. More than a decade after 9/11 the military has been unable to define the earmarks of membership in or affiliation to either Al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations.""]
Grey Dot Ohio Senate leader halts heartbeat bill hearings 12/17/11 ["An Ohio bill aiming to become the most restrictive abortion law in the United States has been put on hold after the state's Senate leader said the issue was being confused by a number of amendments supporters hoped to add to the bill. "]
Grey Dot Despite Plea from Obama Administration, Conference Committee Restores Military Ban on Sodomy, Bestiality 12/17/11 ["After publicized the fact that the Senate bill would repeal the sodomy-bestiality ban, White House Spokesman Jay Carney mocked a reporter who asked him about the repeal at White House briefing."]
Grey Dot Russia joins World Trade Organisation 12/17/11 ["Russia is the largest economy in the world that was not a part of the WTO. "]
Grey Dot Expose: The Vatican Wants to Lay its Hands on Jerusalem 12/17/11 [""...The sacred and unique character of the area must be safeguarded and it can only be done with a special, internationally-guaranteed statute"."]
Grey Dot Dutch priests abused 'up to 20,000 children' 12/17/11 ["The Netherlands was in shock last night after a long-awaited 1,100-page report confirmed that more than 800 Catholic priests and monks abused as many as 20,000 children in their care between 1945 and 1985."]

Grey Dot Deal near to prevent government shutdown 12/16/11 ["congressional bargainers are preparing a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut and expiring jobless benefits as a fallback plan in case negotiations on a yearlong package don't succeed."]
Grey Dot Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer 12/16/11 ["the Iranian specialists then reconfigured the drone's GPS coordinates to make it land in Iran at what the drone thought was its actual home base in Afghanistan."]
Grey Dot Obama admin. denies federal money to Texas unless state funds Planned Parenthood 12/16/11 ["The Lone Star State is not the first to have its federal funds threatened in retribution for refusing to give money to Planned Parenthood. The New York Times reported in May that the administration had threatened to withhold Medicaid money from Indiana for the same reason. "]
Grey Dot Pakistan says U.S. drones in its air space will be shot down 12/16/11 ["Pakistan will shoot down any U.S. drone that intrudes its air space per new directives, a senior Pakistani official told NBC News on Saturday."]
Grey Dot Komen Confirms It Continues Funding Planned Parenthood 12/16/11 ["a local affiliate in Orange County California gave more than $1.5 million in grants to 15 nonprofit organizations on December 2, including Planned Parenthood."]
Grey Dot Why all signs point to chaos 12/16/11 ["The evidence finds that the deeper the budget cuts, the more severe the chaos. And deeper budget cuts certainly lie in Europe's future -- and eventually, the United States', too. We've had only a taste of these events thus far; Europe has seen most of them."]
Grey Dot Russia, EU move towards visa-free travel 12/16/11 ["Advances towards visa-free travel depend on the implementation of a number of "common steps" such as introducing biometric passports and preventing illegal migration."]
Grey Dot Repeal of military sodomy, bestiality laws halted 12/16/11 ["Lawmakers removed a repeal of Article 125 in the Uniform Code of Military Justice in this year's Defense Authorization Bill, which had passed the Senate last week, while finalizing the language out of conference, according to FRC."]
Grey Dot JeffCo's bankruptcy eligibility may go to state's high court 12/16/11 ["Last month, Jefferson County filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history to resolve its sewer debt."]

Grey Dot Millions to Lose Health Coverage 12/15/11 ["A survey of 1,300 employers put the white House in a state of "apoplexy" when it was published last June because the detailed survey showed so many companies planned to drop health insurance if key portions of ObamaCare take effect in 2014."]
Grey Dot Sarah Weddington Argued Roe vs. Wade 40 Years Ago Today 12/15/11 ["The controversy over the abortion decisions has hardly subsided, and the reasons why are to be found in the Justices' deliberations in 1971-72 that resulted in the sweeping decision they wrote."]
Grey Dot Ohio Senate sets aside "heartbeat" abortion bill 12/15/11 ["The measure, known as House Bill 125, has already passed the Ohio House. If it became law, it would be the toughest restriction on abortions in the nation."]
Grey Dot U.S. economy--"it's twice as bad as we thought" 12/15/11 ["Data on sales of previously owned U.S. homes from 2007 through October this year will be revised down next week because of double counting, indicating a much weaker housing market than previously thought."]
Grey Dot Take that back! Returns are big for the holidays 12/15/11 ["Several retailers declined to talk about returns. But if they need any evidence of growing remorse among their shoppers, all they have to do is look at the overstuffed aisles of liquidator warehouses."]
Grey Dot Where are Mr or Mrs right? Matrimony suffers slump, report shows 12/15/11 ["American adults who are married dropped to a record low in 2009-2010 — to just a smidgen over half of population 18 and older. And the age at which Americans first tie the knot has never been higher, according to analysis of U.S. Census data by Pew Research Center published Wednesday."]
Grey Dot Portable brainwave reading machine set to tackle inaccurate 'vegetative state' diagnoses 12/15/11 ["The team of researchers found that despite rigorous clinical assessment, up to 43% of VS patients have been misclassified. "]
Grey Dot Rebellious Chinese village under siege by police 12/15/11 ["...Wukan, a fishing village of 20,000 in China's southern Guangdong Province. Earlier this week, the entire town rose up and threw out local party officials and police forces following years of having the people's land sold out from underneath them. "]

Grey Dot Hillary Clinton: Religious objections to homosexuality like supporting honor killings, widow burning 12/14/11 ["She stated worldwide "opinions are still evolving" on homosexuality as they did with slavery, and "what was once justified as sanctioned by God is now properly reviled as an unconscionable violation of human rights." "]
Grey Dot Startup Turns Your Cell-Phone Number into a Location Fix 12/14/11 [""We can locate any one of the more than 350 million devices on the major U.S. and Canadian carriers in real time," says Rip Gerber, founder and CEO of Loc-Aid, based in San Francisco. "]
Grey Dot Microsoft admits Patriot Act can access EU-based cloud data 12/14/11 ["Though he said that "customers would be informed wherever possible", he could not provide a guarantee that they would be informed — if a gagging order, injunction or U.S. National Security Letter permits it. He said: "Microsoft cannot provide those guarantees. Neither can any other company"."]
Grey Dot Obamacare Mandate Kicking Insurance Agents To The Curb 12/14/11 ["Since the MLR regulations became effective, insurance agents have seen commissions decline by as much as 50%. It appears that all major insurance companies such as WellPoint (WLP), United Health (UNH), Aetna (AET), Humana (HUM), and Cigna (CI) have been cutting commissions."]